Earth: A cleansing ~ with your help ~ is needed

Continuing their session with the sanctified Oracle and the Source, the Ladies of the Mystery School continue their service. A question about the presence of a starperson reveals a body of wise starpeoples bounded together to help – similar to the United Nations – but with more knowledge and wisdom. The Source speaks of the atmosphere and its energetic/psychic pollution and how this needs to be removed. To raise in consciousness – in step with the Earth (who is also raising in consciousness) and Ascension to the higher dimensions, the 5th and 6th and up, every man and woman must do their part, and must ask for help when it is needed. The United Planets – who are waiting to help – cannot give aid or assistance unless they are invited. The Source (God) explains more.


Jacqui: Is the lady from Andromeda – is it all part of the planets that are coming to help us?


(Jacqui) This androgynous lady keeps visiting me. I was in my studio and could feel her and asked her to help me draw her. At the end she kept wanting more red pastel smudged on her face. When I asked for a name I heard “Andromeda”

The Source: (God) “You ask about Andromeda … … And I can say Yes it is part of the United Nations I can say and the people from there only want to help the people of planet Earth. There has been talk about the United Planets that have come together – much like your United Nations and there may be some misunderstanding with your United Nations that exists on your planet because there is more awareness to come into that body of people.

The Source: (God) However, that is not so with the United Planetary people who have come together in agreement to help those that exist upon your planet Earth. And so, there are quite a few (planets) that come from a place of understanding – more than the average Earth Person understands. We are very willing to help.

And I speak as if I am one of them and it is true there are many and I speak on behalf of all the people that come from The Source of All Creation and have returned as God Beings – shall we say ‘Avatars’ if you like – with no limit, no limit whatever. They are trusted with their Force and so they are part of it. Does that make some sense to you?

And so the people who have united together from other planets are also interested in coming together and not only helping the planet Earth people but also raising the consciousness for those who are around: for some who are not quite there in some races, and some not raising in consciousness.

There are many, many races in other worlds. And we have talked about this before. However, there is a definite body of planetary people who are united in helping the people on planet Earth and all you have to do is ask.

Because we cannot come in and take over – and make everything right – it has to be a choice of all the people upon this planet Earth – in other words what man has done to their Earth here – man has to undo. And then raise in consciousness to become united with the planetary force that is around you – ready and willing to help you.

Do you understand?


the atmosphere is heavier, the frequency is lower – all over the Earth

The Source: (God) I am showing Valerie the Earth’s atmosphere that is lost in a little heavier atmosphere – shall we say – a measurement of frequency that is upon your Earth which does not quite reach many of the United Planetary people who are around you. Once the Earth can free itself of the heaviness that exists – it is able to be lifted.

For that to happen it needs to have everybody on the Earth, or nearly everybody on this Earth to ask for assistance. If they are floundering in any way, if they want to be pulled out of this heavy atmosphere – then they can be – it is their choice.

It is everybody’s choice on this Earth.




The Source: (God) And with it will come an energy of wisdom that is within them already, they have just forgotten it. And, so it is a reminder now, that all people have that ability to raise very easily into the frequency that the Earth is moving into and to match and unite with other planetary Beings that are ready there waiting to help.

They are also waiting, if I can say, for the invitation to come. To show themselves; to be able to frequently come and leave this planet of yours. And when the new energy is completely formed around the Earth it will be easier for any starships that are coming in and out of your atmosphere – to enter and leave. It will be much easier than it has been when it was so lost in a heavier frequency.

The Source: (God) I have actually tried to explain about that many times.

The Source: (God) I will leave this for the moment; do you have any more questions?

Group: We all agreed there were no more questions today.

The Source: (God) “Alright my Dears, thank you for letting me speak God Bless You … …


Sunset encroaches and the moon is visible. The blue bands are our atmosphere – the Source Speaks – telling all on Earth that there is a heavier energy within the atmosphere which keeps humanity chained, pulled down in heavier, unwholsome energy. If ALL ask (or nearly all) then the heavier atmosphere can be removed making it easier for starships and starpeople of the United Planets to come and go … and thereby render assistance.

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