Red Haired Giants: Starpeople from Mars

(Continuing with the ORACLE on 17th April 2013)

Jacqui: So were did the ginger hair come from? We would like to know …

Jalarm: ‘Well as I have said, there has been many that have visited this planet Earth – and they have come from different places around the Galaxy. But there was a time when your planet Mars had to be evacuated and the people from there had red hair. They were rather war-like in manner. Does this makes some sense to you?’

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The Creation of MAN and later 1st HUMANS

ORACLE – 17th April, 2013 – The Light Man that we are as earthlings.

We joined hands and sang 3 OMS – our voices were harmonising beautifully. The wine glass very quickly spelt out that Jalarm wished to speak through Val.

‘It is Jalarm I am very pleased to be here – and I know that you have many questions for me today and I am happy to answers these for you – so what is the question?

(the reply to the questions exposes the different time scales of the 4th dimension and the 3rd Dimension…

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The Tall White Star People from Arcturus

Yalarm: There is much that is received in your way of telling stories in science fiction that is actually true – because the writers in science fiction are drawing from the memory deep within them in their Soul Consciousness or being Starpeople and how it worked at that time.  This all happened before Atlantis went down.  And as I have said there was much happening upon this Earth for the past 200,000 years – but even before that …

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