The Soul has its own Consciousness

thesoulIt is the 10th of the 10th of the year 2016 in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, where the ladies of the Mystery School continue in the Original University … of the Universe. The subject is the soul and how the soul has its own consciousness. The soul consciousness is different to that consciousness that is downloaded into the brain. In fact, The Source (God) says that they each have their own different downloads of information and knowledge. However, all this may be combined into the One in order to assist the earthling’s journey in the body.


It is the 10th of the 10th in the year 2016 in the Southern Highlands New South Wales where the ladies of the Mystery School continue in the Original University … of the Universe.

Group: We wondered if GOD had a message for us today and the Oracle – with the glass moving in circles indicated that he did.

The Source: (God) “It is I God I thank you for asking me if I have any message for you, My Dears.

And really there is nothing more than I have already been prompting you to ask. However, I would like to say we are very pleased that you are working with us so diligently and so much with love. We appreciate this because as I have said before these meetings are witnessed and seen by others in other worlds. I hope you can accept that – because it is very real. So thank you My Dears – that is the only message I have and wanted to say. Thank you.”

Group discussion: With more conversation between us we wondered if we should ask about the Soul – for not everyone on Earth seems to understand it has a consciousness and could answer questions within us.

The Oracle: Agreed

The Source: (God) “You asked about the SOUL and this is a good question. As Valerie has just said, and I have prompted her, that not every person realises that their SOUL has a consciousness. Everyone has a brain – but not everything happens in the brain because it does not. I would like to clarify this.

The SOUL – comes into the little earth-being when it is forming and the energy from that SOUL has a message in that has an agreement of a life that the being is meant to live. That has been pre-arranged with other souls so that they come together and meet for various reasons – perhaps to help one another – perhaps to iron out any karmic differences that have been in other lives – or to just lift each other’s energy into another level of light. Everything has a reason or a purpose. This little child will grow and become an adult and live the life that they live.

First the soul – of course – actually helps the heart to start beating. All the other organs are then taken over and that being is automatically in the life that it lives. Nobody has to think about breathing – nobody has to think about the heart beating – nobody has to think about all the blood flowing to nourish all the organs – nobody has to think about the nerves or the senses or the eyes – all these are automatic – operating from the SOUL.

This happens for the whole of the life. So what I am saying is – it is not coming from the brain – although the information for the automation to take place has been downloaded into the brain – similar to a computer.



  information for the body’s automatic functions is downloaded into the brain

Then as the child grows various things are learnt and that helps with knowledge and growth – all of these things are part of the body – the Soul’s work – but it is downloaded.

Now as the child learns more – that becomes downloaded into the brain – so the brain is like a computer. I am saying this because I am trying to show the difference from the consciousness of the brain as against the consciousness of the SOUL.

In the brain – all information is downloaded. And sometimes if it needs to be deleted, because it becomes too much, then it will have to be just let go. And that is why often you just have to let go unhappy things – you cannot change it – just let it go. Because the brain can only handle so much. It can certainly handle a lot of knowledge but there is a limit – just the same as there is with a computer. And sometimes people are known to break-down and that is exactly why.

They have not let go the worries that they have – and there is too much information. They need to be able to relax and open up your space in your brain for more information to come.


Artistic abstraction composed of human feature lines and symbolic elements on the subject of human mind, consciousness, imagination, science and creativity


The Source: (God) Now, information does not come from the brain, although it is recorded there – it comes from your consciousness of your SOUL. Your SOUL comes from an infinite being and it is from that Eternal Source that there is no limit. So you have the ability to tap into that eternal Soul Consciousness. And to be able to receive all that you need to know in this life that you are living in this human body with a brain.

I will remind you when the body has finally reached the time that it is meant to be existing on this planet – it is time for the Light Body to leave – the brain deteriorates and goes back to earth. But the Consciousness of the SOUL – keeps going – it is never destroyed. And so it is important to accept and to realise that you do have this ability to tap into your Soul Consciousness – because as you live in your life every day you can receive guidance from that Source. From that place in your heart which is where the Soul Consciousness is anchored. It is just a way to by-pass the brain. This is just a little self discipline to give you an understanding that there is a difference.

The whole idea, is to meld all the consciousness that is within you. The consciousness of your physical body, the consciousness that is in your brain and then the consciousness that is in your SOUL – which is in your head – but reaches your heart and receive all as ONE. When you think of the SOURCE OF ALL CREATION – you will see there is no separation – and you will always be able to take the steps that you are meant to take here in your life here on Earth with much ease. I hope I am explaining the SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Source: (God) Do you have a question?

Jacqui: Yes I do. I hear what you are saying about the Soul’s development – I am just wondering, “Is a Mantra useful, sometimes?”

The Source: (God) “These things are a personal journey for everyone – each individual upon this Earth is different. That is a big thing to say.

So if you go into your heart and ask your Soul consciousness if it would be helpful to chant mantras – then wait and listen and you will have a feeling as to whether it is good for you or not. You will feel good if you have the mantras – it is not for some, yet good for others.

The Source: (God) This is a good question – is there another question?




For those reading this work, if they were to sit quietly, light a little candle – let their eyes roll up inside closed eyelids – and ask to connect to the World of Light – which is the Source of your Soul – ask one (1) question – and then just wait a little while (not very long) let your eyes roll back down and open … … and you will feel or know the answer to your question.

The Source: (God) Thank you my dears, thank you.”



 The whole idea, is to meld all the consciousness that is within you. The consciousness of your physical body, the consciousness that is in your brain and then the consciousness that is in your SOUL – which is in your head – but reaches your heart and receive all as ONE.


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