A Planet for the Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Belt is a well known part of our solar system – it separates the inner planets from the outer planets. Earlier in the teachings of the Mystery School, we learned that the Asteroid Belt was in fact one of planets in our solar system, and that its denizens emigrated to Earth in holographic light form. On this day, the Andromeda Angelic Realms confirms this, and confirms that the Earth was created and placed in its current orbit for several purposes: to be a Garden of Eden, a beautiful place of peace, love and light.


The Group: We chanted the OM three times and asked the Oracle “Who is Present?”

The Oracle indicated that G O D was present.

Valerie: We are told the Andromeda Angelic Realms created our planet Earth – Was it placed into our Solar system to replace another planet that had already been there and is now the asteroid belt.

The Andromeda Val: “I am from Andromeda and it is Andromeda Val speaking at this time. You are asking was the planet Earth replacing a vacancy – shall we say – within the scheme of things for the Solar System and I would say YES.

The Andromeda Val: We as the Angelic Realms, and I can speak on behalf of them, wanted to establish a planet from the beginning to enable a civilisation to be created – coming and holding Divine Light – and from that many people could come from other races and experience that beautiful Love and Light and family and all the things as humans know and understand.

I would say that it was unfortunate that there are races that came in and took over the planet after it was so carefully established but – that is the way of things – and so the Angelic Realms decided to keep and allow this to happen. It was the Draco/Reptilian – shall we say – hierarchy that overtook the planet once it was established: this planet we are talking about (called) The Garden of Eden. Or E-din.

And so the energy was inflicted with energy that was not of the highest order – however it did allow low energies to come and survive on the Earth. And so there was enabled a level playing field by what we would call a ‘crystalized frequency’ which all could evolve together to help one another.

The Andromeda Val: That meant that the benevolent Beings that were coming into the little human bodies had to lower their Light – but they came and they were still strong enough to hold the Divine Light on this Earth and to share it. And those that were coming from a frequency that were not quite there were able to absorb it; they were able to allow it to come into their human body and live a life of love – of family – and taking care of the planet itself.

This is the Plan and it has gone like that ever since the Planet (shall I say) has been reclaimed and it has been quite successful. Although there are many things still that the little earthling needs to come to understand – that they can make the most of the opportunity that they have – by living on this planet and experiencing the life that is available here.



The Andromeda Val: Is there a question anyone would like to ask? (There were no more questions)

The Andromeda Val: Well I hope this will answer your first question, thank you, thank you.”




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