Ice Age mystery

hands around the EarthThe Mystery School had been in recess for some time for many reasons – for each follows their soul blue-print, and each has their duty to home, family, society – and even – the denizens of the various dimenions: Third, Fourth, Fifth and yes, the Sixth Dimension, the place of profound purity of Light and Love.

Some would remember a song, Love makes the world go ’round!, for it rose and rose in the song charts and was mightily popular: an evergreen. This was a 1958 by Ollie Jones, popularized by Perry Como and The Jets. It is love that makes the world go round whatever is happening on the surface of our planet. Some do lose heart and long for days of peace on our home, Mother Earth.

On this day, The Oracle prompts us to recall that all prayer is heard, and accepted; that time spent in prayer, that energy offered up, is taken and used in places of need on our home planet. Jalarm welcomes the return of the ladies who comprise the Mystery School, and asks their questions, offers advise, and gently reminds them to use the Oracle as often as possible.

The three of us joined hands and harmonized singing the Om! We then called upon Jalarm to make his presence.

Jalarm: “It is I Jalarm, and it is very good to be here – it is a while since we have met – but in my time, of course, there is not time in the sense that you use as time. And so I have been very patiently waiting. Now I hope that we can get on with the work – and if you have questions I would welcome that. Maybe I will call upon you also to receive some of my advice, if that is alright? But I would encourage you to use the wineglass to spell out as much as possible.

So thank you My dears I welcome the opportunity to work with you. To all of you.

Jill: We have so much turmoil in the world – is it soon going to be over and move into Peace in the World? (In our time)

The Oracle The wineglass spelt out YES (our time) 8 years. Which was confirmed again.

Valerie: That is like when Cosmic Sai Baba will leave in his Light Body from The Astral? At the moment He is in just the next world. So it is like He will leave Once World Peace is established. We all agreed that made sense. So we asked the Oracle for confirmation.

The Oracle We all felt yes, but He, Sai Baba, in another Form would always be with us.

We were prompted to remember the latest Transmission given by Cosmic Sai Baba in the power in offering prayers.

Group discussion and Question: How long ago was the end of the Ice Age and after Atlantis all over the world went down – when was it that the people living in the caves first came out and saw the sun for the first time?

Jalarm: “I hear the question, and it is a little difficult as you are asking in your time and I could answer that at approximately 12,000 years ago although it depends also, on your scientists and how they measure the time what happens so long ago. I think it would be safe to say 12,000 years ago. Some have said, 10,000 – some have said 14,000 – some have said even longer.

Mention was made about the 26,000 year but that was more the time, cycle, which introduced the very heavy Ice-Age which came upon your planet.

So is there anything else you would like to ask about that?

Jalarm: I will leave at this moment so that you can speak amongst yourselves.”

Map of ice age

(HG Wells in 1920) “This map represents the present state of our knowledge of the geography of Europe and Western Asia at a period which we guess to be about 50,000 years ago, the Neanderthal age. Much of this map is of course speculative, but its broad outlines must be fairly like those of the world in which men first became men.”(Wikimedia Commons)

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