Speaking from Andromeda – and the White Animals of Andromeda

The Mystery School continues; the ladies ask if there is a message from Andromeda. What follows is the lifting of Valerie’s consciousness to Andromeda and some staccato verbal message as thought in Andromeda – and in all the higher dimensions – is telepathic or thought transfer – or it may even be symbol and vibration combined. The message changes medium to thought transfer. The Message from Andromeda speaks of a civilisation of peace and harmony and the evolution of the earthling. There is a brief note about the passage of the Earth through the energies of the times.


Jill: We would just like to know if there is a message for us today from Andromeda?

The Oracle: “YES”

Jill:Could you relay the Message through Valerie?

The Oracle: “YES”



There was a loud verbal connection and then in Val’s voice in a very staccato and clipped sound.

The Andromeda Oracle: “The language of course, is different, that operates in Andromeda Galaxy from the human that exists now – and that is to be adjusted so that there will be communication that takes place with understanding and it is important that the message is understood. Also in a language there is also an energy that gives out a healing and a knowledge of wisdom. It is from the future.”



Valerie: The voice before was like an artificial intelligence or a computer speaking because in actual fact they do not speak through a voice box … they speak always telepathically – so I have to translate the message from telepathy through to my voice box … … …

Valerie: received a telepathic message that they do live a lot longer than the Earth people – she asked for her name and VAL was given as the name used in Andromeda. (The letter V is used a lot apparently) As it is thought transfer it is a bit hard to play it out – because I have to bring the thought down and through the voice box and then say it. So I feel it is a little bit lost in a way.

Valerie: They say they are going to help me and that they will play with my voice for a bit and ask me not to be disturbed or upset. I see a pyramid – sorry many triangle shapes. They seem to be going back or up to a point of light. I feel that I am becoming the woman who came to visit me about a year ago. She was from Andromeda but I didn’t know at the time where she came from but I did know that she was ME in 5 thousands of years ahead. Of course, nothing is destroyed, it changes form – so I can accept that – the thing is the voice ???

Valerie: They don’t use voice – they use thought transfer. They use telepathy. And it is possible to transfer the telepathy into the voice so if we keep talking – (silence for a while) … … I am still here – feeling I have been lifted to a very beautiful place – very calm – very at Peace. The place is not unlike ours – but in a gentle way. In actual fact that was the imprint of what was brought to the planet of Earth when it was created by the hierarchy from Andromeda.

Valerie: Even the animals existed that exist on earth – exist in Andromeda. But they are all white. The Lions are white, the giraffes are white, the tigers are white! ALL animals are white and they come from a beautiful energy – they are all friendly – they all understand each other. They all communicate telepathically with some body movement and sound. As do the Beings in Andromeda – the original Beings that came on the Mothership to bring help and assistance to the planet Earth when the first humans were created.





 The White Animals have all come from Andromeda and live in peace and harmony

Valerie: The upstanding ape-like creature – not really apes, but it was a branch of them. They needed help because they were being en-slaved. And the energy from Andromeda was what was influencing all those who committed to come on the beautiful Mothership Rexegena. In some ways it was named REX of the genes meaning the King of Genes. And although all the volunteers didn’t really know what they were volunteering for at that time it still played out that the first HUMAN was created. The first LIGHT MAN that has gone on to be the race of the humans. The race of the Man and the Light Man together.

So it is a HYBRID race that has gone on to be the future race as in ANDROMEDA.

The Survival of Earth

Valerie: Which is where I am speaking from now (Valerie’s voice has become very soft). You need not worry the Earth will survive – the Earth Planet will survive. It will benefit from many things even though they may seem like great hardships at first but you will look back and realise why the change has taken place. And why all the other star people have shown themselves en-masse in the sky to begin with to know that they really existed. Or exist.

And that is why they will also come to know who they truly are and where they have come from and the beauty of the Mother-Father-God-Force that is part of them. That is them. And you have come directly from ANDROMEDA as Lightworkers and they are what is spoken of as The 144,000 Beings that are here on Earth with raised consciousness to influence and Earth that energy in this great time of change. This is all part of the Great Plan that exists for the Mother Earth and the Father Sky that is your atmosphere. Listen, you all know it – it is within you – It is your God Self.

You may listen to this transmission of The Oracle from Andromeda:



(Note from Valerie: The woman who came to her one night nearly 1 year ago came in a hologram – she was about 7 feet tall. Also we noticed when Valerie was talking from Andromeda the monitor on the mobile recorder was almost flatlined (suggesting totally different energies, hence the soft voice, etc.) Jacqui said she kept wanting to chant the Gayatri Mantra…

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