DNA and our Birthright among the Stars

Much genetic engineering went into the making of the hairy-Upstanding-Ape like figure, who was a slave for their Draco/Reptilian masters. Due the intervention of the Angelic Realms and the visitors from the Stars, the work was done with the permission of the Cosmic Source of The All; a soul was given, more genetic engineering took place. Here, Andromeda Val shares the narrative of the long, long, journey of the one who was to become the Hue-man, the one with the Hue of Divine Light.

Much has been said about Ascension on Earth and the higher dimensions. As the group discusses these dimensions, they learn that there are many many Worlds with layers within dimensions and much has to do with frequency, with light, with the hierarchy of light beings available to understand which dimension is communicating or which dimension humankind is rising to. There is much to learn, much to discard, and much to discover on a Universal Journey to our birthright among the stars.


Andromeda Val: And so the one thing that the human needs to understand is that they are coming from a great mixture of DNA down through the ages. Before there was the blessing of a Soul that made them a Human of Light or a man of Light: Before that they were man who had Reptilian blood in their DNA and they had mammalian in their DNA they had other influences from different DNA … … The thing is they have emotions and the emotions from that time are very different from the emotions that the Humans want to embrace in their lives now.

They don’t want to go out and kill to eat – this is something that needs to be looked at – or if you do choose to eat meat always give a blessing for that life that has given its life as food for you and rescue the rest of it and return it to the World of Light.

The World of Light is actually GOD. You could call GOD a frequency of many different levels – so when you speak of Light, you are speaking of God. You are speaking of the energy of Creation. And that is how everything is created. Everything.

Some have movement – some do not – but they have still been created. Even if the energy is used to create a form through another it is still created that is not really of the highest form but it is still created – does that make sense?

Everything in nature has been created by the Angelic Realms – all this comes with assistance from various races with frequencies of how to use or best use at a different level altogether.

This is what you would call, if you are speaking in Earth terms, an ascended state of consciousness. And that is what the Star People or the Benevolent Beings of God from the World of Light have been trying to assist the Earthlings to understand right from the beginning.

They live happily but they can see there is much confusion upon Earth but I can assure you that will move, that will move on as more and more people come to realise and understand and know that they have free choice and that they no longer live as slaves upon a planet that has been overtaken by those that just want to use them as slaves and do their bidding.

They have been saved, shall we say, from that place – by the Star People who have come to raise the DNA – of the man that existed on Earth at the time, who have been described as the ‘Upstanding-Ape-like creature’ and left to their own devices. It has been rescued and saved and blessed with a soul which is the heart of a higher Light energy – the ascended state.

Andromeda Val: And from there – people still draw upon old ways and old memories that are deep in their body but they can reach out for that Higher Light and Love and compassion and help others.

Andromeda Val: So do you understand what I am saying?

Andromeda Val: I hope I have not overdone my talk today

Andromeda Val: You are loved and we thank you

Andromeda Val: God Bless you.


 the star beings came … and assisted the hairy upstanding ape to evolve … with the light …


Group Discussion: There was talk among the earth girls about understanding different dimensions and frequencies.

The Oracle: Indicated another wished to speak through Valerie:


Andromeda Val: “I am Andromeda Val and I have come back to clarify the different dimensions that exist. There are many different dimensions – there are many, many layers with each dimensions.

Some are even known as the first world, the second world and third world, the fourth world as well as the fifth and so on. There are many, many, many different layers also within each world. You are working at the moment in between the 4th higher layer. Parts of your World have already moved into the Fifth Dimension.

Andromeda Val: Andromeda is well past that – and that is why Andromeda Val is having trouble in communicating the language that we use into Valerie’s voice box. This is part of the problem – but we will overcome that. And so, you would say from us, we actually work well into other worlds in say – 8th, 9th, 10th and up to the 12th World – depending upon which area of Andromeda and which frequency and which hierarchy exists.

Andromeda Val: Certainly, we have to lower our energy or our frequency to communicate with you from the 4th to the 5th frequency. Does that make sense?

The Group: Yes!

Andromeda Val: And so I was trying to spell out that on the board here but it wasn’t working the way we wanted – and so it is why I asked to speak for clarification.

Andromeda Val:So is there another question that you would like to ask?”




Jacqui: “Is there a message from you on how can we best improve our communication?

Andromeda Val: “Well of course it is a message that you already have it. It is a matter of confidence, I think, or to climb out of this part of the brain – that is in every human, so there is no judgement; that is inclined to judge the self, or fall for energies that actually hold you back – and that can infiltrate into you – into your mind – it is a matter of clearing the mind – leaving yourself open completely – knowing that God is always there – and there is no reason to fear – and no reason to fear that you are going to fail.

Andromeda Val: It perhaps may need a little time of reflection to ask yourselves why exactly it is that you feel you are not – or can’t reach into this level that we are communicating as of this moment – because you are … … There is no reason … it is just a different sound wave, if you like. It different station if you like. There are many, many stations out there: all of different frequencies all of different wave lengths. There is no reason why you cannot speak to those of the Sisterhood in Andromeda – so why hold back?

Andromeda Val: You might need to make a decision not to be so hard on yourselves. For it is a matter of what you believe. And you may need to think about that too.

Andromeda Val: Thank you my children, thank you.”

The Group: We all agreed it was time to close the ORACLE, and the Sacred OM three times in complete harmony.

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