The Angelic Realms: 6,000 Years in our Future

It is a sunny day in July and the Ladies of the Mystery School meet and slowly feel themselves wrapped in a Force-Field which opens a gateway to three Oracles 6000 years into their future. Yet, it is present now as all events are taking place in this moment of NOW. The ladies ask their questions about human life continuing on Earth, and about the future populations of Earth.

A gentle voice – the Valerie who is called Val in the future – speaks of life on Earth, the human race, the Angel Realms and how Androgynous and Andromeda sound the same. The task for the human is to understand who they truly are and to live in harmony and peace and to understand the differences: this is how it is on the star worlds.


Group: Jacqui, Jill and Valerie all held hands as we called upon the ORACLE in Andromeda.

Group: We had first called upon Cosmic Sai Baba – and God to bless the Oracle We sang 3 Oms and the sound was in complete harmony.

The Andromeda Oracle: indicated that it was calling upon Valerie to make telepathic communication with Val who is her future – self in the Angelic Realm of Andromeda Galaxy.

It was agreed that there was intensity of a force-field in the room and connected to silver light in a tunnel. Jacqui was given an image.


Silver tunnel overlighting the Ladies of the Mystery School

The Andromeda Oracle: confirmed that we were talking to our future selves (3 Oracles in Andromeda, 6,000 years ahead) – It played out that the Oracle was operating differently from now on (different frequency, different energy field, different delivery of communication as Andromeda principally operates with telepathy and not via human speech patterns).

Group: We asked is there a human race operating on Earth in 6,000 years time?

The Andromeda Oracle: YES

Group: Are the 144,000 who came from Andromeda to assist the Earthling in this time now – Have they returned Home to ANDROMEDA and are there more?

The Andromeda Oracle: YES

Group: Is there going to be a major reduction of the population within the next 10 years?

The Andromeda Oracle: It will be from less babies being born and illness – caused by insecticides and pollution on Earth.




Valerie gave a huge sigh – (voices could be vaguely heard in the distant – it seemed a different dimension)

The Andromeda Val: “I am known as Val and I come from Andromeda and I love you both very dearly – for we work in Andromeda in an ORACLE that goes out and teaches and assists others in other worlds – in other galaxies. We work very well and now we are connecting to a time that existed on your Earth which you experienced now – where you are sitting. For you are part of the Earth human race and it is from there that it has evolved and it is for those who have chosen to return back to The Source of All Creation – which is the realm of God – the realm of Angel that is known – but the angels actually –if fact it is sacred geometry – a measurement – a number – Jesus has said thousands of years ago, “Every hair on your head is numbered.”

The Andromeda Val: And what he was saying is just what is happening now.

The Andromeda Val: You are in the Sacred Geometry of Andromeda.


The Andromeda Val: You feel the Forcefield. It exists – it is real and you communicate telepathically: that will happen with the Human Race that exists on your Earth.

The Andromeda Val: Changes are happening upon your Earth – it has a lot to do with each individual choice that is made by every personality that exists on Earth at this time that you are also here. So you are here and you are elsewhere ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Some people might find that confusing – it is not confusing really – it is a matter of focus. So what you are doing is focusing on the personality that you are in an Earth human body and receiving messages from yourselves that is another time – 6,000 years ahead if you measure time. But it is the same time if that makes some sense – Quantum Physics will help you to understand that.

It is consciousness – everything is consciousness – you do not have to worry – you are doing it – you are doing it more often than you realize. And so my dear ones, you are my sisters, we are linked with the GOOD that exists in ANDROMEDA and we have many that we work with.

We present ourselves as FEMALE the loving, the caring, the mothers. And, also, we are ANDROGYNOUS as has been explained to the Earthlings that the Angelic Realms do exist with each individual being ANDROGYNOUS. It is no co-incidence that Androgynous and Andromeda is rather similar in words.

It is male and female together. It has separated and become individual and – incarnates on different planets and different worlds at times – to learn and understand and play out different stories that you have agreed to work with others. And so now – you have evolved and you are coming from ANDROGYNOUS and ANDROMEDA. And so you do have a male self and a female self – that is together. But at this time, now that we are communicating with the Earthling we want them to understand about the difference – but there is no difference – in other words Male and Female are the same.

When we lived on the Earth planet – things are separated to a much stronger degree with the separation. And so the differences are more obvious and felt in a much stronger way – but people learn and play out stories that they come to understand – they feel separation – they feel emotion, the feel the love – they feel anger – but there is no need to – there is always a way to resolve any differences. There is always a way if people respect one another – and understand their differences in these worlds that I speak of – as the Earthlings do on planet Earth.

This is a special planet – it is important for you to realize and understand who you really are – and that only peace, harmony and goodwill is the way to find the path to God and you are on that path right now.

WE, from Andromeda – we send you greetings we send you love and we have ALWAYS been working with you, to assist you in a way and the best way that we can. You are from the 144,000 Lighworkers that have volunteered to come from our World. Which is a very different world it – is very advanced to your technology – but it is past that.

It is CONSCIOUSNESS and there is no limit to what one can do from that level of Consciousness – I would like you to think about that – please do my children – I love you – Thank you and I send blessings.

You may listen to this transmission of The Oracle from Andromeda:




Group Discussion: The girls remarked how soft and gentle the words were to listen to they said they didn’t want to come back.




Group: We asked if the Wandjina that is painted on rocks by the Australian Indigenous people, in ancient times – do they come from Andromeda?

The Andromeda Oracle: YES

Group: Does Jesus’s family come from Andromeda?

The Andromeda Oracle: YES

Group: Do you eat food in Andromeda?

The Andromeda Oracle: YES – in capsule form and Light.




Valerie: “The first words I hear is “I am God” and “I am speaking from Andromeda”.

The Andromeda Val: And that is why it is necessary for all to understand that they come from the Creative Source of All and that is why there is Angelic Realm and it is why it is coming from Andromeda all those that come from there in the Angelic Realms come from communicating telepathically and this has been described in the last meeting there will be an attempt to use the language that is used by your Oversoul from Andromeda but that will come … that will be in a future meeting (sigh)

The Andromeda Val: It has been nice to be here today with you – and we are happy to communicate and I speak from Daina and Anna – we send our blessings Thank you. God bless you.

You may listen to this transmission of The Andromeda Val:

Group: With thanks and gratitude we closed the meeting with 3 Oms.




Angels – and the Angelic Realms – we are told, have no limit; they can be any place, any time, any where, any when;
If help is needed, all we need to do is ASK

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