The BLEEP the Telescope is Hearing

Not far from where the Ladies of the Mystery School meet in the Southern Highlands of NSW, there are beautiful wetforests with lichen, green moss and bubbling creeks. These tiny little signifiers of life being present also point to brilliant gems which lie deeper underground, formed by the heat and pressures of the earth’s tectonic plate movements, producing gemstones with enchanting light and colour – yet from the darkness of Mother Earth herself.

Not far from the delightful energy of the wet-fern forest, the Ladies of the Mystery School once again meet only to encounter – in mystery – oracles and their own selves from the future – perhaps the voice of the Oversoul, who knows? The Andromeda Oracle answers questions and illustrates not only evolution of consciousness but also the work of Cosmic Sai Baba. At this time, the telescopes picking up radio signals – strong BLEEPS – indicate humans are being presented with a choice, a choice that all can make, to join in the United Planetary Nations or tarry in the conflictual 3rd dimensional reality.


Group: We all sang 3 oms in complete unity and harmony. It was wonderful to experience this harmony. And called upon the ORACLE to be blessed by GOD.

The Oracle: then indicated that it would like to speak through Valerie.

The Andromeda Val: “I am God, and I sit here this day to bless the three of you. And I want you to know that you work from this place, and I am happy that you do. You are now working with the ORACLE in ANDROMEDA and it is your future selves that you are working with.

As for where I am coming from – It is the advanced race that exists in Andromeda and it is Val talking … and I am very pleased to be here. I love working with you girls – I could say I am excited but that would be a mistake; I am happy, very happy indeed for you both as you are in Andromeda also, have that happiness in working with the girls on Earth.

We can transmit answers to questions that have been invited and so I would like to go ahead and answer a question if you would like to put one to me just one.

Jacqui: There is a question that I saw on television yesterday that the tracking stations in Australia are noticing big links, coming day and night from our Universe – it is very strong. I just wondered if you could tell us where those big bleeps are coming from.

The Andromeda Val: Indeed My dear, this is the door, the door that Cosmic Sai Baba spoke about in introducing you all to Andromeda and of course it is a Galaxy which is one of many Galaxies in your Universe. And so you understand as a Cosmic Traveller you knew this from many different places. At this time – there is mentioned a ‘chapter’ and end of a chapter which is an evolutionary cycle and it belongs to your planet Earth. And this is what we are working on – it is the Great Plan.

In times to come the Galaxy Andromeda will over-embrace the Galaxy of the Milky Way. And it is preparation for that to happen – billions of years ahead, but it can come sooner if the preparation is received well.

I do not want you to worry about that – but the Bleep that is heard by your scientists is real. Cosmic Sai Baba has also talked about a core of Suns. Which reaches back to the Source of All Creation – and that is what is Bleeping. It is an alignment of suns and different solar systems and different galaxies and certainly it is connecting to the Galaxy Andromeda M31.


 The Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST) is a radio telescope operating at 843 MHz. It is operated by the School of Physics of the University of Sydney. The telescope is located near the Molonglo River near Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, and is over one kilometre long. It is this telescope that has been detecting the bleeps Jacqui and Andromeda Val speak of.

The Andromeda Val: Valerie has also wondered about the dimensions that operate in the Galaxy Andromeda and I could say that is a much higher frequency and vibration and energy that exists there. It is not hard to accept once you are there – but looking from the outside in – it is harder to adjust to the higher frequencies. But it is possible – and different things are happening in different ways for all the Souls of the human race that exist on this planet Earth now, to adjust, to receive the new energy that is coming. It has been coming here for quite some time but it is becoming much stronger now.

It is time for ‘Choice’. It is a time for your Human Race to make decisions as to whether they wish to join the frequency of the Galaxy of Andromeda and further into the core of Suns to the Source of all Creation and become part of the International, or the United Planetary Nations that exist with wisdom, who are benevolent Beings and only wish to help mankind.

AND other races that are falling behind a little to help them raise their consciousness – so ALL IS CONSCIOUSNESS – everything is consciousness it has form or it does not have form – but it is still an energy form.

If that makes sense – in the Angelic Realm there is no limit – Sai Baba when upon this Earth in an Earth Body was very limited in some ways as to what he could talk about to those here on this Planet – but here, now that he is in a LIGHT BODY he is speaking more freely and more openly through his messengers. Which, my dears you are messengers.

The Andromeda Val: So, think about that, and do not doubt – you are wonderful in your dedication and your love, and we thank you for that. God Bless you … …

Valerie: was prompted to mention that when Cosmic Sai Baba talked about the colour Magenta being the DOOR to ANDROMEDA he also asked everyone to research the Galaxy Andromeda M31.

We found the colour spectrum of Magenta is not in the Earth’s rainbow!


However, there is an Electro-Magnetic Spectrum showing more vibrant colours such as that you would find buried deep in the planet earth – such as Ruby, Emeralds, Saphires, Topaz, Diamonds etc. I find that interesting when we are advised that the Angelic Realm from Andromeda say they created the Planet Earth in the first place.







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