United Planetary Nations: The Message

In the Mystery School, the Source (God) continues to speak through the Oracle. Just as there are dimensions the human eye cannot perceive, so also, there are beings – here on Earth – that we are unable to see. There are beings from the star worlds helping the earthling as we write. Many are Light Workers, and many will Ascend to be light workers also. The message of the Source and the message of the United Planetary Nations is a message of Love, a message of reassurance: all are ONE with the Source of the Creation of the All. Hence, there is no reason to have fear.


The Oracle: It is time for Valerie’s question.

Valerie: Had a dream the night before about the green ring that Sai Baba had given to her and in the dream it had turned white. She asked, “What was the message?

The Source: (God) “It is I God, and I am from the Source of All Creation – there are many Beings that are of the energy of God. And so I speak this morning now, as Cosmic Sai Baba.

And yes, My Dears, I am My Dear here this day. I have been overseeing what is taking place here – in fact I oversee many things that take place upon this planet – and particularly with those, that do, shall we say “Light Work.”

In other words with those that understand the bigger picture – in understanding and knowing that there are other Beings from other Worlds – there are Beings in your world that you cannot readily see with your physical eye.

The Source: (God) And there are Beings that are helping you even though many people are not aware.

This is the message.

This this is the message that is important!

This is the message that should go out to everyone upon this Earth.


The Source (God) tells there are Beings in your world that you cannot readily see with your physical eye

And I will help you with that – I know that Valerie is a little impatient or frustrated may be a better word – for she is looking to have a YouTube (video) to go on to the World Wide Web and go out to the world.

And we can help her with that. And we welcome that.

So, I have reassured her now and I am reassuring you girls that you are working with the Light.

Because the United Planetary Nations wish to make their presence felt. It is time upon this planet that ALL the peoples upon this planet – and I say ALL – are aware of the existence of other worlds.

It is important that they understand this because there is far too much conspiracy and too much what some would call FAKE NEWS that is put out and confusing everyone.

This is playing into the hands of – shall we say – the dark forces.

For they are using their grip upon this Earth and the people upon it And if you choose to make it known that you no longer want to fall for their influence – you will be assisted. We are here to help. We come FROM THE HIGHEST ORDER OF LOVE FROM THE SOURCE OF ALL CREATION.

The Source: (God)I would like everybody to truly understand that.


green ring from Sai Baba


The Source: (God) Now, Valerie has had a dream about the green ring that I gave her – and yes it has changed into a white diamond ring. Because it is representative now of the point of GOD – it is a point of the energy from the Source of All. And that includes all Universes – not just the Universe that you reside in, but All the different levels of Universes.

There are many, many levels of consciousness. I would like you and her to know that the ring symbolizes that – and that was my message to her – knowing that she would mention it to you – it is also a message for you girls as well.

The work, you do here, even at this moment, will go out to many, many different worlds and it is announcement that we intend to come in January 2018 to make our presence felt.

We are not going to land, but we shall show ourselves, so that there will be absolutely no doubt whatever – around the world – that we exist.

So take heart My Dear Ones, for this will raise consciousness upon the Earth very quickly and people will move forward then with love in their hearts – which they have always had, but have allowed it to be, shall I say, blocked off to some degree because of confusion and maybe fear.

This needs to be resolved.

We have the right to come because we are The United Planetary Nations, (and) among them have been the Ones who have created this planet Earth. Or Mu as it was known sometimes.

Thank you, My Children, thank you.


The Winter Triangle: Procyon (top left), Betelgeuse (top right), Sirius (base). Image: Hubble European Space Agency, credit: Akira Fujii. The Source tells that confusion and fear about beings from the Stars needs to be resolved.

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