The Beginning of Disclosure: Starships en-masse

The New Year dawns with its promise of human flourishing, and the multiple cycles of life – here on this planet Earth and elsewhere on the billions and billions of stars in all the universes. The Ladies of the Mystery School meet for the first time in 2017 – a ‘One’ year and so it is a time of new beginnings. The Source of All Creation speaks through Valerie and confirms a long held thought of the starships being visible and seen during the year. Archangel Mikael also takes a role.


Note: this work was done the day after Valerie’s meeting when Cosmic Sai Baba usually gives a transmission every Tuesday of the month. On January 3rd Cosmic Sai Baba had advised that he was not going to speak that day but another wanted to speak if that was acceptable. Of course it was, and then Archangel Mikael made his grand entrance and said ‘He would like to speak at the conference where Valerie was going to give a presentation at Byron Bay and that his coming today was just a rehearsal.” – The Organisers gave their permission and would welcome his presence. More is to come about what Archangel Mikael had to say at the Byron Bay Conference on the 16th January, 2017




Group: The three of us, Jacqui, Jill and Valerie all joined hands and sang OM to settle energies in the room and called upon God to make his presence. He has blessed the Oracle and our sessions. We had 3 questions to ask this day.

Group: We asked the Oracle who was present? And the Oracle spelt out GOD.

Indication was given that the Source (God) wished to speak through Valerie:

The Source: (God) “It is I God and I am very pleased to be here on this day. This day is a special day – as all days are of course – but there is a MISSION that you Valerie will be doing and in actual fact, you girls also.

It is to do with the appearance of starships in the sky. And I know you have been wondering whether this is going to happen this year … … and I can say it is.

The dates are not quite clear yet – but they will be and so as the saying goes DISCLOSURE WILL HAPPEN

The Source: (God) Now I know that this has been foretold for many years now AND dates have been given. But sometimes it does not work out as as well as we had hoped for—we have been hoping—and I am speaking for many of the star people that are actually working and helping humanity upon your Earth to come to understand who they really are.

And of course, that is, they are part of the united galaxies and united star people in those galaxies. And so yes, disclosure will happen. In other words we are going to show ourselves – EN MASSE


How will the space ships and star ships show themselves?

The Source: (God) And so you will be happy when this takes place, because it will open up a new paradigm in your thinking with many on this Earth. Many have already known about this, but there are those who have not or doubted it, will have no doubt at all.

And this will help also to broaden people’s thinking into decisions that they make in everyday life because they know that what happens upon this planet is not just here – it happens in many places all around the Universe.

And so rather than me go on – I can go on to say, that we and I, God, am speaking on behalf of all those that work within the World of Light and Love and are only working from a place where to help those that struggle a little and the planet Earth is one of them.

So I think I have answered the questions that you may have had about this particular Event. And so, yes, it will happen in this year 2017 and it will be the beginning of much more, of course, after that. Much more understanding – much more knowledge and much more forgiveness – and understanding about the true reality of life – life on this planet and life in other places as well.

So thank you my children – thank you for letting me speak. Thank you! GOD BLESS YOU.




Group: Valerie was given understanding that “This year 2017 is when they shall make their assessment of every soul’s reaction, as to whether the star people would be welcomed. As to that outcome throughout the year – is when they shall then make their intended appearance en-masse.”

Jacqui and Jill felt very strongly that people should have Peace in the Heart that will lead to Peace in the World.





 The shape and form of the en-masse revealing of UFO is not known; it depends on the welcome humans have for our brothers – and sisters – from the stars

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