King Tut’s Journey on the East Coast of Australia

funeraryThe Mystery School assembles in order that the history of human on this planet might become well understood. This is their service. On this day, more clarity as to the journey of King Tut and the Indigenous Australians and their knowledge of the Egyptians/Phonecians is given.

After much inclement and sometimes extremes of weather, the ladies of the Mystery School gather as One and greet those whom they serve:

Group: We all sang Om and harmonised beautifully.

We called upon Cosmic Sai Baba to be with us and sanctify The Oracle and hold the door open for Jalarm to make his entrance to speak with us.

Group: We had moved to a new location. The Oracle indicated that Jalarm was present and that it was O.K. to use the new room and table as we were now working in the main house.

We began with the Oracle; however, Jalarm indicated he wanted to talk through Valerie first …

Jalarm Speaks

Jalarm: It is I Jalarm and I am very pleased to be here. The Time is very mixed up and difficult but important; also the energy around us is chaotic and so it is important to focus on the Source of all Creation. I am not trying to tell you what to do; it is just that you will find it much easier.

Jacqui: Thank you Jalarm.

The Journey of King Tutankhamun to Australia

Question to Oracle: Jeremy is asking about our work with Tutankhamun; he is talking about when Lemuria was located nearby in Northern Queensland and he feels Tutankhamun travelled and landed around what is now Cairns. He asks did King Tut land there and did he make it south to the area now known as Kariong?

The Oracle indicated that King Tut did travel down the East Coast of Queensland and further to Kariong. And then indicated Jalarm wished to speak through Valerie again:

Jalarm: It is I (Jalarm) and joked he was about to say Tutankhamun … but I can connect to his energy for you and indeed the whole group of boats (I will call them boats as they were not really large to be called ships) You have an image of what the boats looked like from Phoenicia and that is what they looked like. They did land in what you call Cairns – that was the way they came to Australia.

Lemuria was a different land altogether and actually separated long before this journey took place. So to return to your question regarding King Tut yes he was in charge, (he was not very well) he did journey down the coast of what is now known as Australia. Connecting to the land – touching back and forth to the land at times – when they came near to Kariong there was a storm and they took shelter in the bay. That is where there was an accident but that is a replay of what had happened before when the first 2 Princes had come with boats nearly a thousand years before. So I won’t go into that detail unless you wish to ask questions.”

(no one had any further questions)


There was a storm; they took shelter in the bay

Jalarm: They took their time travelling south from Northern Queensland. They were welcomed by various Tribes. They (the indigenous people) knew of the Egyptian/Phoenician people. They knew from where they came. It was not unusual for them to visit – not for too long because the Australian Aboriginal people made it quite clear they were welcome to visit but not to stay permanently. So that was honoured.

So is there another question

Jacqui: Yes, the other question Jeremy asks is there other hieroglyphs (maybe a panel) written at another location other than the Tomb?

Jalarm: There are many evidences of those who visited at that time and we will help those that are looking – all they have to do is to call upon me and I will assist them.

Some of the area has been covered by different levels of earth as the Earth evolved … and so there will be signs found I can assure you. When the time is appropriate.”

Jacqui: Just another question: So Jeremy is feeling that King Tut never went to Kariong that he didn’t get that far?

Jalarm: “He did get that far – I have spoken about this before – they returned back to what you call the Red Sea before Tut lost his life.”

Jacqui: O.K.

Jalarm: “I have actually said that there is a God portrayed on Rock drawings by the Indigenous people in various places around the East Coast of Australia (Darumalun) where it is showing a God man with a club foot and a boomerang also with a belt said to be that of the Orion galaxy. The same as the Pyramids are said to be aligned with Orion.

There are a number of rock drawings around that could be looked at a little differently by the Aboriginal people that exist now – perhaps to see that the drawings are really speaking about the pharaohs that visited Australia and who have always said that they are Gods.”


Darumalun is the dreaming time – Dreamtime – creator God who is sometimes depicted as club-footed or single footed. Jalarm shares that the belt behind Darumalun represents the Orion galaxy

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