Challenges and Change: The Source Speaks

questianThe ladies of The Mystery School join together once again to bring forth messages in service of humanity. In this session, the ladies experience both challenge and change. They are challenged when The Oracle stops replying. They follow the well tested guidance of using discrimination and intellect in evaluating and discussing what is happening. We keep in mind that it is a day of chaotic energy, and chaos – whilst feeling very disorienting – can spell change for the better.

The Mystery School has been going for nigh on four years. Over these years, they have covered many topics – from the Pyramids of Egypt to the star-peoples we know of who came in the first place to aid and assist the hairy-upstanding-ape – to the ancient events of millions and millions of years ago when the fourth and fifth dimensions were present, and time was of a different scale, and the reptilians walked on this planet, the cetaceans were in the oceans stewarding the high vibrations and energy, and the dragon and bird peoples were afoot and aflying.

Those who make up the Mystery School – this time, they are ladies – but in past times one must consider the soul development, the achievements of the past and the high level of meditation energy that surrounds these who do service for humanity. Twenty plus years of meditation together has prepared them, along with the soul craft and skills they bring from their earlier spiritual achievements in other lifetimes, on other stars and planets, and in other universes.

Look now to how the Mystery School handles significant challenge and change:

Group: asked if the UFO’s are going to be revealed soon?

The Oracle: Reply spelled out in 7 years.

Group: This lines up with the 8 years the Oracle indicated last year – all the friction on Earth was going to end. Does that mean that the appearance or announcement is going to stop all the friction?

The Oracle: spelt out a strong YES.

Valerie: Is that the same time the Cosmic Sai Baba in his Light Form will stop appearing on Earth and the focus will then be on his reincarnation as Prema Sai?

The Oracle: spelt out OBI

Group: (We didn’t understand.)

Note the confusing reply. The ladies in the Mystery School have experienced interference and other entities in earlier sessions. Recall that they begin their sessions with the OM, the sound of creation. Chanting OM, they have been told, brings the sacred energy of the Source of All Creation to the room. Here, the Mystery School begins using discrimination and evaluation:

Group: We asked again – still no reply.

Jacqui: Became suspicious “Are we speaking to Jalarm?”

The Oracle: No reply …?????

Jacqui: asked again “Are we speaking to Jalarm?”

The Oracle: still no answer ??

Group: For the third time we asked, “Are we speaking to Jalarm?”

The Oracle: No answer … …

Group: Who are we speaking to?”

The Oracle: spelled out G O D.

Group: We are assuming He is wanting us to go to The Source of All Creation?

The Oracle: said YES.

Group: We asked do you want us to continue this session?

The Oracle: Reply was YES.

Group Discussion:

We stopped and sat in meditation because we feel there is so much Chaos at this time with different energies coming from the Galaxy that we felt for some reason there maybe a needed change and we are just asking how to handle this and we are trying to work with Jalarm – but now he has gone and is being replaced with God. We are now asking what exactly – what – the message is?

Group: Has Jalarm gone? Are we now working directly with the Source?

The Oracle: spelt out YES – and Valerie withdrew her finger and the message became even stronger with a YES – that we were now working with GOD.

The Oracle: spelt out even more strongly the letters G O D.

Group: We are all a little confused although we are aware that there is a lot of chaos around … we would like to know the message please?

Question to Oracle: We asked the Oracle. “How can we serve?”

The Energy came into Valerie and said:

The Source: (God) “I am a physical Being from the Source of all Creation. I am God. The same as everyone here is from the Source. The same as everything that has Life has come from the Source. And everything that is inanimate comes from the Source. In other words it is the Source of All Creation. I want to explain that so that all people will understand and not misunderstand. You all have it within you.

The Source: And so I want and ask if you will please serve me in this manner so that we can portray the energy from The Source and help people to understand who they really are. Do I have your commitment?”

Group: We all answered yes. Then we said: We don’t know how to do it?

The Source: “There is no problem. You know already.

The Source: Thank you My Dears, Thank you.

Group Discussion:

Jacqui: asked how Val felt after God took her over and spoke. Valerie was overwhelmed and tearful actually and when she returned from the channelling from GOD she opened her eyes to see Jacqui and Jill both looking absolutely stunned. The voice sounded very different – strong but gentle at the same time.

For a while we were chattering amongst ourselves saying we had a little problem in thinking we were talking directly to God. But then when we have just been told we are all God – then that would be denying God within us – and that is the last thing we want to do.

Valerie: Said I know I had problems with the word God once, until I realised I had a past life where I was burned at the stake in the name of God – but then I realised it had nothing to do with God and that was then healed. So then I was able to use the word God with no problem.

Jacqui felt she was being rude by questioning it all – we asked God to take that feeling away.

Exploring Developments:

Question to Oracle: Do you want the Mystery School to continue?

The Oracle: YES

Group: Has Jalarm gone?

The Oracle: YES

Group: Have we taken a step up?

The Oracle: YES

Group: We asked God to give Jalarm a big hug from us

The Oracle: YES

Here God took over and indicated through the Oracle he wanted to speak through Val:

The Source: “I AM GOD – (we laughed and then apologized)

Jill: said we are not laughing at you, GOD!

The Source: “It is alright to laugh – It is a good thing that you laugh.

The Source: You need to have a sense of humour about everything – By that, not to mock it but rather to enjoy it. And God is love, remember. I have said this and I mean it.

The Source: Love is the energy of Joy and kindness and passion, if you like, but it is also part of who you are. It is important to connect to that part of who you are.

The Source: And this will be one of your messages my dear; to actually help heal and lift the people out of the sadness that they sometimes feel overwhelmed with. And I – my energy – will go out with the message in your future circles.

Is that alright?

Group: (We said YES)

The Source: Thank you My Dear – Thank you.

Group: We all said ‘Thank you for all your love.”


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