Moldavite is the remains of the Mothership Rexegena

Valerie is asking: About the Moldavite?

Jalarm wanted to go back to the Oracle.

The Oracle spelt out: FAITH.

We asked the Oracle: “Is the Moldavite Stone the remains of the Mothership Rexegena? … YES!

How long ago did the Mothership Rexegena come to Earth?”

The Oracle spelt out 700,000 years … in 4th dimensional time and then: 900,000 years in 3rd dimensional time.

We asked, “Was the Egyptian Tomb at Kariong created around 4,500 years ago?

Then Jalarm signalled he wished to speak through Valerie again.

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Past Life Regression … how it works

Life and memory
In the second session of Wednesday, 2nd August, Jalarm speaks of memories, the way information comes into the soul and a little more of history after the time of the Fall of Atlantis. Jill opens with a question about past life regression:

Jill: I had a regression session with Valerie a few weeks ago and I was taken back to a life I thought was in Egypt – could you tell me if it where it was?

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