Cosmic Sai Baba speaks about Paris Attacks and Friday 13th superstition

pareeAfter Valerie and John’s stay in France, they have had a number of people requesting an understanding as to why France has been targeted by ISIS. Valerie and John sat – with great respect – and called upon Cosmic Sai Baba in order that they might obtain an understanding of this and other recent events. Forgiveness is needed; Love, only Love, is the nature of the Source of All Creation.

We have recently spent nearly 6 months living in France making many new French friends. With regard to the recent events on Friday 13th in Paris, we have been asked if we can receive some understanding as to why the French people have been the focus of attacks by fanatical-militant- terrorists.

Today is Wednesday November 18th, 2015 and we have called upon Cosmic Sai Baba with great respect and love – asking Him if He would give us some advice please.

18th November – Kawau Island – New Zealand.

❝I am here, my dear and I am very pleased to be here. I know that you both are very upset and concerned about what has taken place in Paris, as are many other people also, from the Western World. Because I would like to point out also, that there are many suffering with these attacks, many around the world.

It is not just France, but it is very much France in people’s minds at this time. So, I am here to try and give understanding as to why these attacks have taken place in France.

You and your husband John have spent some time living in France recently and you were given insight into events, I will say almost 1,000 years ago, when there were troubles, very similar to what is happening now – in the fighting against religious icons and different religions in the way they were thinking – in other words the Muslims and the Christians.

This is happening again. This is the influence that is taking place – it has many off-shoots of course, over the years that have gone by since then – but at that time there were the Crusades that were raised to help fight the troopers that came from the Muslim side, who came to overtake and ensure that people all understood about their faith and their religion.

Without judgement, it was their belief and their feeling that drove them to want to spread the understanding that was within them.

Now, I hasten to say, that the same thing happened with the Christians. The Christian teachings, The Pope and all the hierarchy that followed Jesus teachings, and passed it on to the “flock” shall we say. The same thing happened – they had a great belief in Jesus and the Icons that existed in Jerusalem and they wanted to protect them.

They wanted people to travel as pilgrims to Jerusalem and also to Santiago de Compostella in what is now the North of Spain.

IT WAS A TIME, when there was fighting and protection in what they believed were sacred sites and they needed to be able to continue to visit these sites. And that is what Muslim and Christian fighting was all about.

Unfortunately, the teachings that have come from both sides – in the beginning – have not been held in that there were teachings of not to kill and not to judge – and to try to understand the other side or from all points of view. Respect that … but not to enforce their own beliefs onto another.

Unfortunately, this is what has been happening, and so the problem still exists.

And now it has got out of hand with many other reasons – with issues pulling people in different directions and so the Love of God has been lost to some degree.

Because the Love of God, has nothing to do with raising weapons or fighting – or killing – it is LOVE – it is UNIVERSAL LOVE … it is COMPASSION.

And this is what is deep within the heart of everybody.

It is just a different path that some people come to understand that.

There is a need to recognise and understand the differences that can happen to be in the thinking and the faith that is followed. It is important to recognise that there is difference; … but it is also important to recognise that the love of God from the Source of All Creation is… just that. It is LOVE.

And so there is no one God that is different from another God – far from it – it all comes from the same Source and so the memory of that is needed to be within everybody – every earth person on this planet.

And of course, some decisions were made with the best intentions – have not been for the right reasons really – although at the time, they seemed to be, how can I say? The Karmic re-action from an action taken … magnetises back to that action that was taken … … and so it is time for All and I stress the word ALL peoples upon this planet to ask for forgiveness for actions that may have harmed people even though they did not really want to hurt people.

They only believed that the instruction was coming from within – or from God – but I can assure you – God doesn’t give instructions to go out and kill. That is not the teachings and it never has been.

And I would like you to think seriously about that.

And so even though there are people who are taking action now … that is killing in the name of God and believing they are doing the utmost thing possible in serving God … they are mistaken for it is Love only that the Creative Source is about.

Everyone has that Creative Energy in them. So there is a need for forgiveness for taking action for the wrong reasons, but not realising – that is all that is needed. Just a confirmation a mistake or an unintended decision was made that was going to harm.

Everybody needs to re-think this – and everybody needs to exchange that energy to one of Love. Universal Love. And ask for forgiveness from straying from that point and then asking for forgiveness for themselves for making those decisions and actions – even though they may have done it for the best of reasons and intentions.

So if everybody, could agree, to disagree with love and understanding – if they have a problem – they can sort it out with coming to understand each other – not to fight – never to raise a weapon against each other – but to love, respect and give the same to each other.

So forgiveness is asked not just from themselves, but from others as well. So if that ‘giving’ can go out and spread amongst the people upon this earth – the Karmic reaction will magnetise into love – it has to – it is the energy of the Force from the Creator Source of All and this is what is needed to change – to help others that are having difficulties to change – and to reach a way that they join together but respect differences.

I have not come to preach – I have come to show you and speak about how it really is in this planet that you live upon the Mother Earth. The Mother Earth herself – and respect her also and not to do any damage to her either.

It was never meant to be this way – never. And so until all these things change and followed and actions taken to protect, rather than destroy – the Earth will flourish. And all the people upon this earth will flourish.

So I am not speaking just on what has happened and why this attack took place in France – although it was planned from, shall we say, the other side in understanding and knowing the history that has past – including the date of what is called the ‘Black Friday’ the unlucky day of the 13th – they are only perpetuating a time that is in a ‘belief system’ – so change that – for that is also incorrect.

Superstition does not belong in the love of God. Nor the way action is taken. You are all Creators – you can Create what you truly want – and because you come from the Source you truly want to return to the Source with the love of the Creator.

Thank you, my children, thank you and God bless you. ❞

Afterword by Valerie

I would like to offer you a note what Friday 13th superstition is about in France. We know this of course, but the general reader may not.

A friend who lives in the Pyrenees sent this to me:

The Knights Templar are recorded to have left in many tall ships and sailed off to many places around the world on the 13th … and their presence still exists around the world. In the middle of nowhere in the Southern Alps we came across a tiny church with a dedication laid – not too long ago – from The Duke of Gloucester – England. It had the significant equal sided cross in the corner of the stone. And we know that the Duke of Gloucester is the HEAD or Grand Master of the Knights Templar today.

Valerie Replies:

“Thank you! Confirms what I have been receiving, imagine you know that the origins of Black Friday is from the day the Templars were condemned … all relates back to the crusades and the attacks were predicted here – they had already increased security and closed the borders. I spent the day finishing painting a unicorn, in fact it was a beautiful day and weekend and we only found the news, from Australia I may add, on Sunday evening. I hope your message will help many understand that the truth is far from ‘an eye for an eye’ and that retaliation by force is not the answer that most citizens here would choose.” (from Vivienne Cole.)