The Raising of Planet Earth

The Mystery School learns that the recent eclipses strengthen energies within the human in order that they may raise to the 5th and higher dimensions. Frequency of energy is important, as we are reminded. The doors are now open for Planet Earth to receive energies of the 7th, 8th and higher dimensions. Where communication takes place telepathically, there is a flow and positive exchange of information and energies. Energy is vibration and frequency and this is the way that healing is done from Andromeda. The Andromeda Connection is important and more shall be revealed over time.


Jill: Are people being affected by the energies coming on to our Earth and if so, could you please explain How?

The Andromeda Val: The changes that have happened upon the planet Earth have been become stronger and has been strengthened by the recent Solar and Lunar eclipse. Valerie does have notice from a lady that gives a very detailed description of what is happening to people at this time – not just with their physical and emotional bodies but general aspects with their lives as well. In fact it is a time of change – affecting many people – in fact everyone on this Earth.

And it will move forward, as you know nothing stands still and so people will be feeling more adjacent to the energy that exists – that is coming upon this Earth. It is from a HIGHER DIMENSION – but the dimension in the Great Plan for the level playing field upon this planet Earth – and within the Galaxy the Milk Way – is the 5th-come-6th energy – or frequency which is the same as crystal.

If people can think about that and how to use crystal to help their transition to find balance – it would be very constructive for them – it is a matter of choice. It is a matter of individual choice – not everything is the same for everybody. So they need to go into their hearts and listen from that point.

I hope this answers the question My Dear. Thank you.

Group Discussion: We recalled that one lightworker – a lady – told that when she first began working with the starpeople 35 years ago she was advised that they couldn’t give all information to one person – that they would have to share it around so all the pieces of information could come together like a jigsaw puzzle.


 The recent Solar and Lunar eclipses raise energies; energies have become stronger

Valerie: “The first words I hear is ‘I am Val’ which is coming from Andromeda.

The Andromeda Val: We come from a place which is far advanced from where Earth is – when you are talking from the Earth Place and it is interesting that we can communicate considering the distance and the time difference – but it is real. So have no doubts about that.

Val, Daina and Anna are helping to hold the energy from Andromeda so that we can communicate – and this will happen whether it is Val or the others who will speak. There is great love from Andromeda coming from the Angelic Realm there is no limit so it is Cosmic Consiousness that exists with us. It can take form or you need no form – we are always conscious and we can be anywhere at any time.

Our love is very strong – we are connected to the Source of All Creation, directly, absolutely, no separation whatever. We are co-creators – coming from that place we have helped guide the evolution upon the planet Earth as we have been directed by the Wise Ones – so there are always those who are more advanced than others – that have more knowledge and more power for that matter – but the power is never misused – it is always, always used for the good of all. That it is a lovely place to be (beautiful sigh) … … but as I have said there is no limit and so we can and do create whatever we need or whatever we wish – but again it is always for the good of all. Always.

The Andromeda Val: This is where the human race does evolve to – because (in the past) it is part of the 144,000 that have always been helping the human race to evolve – there are others that have joined us – but now are in their oversoul in Andromeda. The door is open now for this connection to the frequency of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th and even more. But it starts to get too complicated for the human brain to understand. However, it is very real.




The Andromeda Val: I would like to share many things but there are overseeing benevolent Wise Ones who are asking us to hold back some of the information from the human race that exists now in the year 2017 so that things may evolve as it will – it will be chaotic for a little longer – but not much. I have already said that communication takes place telepathically and to bring the words down through a voice box alters what is thought and shared – but this will change also, for I am being asked to speak the language that we use in Andromeda in the planet that is called Lya and of course there is no limit. So there are any different planets that we travel to as a Soul in the Galaxy you call ‘The Milky Way.’ They are all connected in some way. Energy is vibration and frequency and this is the way that healing is done from where we are. More than any other way. They can heal in a ‘blink of an eye.’

Energy, Vibration and Frequency can have many forms – it is colour and colour has frequencies and vibration. It also has form in the spectrum of Light. But it is also in the spectrum of the Electric Magnetic Spectrum. If you research that you will soon find that the colour that Cosmic Sai Baba has asked you to research is the first one – Magenta. So there are ways of making it easy to communicate and this opens up to different ways of thinking and knowing as a human – we can help the human to advance in technology – it is a matter for them to ask, that is all, and also not only to ask but also to act in a way that is only for the good of all, not the few.

Power comes from truth and truth will always out. So remember that My Children, remember. We from the Oracle in Andromeda send our love. Thank you.


 A chromaticity diagram, which maps wavelengths of light according to human perception. Every point along the curve corresponds to a single wavelength of light. Magenta, as it were, lies along what’s commonly called the “pink-purple line” that runs across the bottom.

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