The Soul Purpose and Healing

The Mystery School continues. Jalarm tells that there is no judgement about how we feel, for in some ways, this is what we came to experience. It is all in our Soul Contract.

Valerie takes up a matter of another person stealing her energy on a soul level. Yet, on the physical level, this person is happy, laughs, jokes and is a friend. It takes much to learn of what is happening, and then, why is it happening? As Ecclesiastes says, ‘To everything there is a season and a purpose’. When a purpose is fulfilled, we move on. The Soul is ever progressing, and our consciousness walks the talk of the Soul Contract and continues the human journey in the spiritual milieu of sunrise, sunset, and life ever-changing, ever-evolving to its highest potential, as Jalarm surprises us with the last word.

Jalarm: It is I Jalarm and yes, I understand how Valerie is feeling and I respect her honesty in this because it is something she could be ashamed of. But there is no need to be – no need to be at all. She is feeling that we have let her down, that Cosmic Sai Baba has let her down in not protecting her – even though she has asked for protection from this interfering with her consciousness from another.

The one attacking her consciousness is a very strong lady – and we know that Valerie is not afraid but she is upset that connection has been allowed to take place. So as she is asking for help – she has asked before – but it was important she share this experience for whatever reason it may come.

We will help her to cut the tie that binds her to this particular lady – who, as I have said is a very strong one – who comes from the Reptilian/Draco area. This lady is not totally aware of this herself. This, Valerie understands also, but from the ladies soul level, it needs to be dealt with. So that Valerie can continue her work – unimpeded by another consciousness stealing her energy – and this is exactly what is happening and so it must be stopped. We have put it off for a while … there is always a reason for something to happen in everybody’s life and it is now time for her to be set free from this karmic bind from this particular lady. At Soul level they had agreed – this lady had agreed to work with Valerie.

On her mission (and this is what has happened) this lady – as we have already told Valerie – it is the first time that she has taken on a Human body on this Earth. She is a very strong being from other worlds and so it is time for that bind to be cut. That consciousness to be cut.

Jalarm: Valerie is asking me why is there a bind or a bond?

It is merely, I can say, from a Soul agreement that took place before Valerie came into her physical body. Valerie is on a Mission (and she has walked into her body), so she has not been here as long as what would seem as far as the age of the body. And there was an agreement and it was to do with the creation of the first human; and it is to do with what took place. And the story that took place — you could say that there is equal value in what took place in the destruction of the Mothership and also in the Creation of the first Human.

No one is wrong or right because the story was written before both of them came or before the whole story took place (900,000 years ago) It is a little like a Shakespearean play in a way.

ties binding are made before birth in soul contracts

ties binding are made before birth in soul contracts


Jalarm: I want Valerie to focus on the Divine Light and I would ask you ladies who are concerned for her – to focus on the Light – and perhaps if you joined hands it would be good – We all will send out a design or signature of cutting the LINE that TIES that is BINDING each of them, because they have actually manifested the agreement and produced the agreement on Earth – in the way it was meant to happen and now that is done there is no need for either of them to be together any more.

So just focus on that – we ask with great LOVE that the strong lady come into the centre of the circle in her Soul Consciousness … We thank her for the role that she has played … We ask now for her to leave with love and respect – there is no more for her to do at this time with Valerie.

Valerie: wanted to thank Jalarm and Cosmic Sai Baba – I think the timing has something to do with the physical body I have inherited – it is coming very near to the birth date of this body – and changes can be made at that time. I feel quite free and uplifted – so thank you girls. I know there has been a lot of healing that has gone out to the people who feel they were involved with the Alcheringa story of the creation of the human.

Group: We asked for a message from Jalarm. (the wine glass spun to YES)

Jalarm: Indeed, it is I Jalarm and I am very pleased to be here. Very pleased indeed – I like and enjoy working with you girls. And I know of your commitment. We are very pleased, because as I have said at other times, the work that you do here it also goes out at other levels. And is used as a tool – (we) have a message or two of working with you at this level. For we have students from other worlds at other levels that are very interested and not quite understanding how it is on this planet Earth and so we are able to show them from this.

You would be interested to know, in our own way, we have a video (we all laughed) so it is recorded and it is actually what you would call an akashic record. So it is easily recorded and we can easily link into that as well.

At another time, much further, on this planet level you will be able to read these records – you do not yet have anywhere near an understanding of what is available to you and what you are capable of. And so, you ask if there was a message and so I say,

“We are very happy that you work with us.”

star people from other worlds view the teachings given in these sessions
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