From Nuclear Threats to Peace with Prayer

It is rare to hold a sacred space wherein the Divine, the Creative Source of the All may transmit messages with clarity and ensure proper reception and understanding of the message. Whatever the question, whatever the prompt, the filters of interpretation fall away when the Creative Source of the ALL speaks in reply. In this session, questions are asked about the behaviour of world leaders – unpredictable and sometimes erratic – and the threat of nuclear war. The Source (God) replies with intentionality not found in the world’s scriptures.


Jacqui: 2nd Question: asked about the possibility of Nuclear War as the world seems in such a disarray at this time; there are concerns and worry about world leaders who have access to nuclear arsenals and how these leaders are behaving.

The Source: (God) It is I God and I am present – it is and will be a little more talking today.for I want to make it clear that there will be no nuclear fighting – We have the right to interfere if that was the case. There is a certain edict on this planet – because the star people and the Angelic Realms created the planet in the first place.

And so, we are in a position to actually step in and – if there is anything that is going to damage the creation of this planet – we have the right to interfere.

So put your mind at rest – However I do understand the concern that all – or a lot of people on this Earth have concern with what seems to be craziness on this Earth at this present. But if you think about it, um, it needs, shall we say, as a friend has said, that works with you, Valerie’s webmaster, he says it is like a “Boot Camp”. Almost suggesting that some people need a good kick up the whatever … and, er, to shake them, to shake others, to stop the thinking right there and then and to think a different way.

Because many have lost the way – many Leaders have lost the way.

And so it does require a strong leader to help make the changes of the thinking of the Leaders around the Earth.

So if you can keep praying, that would be good, “The Good for All” will only happen upon this Earth with prayer. Leave the rest to us to be able to influence by suggestions and words that are put within their aura – they will think again about certain decisions they may want to make; but will not make.

As I have said, the danger of nuclear fighting – will not be allowed to happen – I can assure you. And that goes also for plans for nuclear warheads facing out to the Universe. And this is the thing – that will DEFINITELY NOT be allowed.

The Source: (God) So put your minds at rest My Dears. Thank you.”

Group Discussion: Oooh Very Good! Everyone agreed.


warheads in space will not be allowed …




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