Ancient Nuclear Conflict; Hanuman, star-being and first Human; reception of the Star Peoples

war above EarthThe Mystery School chats on – for learning in the higher dimensions is cyclic and not linear nor rote repetition like the 3R’s of reading, ‘writing’ and arithmetic … gathering and expanding information when working with the higher energies is like the double helix spinning, slowing down, gathering speed and churning with similar, like ideas. Man and Woman must play the game of discovery and self-discovery.

There are questions about pre-historic atomic conflicts and evidence of this by way of radiation and sand turned into blue crystals. The story of Hanuman, the monkey god, who was the first Star Being charged with oversight of this planet, and also gave the DNA imprint for the evolution of the first human, the up-standing ape who would become intelligent. WAR is a terrible thing, and fear of the unknown aided and abetted by weaponry is not a good reception for the star-peoples when they come. For they are coming, with a message of love, a message of our purpose on Earth, and our true destiny as dwellers in a creation crafted so wonderfully by the Creative Source of All.

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History, Karma and reactivating Junk DNA

blue around the earthThe Mystery School session with Jalarm continues. There are questions about India and Australia being joined eons ago, and a question about self-harm to which Jalarm shares a surprising account of what passes beyond the life. Junk DNA is the topic of conversation, and since this form of ‘limited DNA’ is inherited from the Star peoples, Jalarm gives some back history of those times and the role of the Stargates (the net surrounding the Earth) in releasing the new energies and how this energy has to be “stepped down” incrementally. Most humans have a limited capacity to cope with vast infusions of light energy from other places in the Universe. Facilitating the development of Junk DNA within the cell is also shared by Jalarm.

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Light Bodies, Chinese and the upstanding-hairy-ape-man

anciensConversation again took place and we reminded that the story of the Pleiadeans coming to Earth on a Mission that went wrong nearly 900,000 years ago was when the survivors created the first humans with genetic engineering using DNA from the upstanding ape-like creature and the Pleiadean’s D.N.A. and with blessings from the Creative Source of All.  So how was the Chinese Race first created into Earth bodies?

We were prompted by Yalarm to all hold hands to harmonise and allow ourselves to be prompted with insight.

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Red Haired Giants: Starpeople from Mars

(Continuing with the ORACLE on 17th April 2013)

Jacqui: So were did the ginger hair come from? We would like to know …

Jalarm: ‘Well as I have said, there has been many that have visited this planet Earth – and they have come from different places around the Galaxy. But there was a time when your planet Mars had to be evacuated and the people from there had red hair. They were rather war-like in manner. Does this makes some sense to you?’

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