Life is a Game, Play It!

The ladies of The Mystery School join together once again to bring forth messages in service of humanity. The Source (God) points out that just as humans are different in knowledge and action, so also, different life forms from the other worlds – who come and take birth in human bodies – have different thresholds for the Light from the Source of the Creation of All. There is always growth and transformation. All have the same invitation to “go with God” or proceed along their path through life. There is no judgement. Life is a Game, Play It! is the saying, and the Source (God) tells that all get the equal opportunity to play.


The Oracle: indicated it was time for our 1st question.

Jacqui: saw very strong Light coming to Earth and asks, “Is there a 2nd light?

The Source: (God) “It is God, and I am pleased to be here and to answer your question, My Dear.

You are feeling that there is another Light that is separate from the Divine Light we have been speaking about this morning from The Source of All Creation.

One thing is, The Source is the Creator of ALL. So ALL that has been created is coming in one form or another to touch you or those in other worlds. Does that make sense?

Jacqui: Yes, it does.

The Source: (God) And so what you perceive perhaps, is the shadow or the depth and quality of Light is actually existing and somewhat separated from the Light that you adhere to – and what you have arrived to – in the level of Light that can be settled upon this planet safely for all peoples upon the planet.

Some have not the (capacity for) Light in them to allow anything stronger. They would not be able to cope with it. So it is like a level playing field, you understand that. And with that they may return to where they have come from and they can take back knowledge and that energy of Light back to the planet or the race that they have come from.


The Source: (God) There are all different levels of races – I have said this.

It is no different on Earth – you can see it. Some people can seem to be more knowledgeable than others. Some people are more ready to show their love and compassion than others. That is the difference. It is the same in the Cosmic World.

And so, you could say that is Light – of course it is – it comes from the Source. But it is not as bright as the Light that you adhere to when you pray and you reach to the Highest Order – as I have already said, some just cannot get there.

They have not the ability – no judgement – it is just that they are not ready yet.

Once they are ready, they can be in filtered with that Light and can grow from that.

The Source: (God) There is always growth – there is always movement in evolution – nothing stands still and so you could say that the dark forces do come from Light – but it is a Light that is not as bright as the light that you can see as Light Workers from the level of consciousness within the Creative Source of The All.

Do you understand? It has come with the brightest of energy – but it has fallen away because people have forgotten their Source.


the energy within – bright at first – is fading, for people have forgotten their Source

The Source: (God) It is now a matter of choice.

The Source: (God) It is a matter for everyone on this Earth to decide whether they wish to return to the Source of God of Love and raise their consciousness and within every part of their body and then return to the Source.

You are not really going anywhere – the consciousness is able to focus anywhere and everywhere all at the same time.

So am I making myself clear? I hope so!

The Source: (God) Because there is a separate Light and that the dark forces, or the shadow or the people who are still not raised to that particular level of consciousness from where we are talking from the Highest Order … …

That is sometimes why there is confusion. And why sometimes people are misled into believing they are following the Source of God for the good of All – because there can be misunderstanding.

DISCERNMENT is the word you must use always. And that comes from Feeling.

The Source: (God) Feeling is the very thing that all humans have. Not all races have it when they come onto this Earth in an earth body. It is new for some of them, and so everybody that comes, is here to help one another. If they have feeling of love and compassion they can pass it on and help those that cannot readily recognise it. I hope I am giving some understanding. There has been a separation that took place; some might describe it as ‘fallen angels’ – it is not just a simple question or answer, but there is a separation and so the separation needs to come together and to become one with the Source of All Creation in its highest Form.

This is a matter of choice, because all upon this Earth in an earth body have been given the choice of whether they wish to go with the Source of All Creation in the Highest Order or it is often said, ‘with God’ – or whether they want to continue on their own journey … and make choices – it is a bit like a game. It has been said it is game. (Life is a Game, Play it!) It is what you play and what you do and the choices you make and do and what you really want for yourself and for those around you. Am I making myself understood?

Group: (All agree.)

The Source: (God) Thank you, My Dears, thank you.


Inhabitants from other worlds take human birth in order that they take the gifts of love and compassion back with them in their new lives. The Source (God) shares that they have different capacity for light …

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