The Cosmic Number 7


Hue-mans (Humans, the beings filled with light – hence, light-beings) live on planet Earth in what is now known as the 3rd and 4th dimension. Humans calibrate these dimensions (including time and light) with the Arabic number system which enables life to be sustained and to flourish – or to fall and diminish – on Earth. This is a cause for deep reflection and heart-felt responses for thought and feeling – together – create the life that is reflected back to us.

Numbers are many things, not simply digits for the accountants and stock markets – although these have critical import and influence. Numbers may refer to other dimensions, and in those dimensions, have distinctive vibration, colour and energy. Numbers may represent and delineate layers in dimensions, and numbers – having different cosmic properties – create both name and form. Names in other dimensions – we have been told – have all of number, vibration, sound and energy. So the cosmic dimension, scope and creativity of numbers have manifold inherent life-creating and sustaining properties, as The Source (God) reveals.


Jacqui: asked about the number 7 and its meaning.

The Oracle: indicated it would like to speak through Valerie.

The Source: (God) “It is I God and the question is, “What is the meaning of the number 7 or the 7th ray as you understand it?” Numbers are sacred, and represent many things in the universal worlds. The number 7 that you are referring to as the 7th Ray is actually different dimensions. So you could call it a different landing place for Beings to exist. Some move on, as you do when you leave this world, which is the 3rd~4th Dimension. And some are leaving and now moving on to other worlds.

Other worlds exist including – shall we say – the 1st and the 2nd dimensions of this planet. Worlds exist when you look into a microscope and then there are the worlds that exist that you cannot readily see with your eyes, but if you look into a telescope – again you can see more. This is where different worlds exist and so there are different numbers – they do apply to a frequency they do apply to vibration and they do apply to colour or light which is all part of your evolvement.

We have already talked about different layers that exist in each dimension – you could count them – and some people do and end up in the thousands of layers that actually are between each dimension or each world.

The Source: (God) Do you follow me?

Group: We said Yes.

The Source: (God) And so the planet Earth here has actually operated in the 3/4th dimension. It had actually fallen into that, shall we say, after the GREAT FLOOD that was brought upon this planet. Before that it was working at a higher frequency and then, I might add, there were many from other worlds that came readily to visit this planet and seeding. This information has been given to you at an earlier time by Yalarm, who has told you much.

Now we are talking about the 7th Ray which you could say is the Seventh World or the 7th Dimension. It is a little hard to put a name to it, because some people describe it one way and some people describe it in another way. I would like you to see it as a vibration in a frequency – or a Ray in colour (Light) so that you understand there are differences.

You know already that if you look – for instance – perhaps on your computer or your T.V. or even in your mind’s eye that some colours look very different to what you see here on your planet on this Earth. That is because they are appearing without the limits that exist upon this world – this dimension.

The Source: (God) Am I explaining myself here?

Group: We said Yes.



 many from other worlds that came readily to visit this planet and seeding.

The Source: (God) And so as you are entering into the 5th ~ 6th World or Dimension on your planet. This is the Dimension of your Christ, Crystal, Christos – I say all these names because they have been used and the derivations of each word will be understood – it is not any different, but rather, a state of being.

This is the level playing field that all upon this Earth is reaching into.

So that is not the limit of everything, within your World, your Galaxy – your Universe – there are other numbers – there are other dimensions of which you can move into of different races, and nations, and different ways of living. Different ways of understanding, different technology – totally.

And so if you can understand you go from the 4th to 5th to 6th … you say 7th …    The 7th Dimension is a more advanced level of ability of technology – machines are no longer required. This is part of advancement of what everyone can move into. It is portrayed quite often, in your science fiction. There is no co-incidence that this information has been given to writers so that they can understand that eventually they will be able to do many of the things that are written about in science fiction; or displayed in films of science fiction. Does that make some sense?

And so if I was to say the 7th Ray is another world that is upgraded again – by that it is an evolvement – it is still able to communicate with other levels that are not quite the same – but they can interact.

So are you understanding that, then you can go on to many other levels – 8th, 9th, 10, 11th 12th … …   These numbers have been mentioned before and I would like you to think about it – dwell on it and maybe you will understand why these numbers have been given because they are universal.

The Source: (God) So I will leave it at that – do you have any questions?




Jacqui: Does Archangel Mikael have anything to do with the 7th Ray?

The Source: (God) “The Archangel Mikael has a great deal to do with the 7th Ray. He is not limited he is able to work and walk into different dimensions. Do you ask for a reason?

Jacqui: No, I am just curious.

The Source: (God) THE ANGELIC REALMS have been spoken about before. And we are talking now in the 3rd and 4th dimension and understanding the higher realms has been described as Angelic Realms. This is another world again and this is not limited at all. From your point of view – understanding it is the closest to the Source of All Creation. By that, I am saying they are not limited – the Beings that come from the Angelic Realms do not need mechanical technology. Everything they need is within them. There is an ability that there is no limit and they can do anything they like. They can change their form. They can change and manifest something into something else. Because no energy is ever lost. It can be changed and become a different form – but it is never lost.

The Source: (God) Do you understand that?

Group: We said Yes.

Again that can be measured too – and so numbers are used and in a way you could see numbers, and understand as being sacred and they can be used by anyone at any time – just to communicate – that is all. Everything is Free. It comes from the Source – there is no charge for Love.

Love is given readily from the Source … it flows from the Source of All Creation.

I would say it is coming like a volcano – although it is not a volcano that could destroy – but there is a time when evolvement can take place so high that the Earthling cannot reach that particular level of LIGHT.

The Source: (God) Does that make sense?

Group: We said Yes.

The Source: (God) So that is why it has been agreed by the Nations from the Cosmos who are helping the little Earthlings upon this planet to (only) arrive to the 5th and 6th dimension. Because that is a frequency that ALL can help one another to evolve to. Once they get there they will never have a thought of raising a weapon to sort out a disagreement. It would not enter their mind.

They will always respect one another and care for one another and honour one another. And so I think this will answer your question.

Group: We said Thank you so much.



 The light grid is permeated with the former light energy that used to be present on Earth. All will engage with the new light and ascend to the 5th or 6th dimensions.

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