The Phoenix, The Earth, The Human

FireThe meetings and the discussion topics of the ladies who come together and comprise The Mystery School are never idle speculation. Beings from many worlds attend and the air is thick with energies from the higher dimensions – other beings from other worlds are present, and learning as Jalarm has told. In this transmission, Jalarm takes up a discussion about the myths and patterns of the sometimes called fabulous bird, the Phoenix. We learn the Phoenix is both real and a metaphor of the cycle of birth – death – and birth again.

The human body has many sheaths; fire, earth, space, air and water all exist within the various sheaths of the human. Air is present as oxygen, and one of the Ladies asks about depriving cancerous cells within the body of oxygen. Jalarm confirms this is correct as a technique of healing. It remains to be seen when science will catch up with spirituality, its long-lost cousin in research about the truth of life on Earth, and life in the Universe.

Jalarm: Yes, it is I Jalarm – you were talking about the Phoenix and rising from the ashes.

It is symbolic – we used the bird as Phoenix because it was the bird that helped to create this planet in the first place. And so going back to the Phoenix and the rising from the ashes it is symbolic – but very real in some way because we have already said, there is a signature for everything.

So, if you think about it, a bird dying is at the end – no – it is not the end and so it rises from the ashes. And it can keep doing that. And if you think about it – your life is like that here on this Earth.

You come, you die, and from the ashes you rise again. So each being is a Phoenix – a Being who has risen from the dead – but then some strange stories can be created about that and in fact it is not strange or weird. … It is a fact. That you come and you go – you rise again – and you fall back – but in each rising and falling back you raise in consciousness. You understand this – and this is what is happening to every thing upon this Earth that was first created … shall we say, by the Phoenix.


The Earth was forged by fire; the cycle continues without end …

Because FIRE had to be introduced into the planet when it was forming as gasses and forming water and forming a solidness which created the earth eventually – fire had to be introduced – that is the signature and that is when, shall we say, in allegorical terms, the birds were thrust into the fire – they became mulch – that nourished the earth – and from the earth they rose again … … Again I have said just recently on this day that everything is consciousness and the ash holds consciousness, the Earth holds consciousness, the fire holds consciousness, the bird hold consciousness … and you can see it as ONE in the story. But it is everything on this planet. So am I explaining myself? You need to learn to flow with your imagination and see how it fits within yourself and your understanding. Does that makes some sense?

Leela, the sport and play of the ONE

Jacqui: The only thing I would like to ask is that you seem to take over my hand when drawing this circle can you tell me about that?

Jalarm: Well my dear, my energy is here and it is encompassing all of you and so I took the liberty of using the energy of myself to help you to use your pencil to flow in a way that would given understanding and also prompt you to ask. So I may have played a little Leela (sanskrit for ‘sport’, play) and I hope you are not offended – Did you mind my taking your hand to create the drawing?

Jacqui: No – I quite enjoyed it.

Jalarm: That is good, that is good. Well that will allow me to do it more often with the three of you if that is alright. (We all agreed)

Jalarm has gone again. And we all laughed.

Cancer and Oxygen

A meditation takes place. After the meditation, Jalarm returns.

Jacqui: We just had a little meditation, as you know. What Valerie is asking is about the cancer issue. What are your thoughts about isolating cancer in the body and depriving it of oxygen?

Jalarm: Well it is not that simple – but it is the answer. For cancer cells exist in everybody and it is only in weakened areas or where it is vulnerable in a physical body that the cancer can actually take over and cause serious problems.

But yes – that is the answer and it can happen and assist people if they can isolate the area and deprive it of oxygen it will just die off. The important issue of course is, finding the physical problem within the physical body at a very early time and then it can be deprived of oxygen very easily and very quickly.

If it spreads too far it makes it more difficult. But it is possible … and so I have answered your question?

(Thank you)

Jalarm then decided to leave now with the message was it was enough for today.

The Oracle confirmed by spelling out it was the finish. We were all very grateful for information given to us.

We were also given a lot of information about infinity and the expanding universe but the recording was lost … ??? We believe it has been held back for the time being.

❝God is everything, God is nothing, God is absolute.❞

Black Hole

A black hole is a region of space from which nothing, including light, can escape. A black hole is found by its interaction with matter.