Conscious, Consciousness and Super Consciousness

The ladies of The Mystery School join together once again to bring forth messages in service of humanity. Like the sides of the pyramid, the energy pours down into the participants and creates a sacred space for a flow of knowledge and understanding for all who reside here on Earth. Where the human picks up a telephone and speaks, or uses a computer camera and microphone to communicate with another who is far away, these tasks can be achieved using consciousness only. The Source (God) tells that such things are possible, in the now. There is also important clarification about time, space and the human experience in the body. The body is only one chapter in the many lives and many bodies the soul has taken up.


Valerie: 3rd Question: said she has been prompted to ask about Machinery.

The Source: (God) “It is I God, and yes I am here and as I have said there will be more focus on talking in this meeting. Yes – about machinery … it is used by the human – it is actually leading you into an ability and a knowledge of being able to forgo machinery and using a consciousness only.

As Valerie has already said, when you use Skype or similar technology it allows you to what psychics would call “Remote View.” Because on Skype you are speaking to someone on the other side of the World and it is like you are sitting in your room and communicating. That is much the same as Remote Viewing.

This can be developed in your consciousness – your super consciousness – I say ‘super’ because I am trying to help people to understand and respect that they have a God Energy in them, which is the very place from where I am speaking – where there is no Limit.

The Source: (God) So we shall call it your Super Consciousness?

The Source: (God) Just so that you will understand. When you are speaking on a telephone – you are speaking to someone who is a long way a way but you can drop the machine, or the telephone that you are using and develop the ability to speak telepathically. It is exactly the same. Which is what the star people do. They communicate telepathically.

And there are other machines being developed upon this Earth, and I say this loosely as machines, because they could be cameras – in photography. There has been a lot developed –and again that can be dropped and the ability of what that machine is showing you, you can do with your consciousness.

And this applies also, to many areas of healing. There will not need to have X-Ray machines. Or anything that calculates how the chemistry is going in the blood flow or the blood itself – that will be known in the Super Consciousness.

So I hope you are understanding what I am getting at – because there are already those in other worlds that have developed that ability and no longer need machinery.




The Source: (God) So for this first time I would like to ask you Jill if you have a question about this?

Jill: I haven’t at the moment.

The Source: (God) And then Jacqui do you have a question about this?

Jacqui: Well I have been talking to the girls and saying I have read where Physicists have said that “We are a Computer Game from more advanced civilizations, or other worlds”. Maybe it started as a recording of past ancestors?

The Source: (God) Are you speaking about ancestors to the Human?

Jacqui: I am not sure really – I have just been reading that we are like a game in this world that is like our ancestors from other worlds at another time? I am not sure what that means?

The Source: (God) I understand what you are saying My Dear – and this is the very thing of what I am talking about with machinery.

There is an intelligence in the Being of the Human and it comes through the Soul Consciousness which is unlimited; because it is still active, it is still very much alive even when the Soul and Light-body leaves the earth-body which returns to the earth (to be buried) but the Soul and Light-body lives on.

There is a consciousness that continues in the human – even though when they are alive they operate through a brain which is like a computer – but it is limited.

Like a computer. Just like a machine – it is limited, it has a life-span, it has a beginning and an end.

And that is the same as a Human. It has a Beginning and an End. But in reality, there is not Beginning and an End – it is ETERNAL.

This is a little hard for the Human who lives upon the Earth with this coming and going of life forms. A birth and a death and seeing life only as a beginning and only an end. It is not the true reality.

The Being that comes in a human Body in a Soul is a particular personality with some planning of how the life will be led in that particular body – that time.

But the personality is only one very small part of who you really are and then you will see that in a Soul and a Light –Being that is a Higher Self or it is known as the God Self. That is the much bigger and broader of the Life that has been lived in that Being – as that Being but in many different personalities.

Again, it is a bit hard to think about a Beginning and an End. But there have been previous lives, perhaps on this planet – or many other planets in the Universe. There is no limit.

The Source is God, the Source is the source of all Creation. It is Consciousness – and if you can accept that – that is the reality. So does that make some sense?

Jacqui: Yes, it does, thank you. One thing that is not explained is you have said we are being watched by other students from other worlds, are they of a higher intelligence? So are we looking back at our ancestors and playing out a past – or maybe we are playing a game of what our ancestors were? … It can get convoluted … …

The Source: (God) I understand what you are saying. EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE.

There is no Beginning – there is no End – if you take a life as you are on this Earth as one personality and focus upon that – That has a Beginning and an End – but it is only one chapter of who you really are.

When you return to the World of Light you can look back and overview the life that you have lived upon this Earth. Again it is only one chapter. But if you think and look and focus upon many other lives that you have had you will experience and know and understand that there is more important things to consider in the Self – rather than perhaps just money – or paying off mortgage – things like this that happens upon this Earth.

It is CHARACTER – it is evolvement into a Being that is truly an evolved Being and a Master of the Self. And with that energy there is nothing but happiness, nothing but love and peace. And this is a different level – it is like a ladder from each being that has been a Soul – that raises into re-joining with a family of Souls that becomes a bigger and broader aspect of that Being of Light – so if that makes some sense it is actually turning into a God Self.

Jacqui: Interrupted and said that she liked the feeling of Peace and that is what she has always felt until she began reading these other things … …

The Source: (God) You have mentioned that we have told you there are others witnessing from other Worlds what is taking place here in this Mystery School and yes, some are like students they have not reached the understanding that you girls have – but there are also others who are over-viewing it all and putting mind suggestions of particular subjects. And that is exactly why it is called a Mystery School. And again – it is not everything – but it is a journey through coming to understanding in raising the consciousness to the Angelic Realms where there is no limit whatever – and from that place the consciousness can create what it needs or wants – but always from the point of caring for others. Always for the Good of All. Does that make some sense?

Group: It does. Thank you, Very Comprehensive. Thank you.


if you take a life as you are on this Earth as one personality and focus upon that – That has a Beginning and an End – but it is only one chapter of who you really are.

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