The University called Andromeda

These are times of challenge and change where one has to keep in touch with the energy of the Source in order to stay grounded in what is rapidly becoming a topsy-turvy solar system. This is evident in the energies sensed by the Ladies of the Mystery School as they come together in service of ALL. The Source goes on to reveal the University of Andromeda where many beings are in spirit learning to assist the Earthling. The magenta energy-colouration of Andromeda is also related by The Source.


Group: We Called upon God to be present and sang 3 oms which did not harmonise as well as usual. So we did it again for another 9 times – (still not happy, but we understand why much later … … (see the Addendum)

Group: Our three questions given to us in meditation:

Jacqui: A Question about Andromeda!
Valerie: What is Light?
Jill: What is in the deep sea – under the Ocean?

The Oracle: God made it known he was present through the Oracle.

Jacqui: Jacqui asked the Oracle with the three of us placing our hands on the wine glass – to please clear the energy field in the room. Then asked God to please give us information about LIGHT.

The Oracle: The Oracle made it known it wanted to speak through Valerie. This time the glass moved in a anti-clock wise movement. (Usually it goes around in a clock-wise circle)

The Oracle: Valerie began speaking but it was coming via her normal voice this time – there was a difference as Jacqui noticed the sound was flat-lining on her mobile – whereas voice print is usually giving a visual indication of up–down in the pictograph of the sound recording.

The Oracle: Valerie had not yet turned on her voice recorder (IPod) so the message was recorded only on Jacqui’s mobile. Jacqui usually sends the recordings from her mobile; however, we cannot hear it properly – so we shall transcribe the message to include in our next report of the meeting with THE ORACLE.

Jacqui asked about Andromeda. She has been receiving contact with a being from Andromeda that she drew:


 Jacqui’s drawing of a being whom she saw from Andromeda.
The girl is looking very human – not humanoid.

Group: This is the reply we received.

The Source: (God) “I am God and I am very pleased to be here. Very pleased indeed. You girls seem a little unsettled today and this is reflected in the energy that is present in this room. But do not worry – because we have settled it and it will be more calm as the meeting progresses.

The Source: (God) The meeting is taking place as arranged and promised in the regular basis. And we appreciate that. My message is merely a thank you for your dedication and for your motivation to follow through any promptings that you receive.

The Source: (God) We do appreciate that also. So thank you my dears, thank you.”



The Source, God, then went on to say:

The Source: (God) “It is God. And I speak from The Source of All Creation. You ask about Andromeda and you already know that it is another galaxy. There are teams of life that exist in many galaxies – Andromeda is one of the United Planetary Nations that have joined together to help the little Earthling to evolve upon the planet and to raise their consciousness and to raise their Light.

Andromeda is a place of Love and Light and learning – it is a school. There are others that come from other planets in spirit to the school in Andromeda. There are nations that exist on other planets and so you could call it a University. However, is the ideas and their ways of teaching in healing and assisting others that is filtered through to the little Earthling – through their Soul – there is a consciousness that infiltrates into their brain in the earth body and allows them to raise their consciousness. And once the consciousness is raised it automatically infiltrates their whole body so that they change and they are uplifted and their thinking is very different as it is raised in frequency.

The Source: (God) Andromeda has made its presence known to quite a lot of Light Workers upon this Planet Earth. And the colour that is shown has been spoken of this morning, in this bright essence of pink – almost red but not quite. It has been described as Magenta and it is the energy that lifts the hearts of ALL SOULS upon this Earth and is readily connected to Andromeda and the surroundings of that part of the Galaxy, to assist. There are many that have taken upon them to actually connect – just that has happened with you three and now set up an ORACLE that is connecting with another ORACLE that exists in ANDROMEDA.

The Source: (God) And that pink , that magenta light is an energy as is everything is an energy.



The Source: (God) It has different powers, if I can explain it that way – it has different consciousness but it is coming directly from the Source of All Creation.

The Source: (God) And so you could say, the people from Andromeda do have a God-like, in fact they do have, not a God-like, but a God Creator Energy in them. And so they are very strong and powerful, if you like, but always with the gentleness that comes with the Love of the Mother. You could see the energy from the God Source as energy – a male like energy – a strong energy that is represented through people here on this Earth and also the gentleness of caring that is like the Mother – it is present on Earth also.

So it s a combination of both energies. And this is what can be used and thought about and called upon because there are many from Andromeda that want to assist. And we can be used and helped in times of need of sickness, in times of arguments and worries that cause war, all these things – if you invite that energy to come – it will readily come. And the people that live there are very willing to accept the invitation.

So be aware, there is nothing else that I can tell you that you need to know at this time. This is really everything.

So thank you My Children.

The Source: (God) Be aware you are working with another ORACLE in ANDROMEDA.

The Source: (God) Thank you my dears thank you.”

Valerie was experiencing she was really personally connecting to another world in Andromeda.


 The magenta centre of Andromeda Galaxy from another viewpoint.

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