Intent: Living in the Now

intentThe ladies of The Mystery School take up their task as teachers in The Universal School, where all mystery schools lead to. In this universe, all life is offered whatever it seeks on the journey home to the source of their being, that original mystery from which we all emerge: source energy itself. Intent is very important – as we ascend to the world of light, our intent creates in the light NOW. The Source (God) takes up the narrative and explains how living in the now, even the nano second, is the way home. (And it can be a way of fun and laughter, the Source suggests. )

THE ORACLE – 26th July, 2016 (continued)

Jacqui: The Word INTENT is very important

The Oracle: immediately agreed pointing to YES

The Source: (God) And so the consciousness is what is right for that person. When communicating and reaching meaning – it becomes a little difficult. But this is what we hope to achieve with this ORACLE. So if we can move on from the discussion that has taken place, I hope that we clarify any misunderstanding that may have occurred – I am not sure if it is a misunderstanding really – but perhaps just a different point of view – that is all.

The Source: (God)But this is what leads to All conversations and All understanding – it is just a way of completely saying something one way or perhaps is it is not quite understood, then say it a different way … And keep changing the way it is expressed so that eventually everyone comes to understand each other.

This is what CONSENSUS is, this is what is meant to happen upon this Earth. And this is what the Earth is leading into – to the new energy, the new frequency of the GOLDEN AGE which is coming very quickly upon your Earth and all the its people upon this planet.

So thank you My dears, thank you.

Group: We asked the Oracle is there anything else we need to know. We were reminded that we hadn’t asked the 3rd question “To Be” and what it means exactly.

Jacqui: talked about a young pregnant girl who was having trouble getting to sleep at night.

She suggested she do ‘left nostril breathing’ you breathe in through the left nostril and breath out through the right nostril. Or you an can send pink or white healing Light to all your loved ones – and everyone in the world (including flora and fauna and heads of Government, etc.) and you soon drift off to sleep.

Also Pranyama Breathing can also be used to lift away unwanted emotions associated with past lives or this life – held in the body’s energy field. Taking a deep breath into the base of the stomach – while thinking of an emotion you do not want – and breathing it out in quick short breaths.

Jacqui: Asked if God could give us a message in one word – what would it be?

The Oracle: spelt out. LOVE.




The Source: (God) “It is I GOD, we are very pleased today the way the meeting has taken place. And we advise you to keep working as you are this day – For the time being.

As for the question that was given to Valerie it was merely “How to BE

In other words it is ‘not worrying’ or “Looking backwards about the past” and it is not worrying about ‘Looking forward to the future” It is living in the NOW,
in the MOMENT, in the NANO SECOND for it is then coming directly from me and when you do this “Just living in the now” you have actually stopped worrying.

The Source: (God) So it is a discipline for you – a discipline for everybody to just stay in the moment – connected to the source of all creation – and in everything you do, or say, or think, the consciousness will be from the Source of all Creation and this will help you to balance, and walk safely, to think more clearly and to remember things also. This will help all people because of the new energy that is coming upon your earth.

So if you can just take heart and do as I have suggested, and stay in the moment, you will find life will be much easier.

It may be a little hard at first because it does require self discipline and it does require not to worry about things with thought because you are working with God and The Source and all those influences coming from there to help you and guide you and to remind you about certain things that you may need to remember. That is all. So have fun from the Source, God.

Thank you my children.”



Connect – Divine Light.




It is living in the NOW, in the MOMENT, in the NANO SECOND for it is then coming directly from me …

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