Understanding the Sphinx

sphinxsThe Mystery School has been working for some time now with a new curriculum about the Universe and life on Earth and our purposes here on this planet Earth. The ladies of the Mystery School are now students of the Original University – that is, the Universe and its Source – the Divine itself. The students receive their images, have discussion along with Question-Answer with The Source. In this meeting (or lesson, if you wish) the students learn about the purposes and presence of the Sphinx on two planets, Earth and Mars.


Group: We all joined hands and sang Om – in our minds we asked to connect to the Highest Order.

We meditated and each received a question for the Oracle.

Jill saw a Sphinx; Jacqui saw a Sphinx and Valerie saw the feet of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Group: We asked the Oracle if there was anyone there

The Oracle: spelt out GOD.

The Oracle: also signalled by moving THE GLASS in circles meaning it wished to speak through Valerie.

The Source: (God) “It is I GOD, and it gives me pleasure to be here this morning with you girls. You are asking about the vision of the Sphinx and what it means – I would like you to think about the Sphinx and what it means. It is actually representative of the Leonine Race – but coupled with other races that exist within the Cosmos. The face was destroyed so that it is a little hard to recognise the fact – but the theme of the message was Human. And – in some symbolic way – it is representative of Man and his DNA and his evolvement – as man into human.

The Leonine or the Lion sits so that the paws are facing towards the water that existed at the time – which was the Nile River – and this was showing the existence of water, and sand and earth and Sun and all the elements that exist upon your Earth. I would like to say here, that the Sphinx was actually created long before the Pyramids – and so it was created by the star people – I could say the Star people that belonged to that particular DNA (Leonine) which is also in the human.

It has been noted and thought about, just as Valerie has mentioned, the image of the Sphinx is also seen on your planet Mars – and this is no co-incidence. This was a time that a lot of people who lived on Mars had to evacuate and came to this planet Earth. There was interchange of DNA – genetic engineering is not uncommonly used by star people – they have the technology at different levels. They experimented and some did not always link with the Source of All Creation for guidance and so various mishaps with some of the experimentations developed far beyond what was really meant for this particular planet.

For this planet Earth was created by – I would say – the Hierarchy, but I mean it actually as a Higher Consciousness – you could say the Angelic Realms if you like. Although you could call it a place of Higher Consciousness where there are Nations in the Cosmos that have the ability and understanding of all technology and there is no limit. They can have a physical form – or they can be without it. They operate with a consciousness and it is linked very firmly with the Creative Source of All.

And so, this is all part of what the Sphinx is representing. I would like Valerie to explore a little more on the word the Great Sphinx and its derivation and you will see how this creation developed with that thinking of that particular word.

Valerie: (See below)






The Source: (God) Research helps all students to understand that through symbols they are receiving messages from the World of Light, from the Cosmos and the Higher Order, and from there they can actually increase their knowledge from what has already been written upon your planet Earth. For some, the knowledge has gone off on a little path of its own and is actually a little lost – but there is truth, always truth in everything that has been recorded. And so you can investigate and explore … … because within you – you have the knowledge – you have God within and that is actually what I am portraying at the ‘feet of God’ meaning it is at the base of the Source of All Creation.

It is knowledge that all can tap into – it is abundant with love and it is unlimited.

Love is not just a sexual one – that is the base that is to carry on the Human Race on Earth – it is not just simply that … … it is also a one of caring, a more nourishing energy that always uplifts and so people, if they connect to that knowingly and willingly, they will evolve and it will help them always to connect to the Source. Because the SOURCE is within each and every person upon this Earth.

Every human upon this Earth. Hu is Light in man and so every human upon this Earth is a man of Light.

When the physical earth-body is dropped the Light Being that they are – is still there. It is an exact image of what they have looked like as a Human. Not as aged, of course, but it is the same. From there, of course, evolvement takes place.

The Source: (God) Again we go back to the Sphinx and what its message is. It is sitting on sand … that is crystal. Crystal is a consciousness. And the consciousness of crystal is of what every man, woman or child, is evolving toward. Because with that consciousness comes knowledge also.

Peace – also harmony and goodwill – all will want to help one another – regardless of the colour of skin. That (skin colour) is inconsequential.

A Human is a Light Being – they are all the same. They all operate the same, they have the same lungs – and they have the same organs in their bodies and they have the same ability to move and take action. Their emotions are very similar. It is a place of love here. It has been created for that reason to help people to experience, particularly for those that do not yet understand what it feels like to feel pain. But coupled with that is work and with that work comes a beautiful feeling of life and tenderness and caring. So remember that – that is why this planet exists and why it was first created in the first place. It was no accident – it was purposely formed by the Higher Beings from Nations that want only to bring and teach knowledge and understanding for all the people who are willing to come to evolve, to experience and to love one another.”

The Source: (God) Thank you.

Group: We noted that all 3 meditation questions had been answered.




Sphinx Research



Valerie has done research and been guided to use the following articles:

The Meaning of the Great Sphinx (opens in new tab)

The Riddle of the Sphinx (opens in new tab)

The Ancient Meaning of the Sphinx and its origin as Anubis

Wikipedia on The Great Sphinx)

Additional information given on research into The Great Sphinx

Valerie: “Is it possible that the head we see on the Sphinx at Giza, is not as originally portrayed? Scientists believe it is too small and out of balance to the body of the Sphinx.

The Source: (God) “It was the head of Anubis, My Dear, that is what was suggested to the person who wrote about it – and it is true.”

Valerie: “Well, there is a similar image of the Sphinx on Mars. Is that Leonine or Anubis?

The Source: (God) “The Sphinx on Mars My Dear, is looking like a true Leonine head and all. The body of the Leonine on your planet Earth at Giza was depicted with a head of Anubis – depicting the DNA of man. This is before the evolvement to Human.

It was also connecting to the Reptilian DNA that was part of the creation of early man – through the Dragon/Draco DNA. – there are many, many hybrids.



 Showing how the Sphinx originally depicted Anubis and was re-carved.



 Sphinx discovered on Mars. Possibly 200 feet long with Leonine face




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