Paradise: The End of the Dinosaurs and the rise of Christ Energy

The Source (God) continues to answer the questions of the participants in The Mystery School. In order to know our future and the energies the Earth is moving into – along with all that live upon Her – we must learn the history of Earth’s past and why older energies – such as that of the Dinosaurs – must be dispersed. The new energy is the 5th Energy, the energy that is coming from the suns aligned with the core of suns reaching back to the Creative Source of the All. It is from here that the Christ energy is flooding on the Earth.


The Oracle: May we have the next question, from Jill?

Jill: Had some doubts about her question: for she saw Dinosaurs and Footprints of Dinosaurs.

The Source: (God) It is God. And I am glad to be here to speak to all of you. For, the question now is from Jill and is in the time of the Dinosaurs and the footprints. Jill is a little doubtful the question has a place in the meeting today – but I can assure you it does because everything that is happening on this planet is going through renewal – a letting go of anything that has happened to the planet – not just people but the planet itself.

The Source: (God) And so at the time of the Dinosaurs – the planet Earth was in a different place within this solar system. But it has been moved and settled into a place simultaneously with other planets and set there for quite some time. This was not an accident – it was brought together by the Angelic Realms – and it needed balance to create the Solar System – but it also was the beginning of a time when there was meant to be a creation of what has been called the Garden of Eden. It was meant to be a place of paradise.

The Source: (God) And My Dears, I am happy to say that is where it is leading to now. But it has been through quite a lot of change and a lot of influence – it wasn’t planned in the first place but it was adapted to include many other races that we have talked about – that have different levels of love and compassion because all that are born into a human body have that in them – they come from the highest source – every child that is born onto this earth is God Itself.

As they grow, influences happen and there has been a plan also for the Life … and so the Life sometimes unfolds so that different shadows that is within them can be dealt with – left behind them – and move forward with grace, gratitude, and with love and compassion that exists from the Source of All from the Highest Order.

This is what is happening to the Earth herself. The planet that was known as Mu – a planet that in the beginning was a place of no actual life. You understand it all but it did have Beings of Consciousness that were able to help to transmute and transfer and bring to the planet things that were missing and others that were taken away.


The planet that was known as Mu – a planet that in the beginning was a place of no actual life.

The Source: (God) So the planet that you look at now was the time of the Dinosaurs and records of that is being shown. It is important that Man know about this and think about this as the time before humans as an Earth being was created. However there were Beings that came from other worlds – so foot prints do exist of what looks like man as well as footprints of the Dinosaurs.

All this energy and the energy of, I won’t say all the Dinosaurs were angry, but quite a few were and ferocious for that matter. So that energy had to be calmed and so an edict was made that they would be destroyed, because they were influencing the Earth and all upon it.

They were eating far too much foliage and the bodies of the Dinosaurs (after they died) did not go back quickly enough into the earth and so there was a very unpleasant odour – unpleasant atmosphere altogether upon the Earth – it had to be changed.

And that was the reason an asteroid was brought to the planet to destroy (the dinosaurs) – which the Angelic Realms did not like, but it was a choice that had to be made.


an asteroid was steered to the Earth by the Angelic Realms to eradicate Dinosaurs and the damage they had done to the earth’s atmosphere …

The Source: (God) Now, all those different forms of life have taken forms in other worlds and other lives and so they move on. Everything that is of consciousness has Eternity built into them.

So you could describe it as a game if you like – but there is meaning to everything – so do not forget that! There is meaning to the fact that Dinosaurs existed – they are no longer here. But the energy for some reason for some other thing such as a rock, or anything that holds the consciousness needs to disperse themselves of the energy of what existed on this Earth before – so that the new Earth in a different form can move forward into what is now the 5th dimension.

The 5th Energy – the 5th World – it is just a description of what you have moved into on this planet at this time. I hope I am giving you some answers here.

The Source: (God) Thank you My Children, thank you.




The Oracle: Are there any more questions?

Jacqui: asked another question for a friend: “Has Christ come in the flesh?

The Source: (God) “It is God and I hear the question – and there has been a lot of thought and talk about Christ returning in the flesh. And if you think about Christ as a form of energy yes – of course – it is just as I have said – the energy of the 5th dimension is crystal, Christos or Christ. It is a title – it is actually a measurement of energy that exists in the 5th world and that is what you have now entered. From there on it will grow. You will still be in the 5th world but it will grow more and soon you will say it is like the lower part

The Source: (God) What used to be called the lower astral is now the here-under. And that is why there is quite a lot of conflict because it is on the edge of the dark forces and the light forces at war. This is leaving now.

So to think of Christ in the flesh – YES – it is infiltrating in everybody of flesh upon this Earth. And that is also for the animals or birds or any life form that has flesh. Do you understand this?


The Source: (God) Jesus (Isa) is a man who said his Father came from heaven, and indeed he did.

The title was given of Christ. And so, everybody is now moving into that same energy and I believe Jesus in the past, has said, “All that I do – you also can do” and this is what his meaning was.

It was not that long ago in evolutionary terms, but it is as it is now.

People need to love with compassion – always helping one another – never think twice of raising energy or help in any way that they can for another – so no one will suffer. But that is a little further ahead – but it is on its way now.

So be blessed My Children – you are in the time of the Christ. Have no doubt about it.

The Source: (God)Thank you My Dear Ones, I love you dearly.

I love you dearly

(quieter still) I love you dearly.




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