The Light of Wisdom and the Light in the Human

light and handIn between sessions with Jalarm and using The Oracle, the Mystery School discusses what has been said by the Atlantean Jalarm, and The Oracle. The energy is high, thoughts come via light, and via circular exploration of what has been given. Jalarm returns to the discussion to share about light, the power of light and how the earthling has this light within. Drawing on from what has been said about stargates admitting more of light energy and magnetism, Jalarm goes further to explain the links between light and wisdom within. Humanity is homo sapiens sapiens: the conscious life-form who is aware of consciousness and has wisdom.

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Meditation on Light

Light for Meditation

Many years ago, perhaps in the early days of awakening in the New Age movement, the times of the 11-11 portal openings, many seers and visionaries were reporting that a time of three days of darkness was to come; there would be no light, no electricity, and humanity would be living in darkness. As most of humanity would be in ignorance of this, this was expected to be a time of terror and extreme reactions by persons unable to cope with such a catastrophe, as some would call this. It is now understood that in the last three months, this “wall of darkness” has occluded the light, and darkened the inner light to some extent in the social, intellectual, physical and spiritual domains of the person.

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Journey of the Soul; Names and Forms; Planetary Healing;

AngelWe have all emerged from the Source of All, and when we take up our bodies, we form a relation with that whom we feel the strongest connection – to the All, to Boundless Love, to that name and form we feel affinity for. Now is the time for Planetary Healing, now is the time to understand and experience, All is ONE. Read on as Jalarm unfolds the journey of the Soul.

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Reincarnation – earth souls, starpeople souls

Once again, the Mystery School at Werai joined to work with The Oracle and Jalarm and bring forth knowledge and understanding. Intuition is inner-tuition, which raises us in consciousness, deep within. Before we were all born, we entered into different Soul Blueprints, that we might engage one another and smooth the path for humanity to understand its history and journey – particularly from the Fall of Atlantis.

Some have the teachings of Allah, some have the teachings of Jesus, some have the teachings of Buddha, some follow Zoroastra, and others have the teachings of Krishna. The great teachers of humanity teach of abiding love and presence the Creative Source of All. The inner gift of these great teachers of humanity, the core of love and light reaches out to our own inner light and urges us forward toward that which we feel is right for us. It is the heart that knows love and understands love on deeper levels.

What is the story of the coming and going of souls? The Tibetan teaching is that for each birth, there are 10,000 applicants. Where do all these souls come from, how is it they reincarnate? To what level of being-awareness-compassion and love must they evolve before reincarnation happens? There are many Mystery Schools on Earth, all collaborating with “Upstairs” to bring understanding and knowledge of the origins of humans and their destiny as Souls.

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Measuring time, and the so-called “Junk” DNA

We were wondering how the starpeople measured time????
Yalarm made it clear he wanted to channel through Valerie.

Yalarm: The time is 500,000 years ago BUT our measurement of time is different from what the Scientists say here on Earth. And so you need to ask the Oracle “How long in Earth time” was it that the Nords came (or the Arcturians) to Earth?
(We were told that flowing from the channelling and the Oracle it was allowing us to learn and understand in a different way and that was what they wanted us to do.)

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