Wiping the Slate Clean

The Mystery School meets and each of the ladies doing service for the Earth are asked to give a message. The messages all have a coalescence: it is time – a great and wonderful time in the history of our planet and all who live upon her – to wipe the slate clean. We hear from each of the ladies, Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the Andromeda Val speaking through the Andromeda Oracle from the future. The message is, “Dwelling on the past pulls us out of the new frequency.”

Group: We all sang Om harmoniously – we were very happy with the signs around us that it was a good day to connect to other worlds.

We asked for a blessing from God and then asked the Oracle if there was anyone there.

The Oracle: indicated they wanted Valerie to talk:

Sri Sathya Sai Baba: “I am here and I am Sri Sathya Sai Baba – there is no separation. There are many that work in the Forcefield of God – you understand this – and you know it. It is important for people to realise that they have a soul and that that soul is imbued with that same forcefield as known as God. There are Beings that have that forcefield completely and only and they are God. So think about that please. Think about it.

I would like you today – we will prompt you – but for the moment that is the only message I have my dears. When the three of you are together God is present because you have that intent in you and it is the intent that is the most important. There is of course, love and compassion. So I will leave now and you can go on with your work. Thank you.”




Group: After we meditated – Jill was asked to speak:

Jill: “She said what is coming into her mind was that it was easier to be positive than to be negative. It is the most affective – it is a matter of choice.” It seems to be a bigger problem and world wide problem but it will turn around as it goes through time.” So much is happening … …”

Jacqui could see into her 12th dimension and another part of Jill talking into her crown chakra and downloading thoughts into her vehicle. (This was Jill’s earth body.)

Group: We all agreed how much better you feel when you look for the positive in all things.

Group: In Meditation from Valerie WE were asked to ask about Golden White Light.

The Oracle asked Jacqui to speak- she was unsure she could do it:

Jacqui: “At first I was seeing the Golden White Light coming down and it was pure it was cleansing and illuminating and I just see that it is there for everybody and always available. But it is without intention. It is connected to the Light of God … … I am also seeing that Light change to a magenta Light … … … which is somehow lifting me up to a higher place that I would never have thought was possible. I see a huge burst of colour which I cannot describe. It is connection, and centering and healing. And it not just for me but the whole Earth. I see a huge pale blue angelic being’s wings coming around us. I see that white light is just for Earth but the Golden White Light is stronger and coming from a higher place.”

Valerie speaks about the light being different in nature than the big city – when she was living in Canyonleigh (which is said to be a Stargate) the Light was sometimes Golden White Light – looking like a scene from The Wizard of Oz. In the city it is cut-off a little with concrete and cement – it is true the mixtures come from nature but when man and machinery are making it, the energy is changed. Where as nature is God’s creation and able to reflect the Golden White Light easily.

Jacqui in meditation was feeling that “We were Lucky to be living in this age that we can let go all our Past Lives and move forward with a clean slate.”




Valerie was asked through the Oracle to speak:

The Andromeda Val: “I am Andromeda Val and I come from Andromeda and I am very happy to speak today about the question of “Past Lives.” We have already been asked about our lives (or your lives) on the planet Earth we have had in the past – we are part of that … but now we are in Andromeda and we are your future selves operating in an Oracle in Andromeda. We of course can see and know what has happened on your Earth. The question that has been asked has been prompted by us – or from God – as to how to move forward from the Galaxy – your Milky Way. It is the time now for the ‘slate to be wiped clean‘ so that you can move forward.

In other words the thoughts that you have about your past need to be deleted or moved away from your memory as the frequencies are raising and the past lives you have from memory in your soul are operating at a much lower vibration.

The Andromeda Val: So even when you are thinking about past lives – there is a conflict within that is showing you that you are dropping back into a lower vibration where as everything else upon your planet is moving forward into a higher vibration. This is the reason the messages are coming – in asking everyone to let go everything from the past.

If you live everyday positively – life will continue and stay with the frequency that is moving fast and you will stay with it and not fall behind. I hope I am making myself understood because this is actually what is happening. Nothing stands still.

In your case My Dears you are moving to your higher self – or your god self – which is connected to the Angelic Realms. For this is happening to most people on this Earth IF they chose to move with the changes. So if you think about that and meditate upon it you will begin to understand and you will you have portals, working with this Oracle at this time, that you had no idea were available to you – just like the Milky Way has portals that are available to their future selves For this is what they have committed to do to show you.

That this can happen there is nothing to hold you back from moving forward from expanding and knowing who you really are. So I am very pleased with that now.

The Andromeda Val: Thank you, My Dears

Thank you.”




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