The Blue People, The Sun’s Magnetic Reversal, The Watchers

suncoronaThe ladies of The Mystery School turn to group discussion and talk about the people from Venus – how they might blue – and Jalarm reveals the necessity of Teachers from the Source of All Creation taking appropriate shape and form. We learn of the delay to the solar magnetic reversal (allegedly every 11 years) in order that Earth and all who live upon her might transition to the 5th Dimension upon a more calm terra firma. Jalarm reveals the existence and purpose of The Watchers.

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Scandinavia and Skanda, Son of Lord Shiva

karthikThe Ladies of the Mystery School – sisters of harmony – meet again and consider their many questions about the past, the history of different civilisations. In this session of the Mystery School we learn about Skanda and Scandinavia. Skanda (who has many other names – Murugan, Karthik, Subramaniam – and is honoured and worshipped extensively in the south of India) was in fact an historical person, who walked the Earth and gave the teachings of the Source of All Creation.

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The Dragon Race

The Mystery School – brought together by the Cosmic Hierarchy to explore the origins of man on this planet – (and uncover much of the history of Planet Earth) has been exploring right from the emergence of form from Grand Central Sun of all Universes. Information is given by way of reveire, group discussion (prompted by telepathy and suggestions in the ether), work with The Oracle, and contribution from an occasional member. Concentration brings success to all activity, this is true. Moreover, in the future of human life in the 5th Dimension, working with and trust in higher faculties – as revealed in the last session – will be very important to human self-learning, as well as learning about the role of this planet in this galaxy, in this universe. It has been revealed in times past that many, many life-forms yearn to be born on this planet and live the warm-blooded life and experience the love of family.

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Egypt and Australia: Part 2 of The King Tut link

sarcophagusThe January 2016 meeting of the Mystery School was planned to recover material lost from the earlier session. However, “upstairs” has a plan that more information needs to be uncovered for synthesis to come together about the journey from Egypt to ancient Australia (Lemuria) to be understood, and for this understanding to elicit further from the soul memories of those present.

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Egypt and Australia: The King Tut link

The ladies of The Mystery School had conducted a session in November of 2015 during which part of the recording had been lost. Perhaps this was the purpose of “Upstairs” as media information emerged about discovery of a hidden room in the tomb of King Tut. We also discover that another of the participants in the Mystery School has direct connections with the narratives about Kariong and King Tut in their soul story. In this recovered session, once again we bring you an intriguing session of The Mystery School.

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