The Creation of MAN and later 1st HUMANS

ORACLE – 17th April, 2013 – The Light Man that we are as earthlings.

We joined hands and sang 3 OMS – our voices were harmonising beautifully. The wine glass very quickly spelt out that Jalarm wished to speak through Val.

‘It is Jalarm I am very pleased to be here – and I know that you have many questions for me today and I am happy to answers these for you – so what is the question?

(the reply to the questions exposes the different time scales of the 4th dimension and the 3rd Dimension…

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Oracle – March 13th, 2013 continued……

Question to Oracle: How many civilisations existed at time of Atlantis?

101,010  civilisations…..  Jalarm says different star groups are still visiting our planet at the moment.

Again we all could not think clearly. We see the need to write our questions down before we come to the meeting

Yalarm: came again for the 2nd time.

He clarified about the numbers of civilisations on Earth.

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Oracle – 11th March 2013 – Starpeople coming and going on Earth pre Atlantis

The locked outside door opened by itself then the wine glass spelt out BABA. We knew he was here to sanctify the Oracle. Then Valerie was asked to channel.

“It is Yalarm and it gives me pleasure to be here. Sometimes the Oracle is a little confusing because if I spell out something that looks confusing it is because I am asking for channelling to take place.

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