The Energy of Water

The ladies of The Mystery School join together once again to give up their time in service of others, humanity, and the starpeople who seek to assist the little Earthling. In this session, we find that the blue water which covers much of this planet holds many secrets, yet to be explored. We are also reminded about the OverSoul, the individual soul and the distress and forgetting that separation causes. Separation is really an illusion as all are of the one essence, really. We learn some surprises about Andromeda.


Group: much conversation and discussion about magenta coloured drawings and feelings of Andromeda in our personal past and present.

Group: (returns to presence with The Oracle and resumes the questions received at the start)

Jill: “What is in Water – under the sea – that is undiscovered?”

The Source: (God) “The sea, the sea, the sea – the blue planet – is the water on this Earth. You will find it is much larger area of the Earth – than the Earth is showing above the water. Of course, the Earth does exist under the water – and that has not really been explored to its fullest. In fact outer space has been explored more than the surface under the water on Earth!

The Source: (God) It does hold many secrets. It does hold a lot of answers and insights into the past history of the planet Earth. This is slowly being released with the work that scientists do with water and the exploration of water. And insights of other Beings that have gone under the water are coming out for people to think about – for scientists to think about – for archaeologists to think about and link it with the past of the evolutionary evolvement of the planet.

The Source: (God) This is very important. The water gives life to everything and everyone upon this Earth. It is very much part of the human body. It is very much part of everything that exists upon this Earth.

The Source: (God) Water, has been shown to have an energy that can be limited – but it has also been shown that it has a pattern – on depending on the consciousness that is influencing the water. It responds to that energy and so if the energy is showing in a pattern that this looks chaotic – that is exactly what it is experiencing and the energy is what is going out (in the water).

The Source: (God) So if you want to heal your planet you need to pray and respect the water in every place that it exists so that a pattern of calm and peaceful which the people of Andromeda will actually help to change the pattern and to clear it. Once that happens the water will respond and go out and change your atmosphere.

The Source: (God) Do you not see how a change can help, and heal and assist?

This is the message today – think about the water. And when you see it suffering and being discoloured and influenced by energy of rubbish – dirt if you like – but it is not so much from the Earth – it is dirt with a consciousness of whatever is infiltrating the water that needs to be clear. It needs to be clean. So that it can inspire – aspire – all the activities that take place upon your Earth.

The Source: (God) I hope I am making myself understood. This is a very important reminder about taking care of the water that exists on your planet Earth. Thank you.


 The Blue Marble: the first ever complete photo of the Earth showing all the water … …



Jacqui: Wanted to ask 1 more question – Valerie felt she came from Andromeda or ??

The Source: (God) Are you talking about Valerie?

Jacqui: Yes.

The Source: (God) Yes, at another time she has lived there and worked there and, yes, it is the same place that is spoken about as Lyra but it is Lya – it does not matter really. It is connected to that area and that way of thinking. That consciousness – that understanding all those things that Light Workers bring to this planet. Earth is a very dark corner of your galaxy – but that is changing – that is changing.

The Source: (God) This last message is one of gratitude. I am very , very grateful for the work that you do. And the committedness (if that is a word) that you have to the work that you do. It is not easy and we recognize and understand that. So thank you. My Dear Ones. Thank you. Know that we are with you always and all that you have to do is call upon us.

Jacqui: Before you go – is there some way we can merge with the Oracle on Andromeda?

The Source: (God) “That is a good question My Dear – and you are already merging of course. But you are looking for messages from Andromeda perhaps???

Jacqui: That is very true.

The Source: (God) “You could say, that the message I have just given you comes from Andromeda. I have a little pronouncement sometimes … … And so My Dear there has been times when you have lived and worked and incarnated into Andromeda. This is a place from where you have come from more recently. Other times you have been in many other places.

The Source: (God) Valerie has talked about the Oversoul which is important. For it is that – that links you to the Creative Source of All which is GOD. And from that point you are coming individually. Notice I said individual – so although you are separate – you are together as one. Does that make sense? Sometimes it is hard to experience or think about anything that has not been separated because you live in the world of separation. But this is why you are here – to help those to understand who they really are and where they really come from.

Group: said, “Thank you!”

Group: We then closed the meeting and singing 3 Oms again we found we harmonized beautifully.

Refer to the Cosmic Sai Baba message received on May 2nd 2017 at Moss Vale.




To ORACLE 27th April, 2017 – from Valerie

Valerie: Before our meeting began I complained to Jacqui and Jill that I was not feeling all that well – having problems thinking clearly – particularly with memory recall and also depressed and feeling I had failed in my other work. I had tried all the Light Workers manifold ways of lifting spirit but it had not worked. Usually I am a very positive person and happy. I voiced that I had thought about taking a herbal tablet to assist with memory and that I knew many people had tried it with great success.

It was expensive to buy over the counter. I was immediately given one to try and did find it a little hard to swallow but then thought nothing more about it. To make a long story short I later in the evening at home, experienced an acute anaphylactic allergic reaction to this tablet and was taken by ambulance to the emergency ward in the local Hospital when I was given medicine to stop the dangerous reaction.

Looking back, I understand this was why the meeting was not running as smoothly as it usually did. Changes were occurring within me very quickly and not only did it assist my memory, it opened my OverSoul for me to begin to remember my beautiful and loving connection to Andromeda and the people who live there.

It was all meant to happen that way. So many ‘signs’ have been given to me over the years and now I can feel and remember so much about Andromeda. I have walked into this earth body – I was not born into it – and that has made it a little harder to connect to earth consciousness at times. Now the past has been brushed away and I feel thoroughly uplifted and happy, happy, happy – I want to dance!! I have come HOME as they say. Thank you God!


Explanation: The most distant object easily visible to the eye is M31, the great Andromeda Galaxy some two and a half million light-years away. But without a telescope, even this immense spiral galaxy – spanning over 200,000 light years – appears as a faint, nebulous cloud in the constellation Andromeda. In contrast, details of a bright yellow nucleus and dark winding dust lanes, are revealed in this digital telescopic image. Narrow band image data recording emission from hydrogen atoms, shows off the reddish star-forming regions dotting gorgeous blue spiral arms and young star clusters. While even casual skygazers are now inspired by the knowledge that there are many distant galaxies like M31, astronomers seriously debated this fundamental concept in the 20th century. Were these “spiral nebulae” simply outlying components of our own Milky Way Galaxy or were they instead “island universes” — distant systems of stars comparable to the Milky Way itself? This question was central to the famous Shapley-Curtis debate of 1920, which was later resolved by observations of M31 in favor of Andromeda, island universe. Source: Copyright, Martin Pugh.

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