The Coming Waves of Calm

The Ladies of the Mystery School continue their service of humanity. Their time, talents and resources are offered here for all who seek to understand their past, and look to a coming world of harmony, cooperation and understanding among those of all creeds, all colours, all races. As our galaxy dances along the precession around the Galactic Centre, humanity on Planet Earth – along with the starpeople on other stars – experience different ages with their distinct energy, disposition and confrontations to the daily living of life. The energies differ in the different ages – called yugas – very large cycles of time. A question is asked about the current cycle – called the Age of Iron or Kali Yuga – where is our planet, where are all the races, all the peoples – are we still in Kali Yuga or is there some other energy demographic, span of time present, forthcoming, due, expected?? The Source has intriguing answers which call for reflection …


Jacqui: Where are we in the Kali Yuga cycle?

The Source: (God) “You asked about the Kali Yuga? And the cyclic time that exists in the one that you are in – planet Earth and it evolves in other planets as well – it is the Kali Yuga and it is the 26,000 as has been mentioned. And you wonder if the cycle has ended or is it half way through it or somewhere in the middle, or end, or beginning or where are you? Is this the question you are asking?

Jacqui: (Yes, where are we in the Kali Yuga?)

The Source: (God) It has been said that you are entering into the Golden Age. … … … And you could look at it as part of the Kali Yuga but the end of it – past the middle if you like – that leads to an upgrade in energy and frequency … … So you could see it like a wave – so it is coming, all cycles that have passed have come in waves … … You could imagine the waves going down and then forming to come back up again , then down and back up again and so on, and you can see that this cycle that you are in at this time, is actually a wave.



The Source: (God) It has been said before, and so it is actually folding over and calming down to a beautiful, restful – shall we say – plane of Light. A frequency that is calm and you could see that as the Golden Age because that is what it is.

This from there will move on to other experiences that move like waves, that come down and then up again and then down … … this movement, this cycle is happening all the time. So what you are entering into now is a place of calm.

And you can all help yourselves by making it calm, rather than the wave crashing, or as if it was what you call a ‘dumper’; I have heard people say on this Earth. It actually is a place of choice It is a place of where you could imagine things could just be dumped and great losses could happen – but this is not necessarily so.

It could happen the way you think and your intent and so if you calm yourselves as has already been said, and I am not just meaning those here, I am talking about everyone on the planet. If they could calm themselves and listen to their heart which connects directly to their Soul. AND their soul connects directly to the Source of All Creation which is GOD – then everything that comes with waves, with the wave curling down to that place of calm it can be lessened – the energy can be made more peaceful … …




The Source: (God) It will not change what needs to happen which is to forgo anything that has happened at another time. There is a time when you will be free of every attachment – the emotions that you have experienced in your Soul Story and your life now – and then as you free yourself you can move into this calm pond of love and light and frequency and living in a way that you will be very at peace with yourself and everything around you.

So I hope I am answering your question that Yes, you are coming out of the Kali Yuga Age and leading to PEACE.

And so if you accept that, and realise that the Golden Age is actually part of the wave that is called the Kali Yuga. So if I was to give you a number, it may not be a good idea, because if people get focused on that number they could be holding themselves back and there are others who have moved already forward.

The whole idea of humanity upon this planet is to all help one another and for all to move forward into this Golden Age.

So can we leave it for you each decide individually just where you are at on this wave and really understand there is no need to be caught up in any unfavourable crashing of a wave – but rather you can make it smooth and calm despite what is going on around you. There is merely a need to listen to your heart to calm it, to calm any emotions that may arise within you – to know that the Voice within is God from the Source of All Creation – and that love can heal you and help you. All you need to do is to ask!

The Source: (God) I hope that explains your question.

Group: We all agreed!


The calm of the Golden Age is the fruit of what many can create with positive healing thoughts, words, actions …




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