The Showing en-masse: The Star Ships, the Star People

The Mystery School joins and draws upon the sacred energies to hold a space wherein their time, talents and resources are offered to The Source – the Creative Source of the All, often called GOD – so that understanding and explanations come forth and mankind can take up its true heritage among the United Planetary Nations. In this session, questions about The Showings en-masse are answered, along with reminders about light bodies, the Man and the Human, who has the light within.


Group: The three Ladies of the Mystery School, Jacqui, Jill and Valerie all joined hands and sang OM to settle energies in the room and called upon God to make his presence. He has blessed the Oracle and our sessions. We then meditated to receive a question from each of us that ‘upstairs’ wanted us to focus on today. (Three Questions)

Jill: – 1st Question: There is the message from Archangel Mikael who has announced an appearance en-masse of the star ships from the United Planetary Nations – which will make their appearance at Uluru in January 2018. Will they appear only there or other places around the Earth at the same time?

The Source: (God)“It is I God, and I have come to answer your question today. And the 1st question, I believe, is that the message that has gone out from Archangel Mikael – that there will be an en-masse appearance of star ships at ULURU in January 2018.

This we are hoping and praying that it will take place. It is a matter of all the people upon this Earth welcoming us – or having no fear. And we will work at this and help anybody that would like to help us to dissuade anyone that does have fear when they think about this.

In some ways we have influenced different messages in other places, such the movie Arrival – in a way that is also presented to prepare people for our visit.

Now, we help and assist any who will work with us to help people to think and take it seriously and also will welcome us.

You ask if our appearance will appear at the same time in other places – around the world – and I will say YES.

This is our PLAN we want to come in many places to actually allow the Earthling – the people of human earth body – to know and understand they are not the only people in the Universe.

And this is a very important message for with their knowing and accepting they will realise and understand a lot more about themselves and the influences that come from other worlds in our willingness, and I mean the star people’s willingness to assist the little Earthling to come to know who they really are.


The star people are very willing to assist the earthling – the one with light – to come to know who they are

For the star people, many of them, are your brothers and sisters. To make it clear – they are related to you. And this is the importance of information that will help the growth of the CONSCIOUSNESS on this Earth.

So I am speaking about when the HUMANS were first created. And that came after MAN was created. So if you understand the difference between Man and what I say as Human I speak of a Human as a Light-Man. The One that has what you all are now – everyone on this Earth comes with a Soul and a Light-body – and that is who you really are.


there was man; and then the human. It is the human that has the light body and the inheritance from the starpeople

So I hope I am answering this question, that YES we will be appearing, as time progresses – we will make the final decision to come and show ourselves at Uluru and also at other places around the World.

The Source: (God) Thank you.”

Group Discussion: We were all talking of the Announcement Archangel Mikael made at Byron Bay at the Close Encounters Conference on 16th January, 2017.

Jacqui: was prompted to remember and speak of the time during the war when Angels came into the Germans and Allied Forces. And they all stopped fighting and joined together to celebrate Christmas together! They were all so friendly and then afterwards they went back to fighting because that was what they were ordered to do.




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