The Hathors – Gods of Ancient Egypt

Hathor statue at Dendera temple
(Continuing with the ORACLE on 17th April 2013)

We asked the Oracle about the Mummies in the Museum in Cairo and how some have red hair? 

Jalarm signalled he would like to speak with us again.

Jalarm: You are asking about the Red Hair that some of the mummies had in the time of the Royal  Pharoahs.  And yes there is an inheritance from the beings that lived on Mars. In fact they were the Giants as I have said, and the existence of the Giants were referred to by the Egyptians as the Hathors.  They are depicted in drawings on many of the temples of Ancient Egypt.  And this is that connection.

Hathors with ears

It is said that the Royal Pharoahs were thought of as Gods and that they had inherited their genes from the starpeople.  They knew that.  Some of the knowledge had been forgotten but they had come from the genetic structure of the  Hathors.  I would like you to remember that the focus of the Hathors was their ears.  They were described as Giant Beings and their ears were really representing that they were able to communicate telepathically.  And this is the way it WAS before Atlantis went down.  Does that make some sense?’

(They said yes, Thank you.)

Jalarm: The Hathors had an important influence on the Ancient Egyptians – they drew from their memory of what existed before Atlantis went down.  As I have said, there was quite a lot of civilizations and a lot of beliefs in what you would call religious beliefs before Atlantis went down.  It has been referred to as Pagan beliefs but they were very real to the beings and people that lived on this Earth before Atlantis went down.  I keep saying that because I would like you to remember there were many, many different civilizations on this Earth before Atlantis went down and they had they influence of many starpeople from many planets.  And so they were not all the same – depending upon the dimensions of influence from their teachers if that makes some sense.  For, although they were born on the planet they still inherited the knowledge and the ceremonies and beliefs that they had from their ancestors.  Does that makes some sense?’

The Red Haired Giants from Mars evacuated because of a war. Everything was destroyed
The Red Haired Giants from Mars evacuated because of a war. Everything was destroyed

The Beings, the Giant Beings that came from your planet Mars and still do, have more of a war like nature and have more of a tendency to fight – rather than to sit down and become aware of each other’s point of view and honour that.  This was an evolutionary growth even with those people on that planet and I say that, because it happened on many other planets.

I say that because a lot of Beings that are on this planet Earth and even before Atlantis went down were evolving and were still influenced by star people that came from other worlds and were influencing them.  So if you can imagine that the consciousness was a little like a ladder and that some were just up a few rungs of the ladder and had that level of consciousness —  and there were others who were up higher and they had that understanding — and then others reached into the Angelic Realms which had the true understanding of who they are and where they came from.

So the people from Mars were evolving.  That is the true understanding.

Jacqui: May I ask what do you think is going to happen to our Planet over the next 50 years?

Jalarm: We have always overseen what has been taking place on this Earth.  As we have been all along.  We have been appointed by a Hierarchy that is overseen by the Angelic Realms to assist the earthling in its advancement.  And as I have just described from the starpeople that existed upon this planet before Atlantis went down – so too the earthling has different levels of consciousness and awareness and so there is a need for each other to come to understand.  And when you understand each other you can assist each other to see a point of view to the place where there is no need to hurt one another to sort out a problem.

Hemispheric View of Venus Centered at the North Pole
Hemispheric View of Venus Centered at the North Pole

While we are talking about Mars, I would also like to mention Venus.  Which incidentally still has people—on Venus—very much so, and they have contributed to the evolvement of people on Earth down through the ages to come into a Garden of Eden, and by that, it is a suggestion of a beautiful place where beauty grows and that would be not only be in the form of  foliage and flowers, but rather the living beings such as animal, birds and insects and the human. It is an opportunity for all to grow upon Earth and the ascension of conscious that is needed will be assisted in particular from the Venusians.  They are always here to help — they came again from a different dimension altogether and they wish only to assist the human from whatever level of consciousness they are thinking — they can break through from that, because every human being upon this Earth has been Enchristed with the Light of Love and Divine Energy. So that nobody is missed out as far as an opportunity goes to ascend into a Higher Consciousness of the Being that they truly are and that is a Son or a Daughter of The Creator of All.  Does that make some sense?’

The others thanked Jalarm they could not think of anything else:

Jalarm: I would like to say that the Being known as Jesus is known also as Jesus Christ and the Christ energy is what I am speaking abut.  He is the Son of God or the Son of the Creator of All and that is being assisted by the Beings from Venus – which is said to be the Planet of Love.

We asked the Oracle:

Q:  How long did the last Ice Age last?

A: 6,000 – yes

Q: How long was the ice age lasting before the castastrophe of ‘Atlantis’ going down all over the Earth?

A: 1,000 –   yes.

Jalarm spelt out he wanted to talk through Valerie.  (We all laughed and noted that he sends the glass going around, and around in an anti-clockwise direction when he wants to talk.)

(Jalarm made his entrance:)

Jalarm: It is I, Jalarm, and yes I would like to have a little word with you.  I want to thank you for all the work  that you do, and the commitment and the focus and we in this world from where I come are delighted we are in being able to work with you in this way.  You call yourself the ‘Harmony Sisters’ and I think that is very appropriate – you are all in harmony – your Light melds beautifully – and integrates beautifully and we do not find it difficult to work with you girls at all.  And so we will continue to work with you more as time goes on – we have much information to give you.

We would really appreciate if you would jot down your questions before you come because it is difficult for you to think while this Oracle is taking place – and the Oracle  itself is a focal point – if you like.  It is connected to the Source of All Creation and so much information can be given to you at ALL levels and so we thank you – we thank you – God Bless you. 

(We all liked that message)