History, Karma and reactivating Junk DNA

blue around the earthThe Mystery School session with Jalarm continues. There are questions about India and Australia being joined eons ago, and a question about self-harm to which Jalarm shares a surprising account of what passes beyond the life. Junk DNA is the topic of conversation, and since this form of ‘limited DNA’ is inherited from the Star peoples, Jalarm gives some back history of those times and the role of the Stargates (the net surrounding the Earth) in releasing the new energies and how this energy has to be “stepped down” incrementally. Most humans have a limited capacity to cope with vast infusions of light energy from other places in the Universe. Facilitating the development of Junk DNA within the cell is also shared by Jalarm.

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Planetary Healing ~ Peace and Harmony

Earth and EnergyJalarm (pronounced Yalum) introduces and gives examples of the means and disciplines for transmissions and use of The Oracle. Jalarm is omniscient and omnipresent and does not need prompting as Valerie points out. Valerie and the girls then wait for Jalarm to speak. When the message comes through and The Oracle is used more efficiently, information comes quickly. There are questions about world peace and harmony. Jalarm suggests a meeting at the full moon of each month, when the mind is at its strongest (filled with light and energy) and this energy can then be directed toward planetary healing, world peace and harmony.

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Balance: End of the Dinosaurs – Coming of the Moon

Deep FieldIt is the 9th of October and once again, the Mystery School meets in the Southern Highlands to work with Jalarm and The Oracle and learn more of the history of the Earth. In this session, Jalarm tells that Earth was in a different place – from what it is orbiting the Sun now – and this adjustment is related to the demise of the Dinosaurs and the raising of global temperatures. Dinosaurs were created by races doing genetic engineering without the blessing of the Angelic Realms – the Source of All Creation. Jalarm describes the climatic conditions briefly, and indicates that the Moon was brought from elsewhere to bring further balance to the Earth in its orbit and seasons.

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