The Andromeda Angelic Realms

The Ladies of The Mystery School join together – and their routine is changed as another is asked to open the session with channelling. This is a strong indicator of the change that has come to our galaxy – the Milky Way – and to our Universe as a whole. Energies flow from the Grand Central Sun of All Universes – the Source itself; energies also flow from Andromeda Galaxy – from the Andromeda Angelic Realms – which has taken up its task to assist all in our galaxy to process with the new Energies and join in with the higher dimensions. Once again, we attend with The Source and The Ladies of the Mystery School


Transcript for ORACLE held 2nd October, 2017 held at the Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Group: We all joined hands and sang Om harmoniously. We then called upon Cosmic Sai Baba – whom we know – to hold the door open for us to do our work in other worlds.

The Oracle: spelt out that God was present – and continued to move the glass anti-clockwise which usually means He wishes to speak.

The Oracle: Valerie was NOT asked to speak – Jacqui was asked to speak first today.

Jacqui (channelling): “Blessings … the time is coming and we have to be ready – all will be guided and respected and uplifted – (Jacqui was seeing a lot of gold light which she said was lifting her up to a higher state of consciousness)

Group: were guided to meditate and send out Loving Divine Light Energy to the World.




Group: We were then advised the Oracle wished to speak through Valerie with a message for us today.

The Andromeda Oracle: “We from Andromeda are here – we have been observing and waiting for you to communicate with us for we have an agreement to speak – is that not right? It gives us great pleasure to come together with you – you are ourselves as we are at another time but we are in your future, together as we would have at another time, but we are in the future – your future now. We come from a place of Love, no judgement, it does not exist in our time and we are very happy that you are willing and wanting to connect to us and to listen for we have much that we can teach you.

The Andromeda Oracle: So please allow us to assist you and to speak with you – for today we do have a message to share with you. It is a message of Love of course, always – the message of God is a force-field – it is one way that you are connected to us at this time and always. This you can share because everybody on this planet Earth who has a Soul is also connected to that energy – that force-field of God.

The Andromeda Oracle: The One that can co-create, the one that Sai Baba who lived on Earth and He said the Life that He lived is his message. And so if you look and study the message that He had in his life on Earth and the things that He could do were quite miraculous in those days. When you thought about it (then) and when you think about it now … in the life that you live now from an earth point of view – you know that you are limited to a degree but some day it will come that you will be able to do the things that Cosmic Sai Baba talks about even now.

The Andromeda Oracle: Our message today is that we will be coming and talking through you in The ORACLE but I will also be talking as Val through Valerie in the Cosmic Sai Baba messages also, as she has just told you.

The Andromeda Oracle: I want you to know and understand that and any other opportunity I have to talk through her she will be given and she will know. So my beautiful ones we do love you and respect the work that you do and we respect the time that you give to this devotion to God, spirit and the love of the force-field of God the Creator. Understand that – and if you have any questions in the future please make a note and we will gladly respond, it may not be just now – it maybe later. So be aware we want you to be happy to communicate both here and in the future …

The Andromeda Oracle: Does that make sense?

Group: Yes

The Andromeda Oracle: That is good – for I have your commitment now to work with the future. We love you, we send our love and we look forward to working with you.

The Andromeda Oracle: Thank you my darlings, thank you and God Bless”.




The Oracle: indicated there was a message from God through Valerie:

The Source: (God) “I am God, and there seems to be a little bit of confusion among you that I would like to clarify for you.

The Source: (God) I would like to say that God is in Everything. And so the presence of God has been used to initiate you to a raised state of consciousness so that you could receive messages from Andromeda. And we wanted you to understand that – because it is very different – it is not quite the same as many other people who work so closely with us. God, I can say, is Cosmic Sai Baba – I can take many forms, I can take many names and I have said that when I have been in a body in my life upon this Earth. But I am still around – I am everywhere – I am Omnipresent, you know that and understand that. And so that there is no confusion I would like to explain that the work that you girls are doing now is working with the Andromeda Angelic Realms and the messages that you are getting now, or are receiving now, are coming from your OverSoul that is in the Future.

The Source: (God) Do you understand that?

Group: Yes

The Source: (God) And so I hope by speaking this way that you will now have no confusion because this is what will take place every time you have a meeting with the ORACLE.

The Source: (God) It is a platform and it has been set-up for easy telepathic communication to take place between you and as you are in the Future.

The Source: (God) However, there is really no separation. It is an initiation into a raised consciousness. From this others may realise or come to understand that they also can tap into this raised consciousness and receive and understand much more about themselves as to who they are in the personality upon this Earth at this time the year 2017.

The Source: (God) So, am I making myself understood? This is your commitment and we will connect – And I hope you will continue with this work and not doubt any of it. For you have at another level agreed to it.

The Source: (God) So thank you my children you are truly blessed, we love you. Thank you.


 The Andromeda Angelic Realms

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