Light Bodies, Chinese and the upstanding-hairy-ape-man

anciensConversation again took place and we reminded that the story of the Pleiadeans coming to Earth on a Mission that went wrong nearly 900,000 years ago was when the survivors created the first humans with genetic engineering using DNA from the upstanding ape-like creature and the Pleiadean’s D.N.A. and with blessings from the Creative Source of All.  So how was the Chinese Race first created into Earth bodies?

We were prompted by Yalarm to all hold hands to harmonise and allow ourselves to be prompted with insight.

Yalarm: Confirmed that we were being prompted and said “We are having a little fun here because we want you to be able to receive the messages together.  And so I would like you to rehearse if you do not mind.  You have asked how the Light Man – the Chinese Man came to manifest into an Earth body and I would like to say 1.2.3.

Valerie 1: said “I would say that the earth body was actually created in a hologram.  It was a Light body and the Earth body was much later … ”

Jacqui 2: said “All I can see is a huge angelic being coming here onto the Earth.” (She is going to paint it.)

Jill 3: I am seeing good – I don’t feel I am getting any answer but it feels very pleasant.  Thank you.

Yalarm: So how do you feel about the information that has been given – does it feel not quite right or not all there yet?

Jill: I think it feel wonderful and I am feeling overwhelmed by it.

Yalarm:  That is alright my Dear, now I have said it is created like a hologram – so this was very advanced technology and it is part of the reason that the Chinese Race seem to be so clever … in actual fact they are.  Because they have come from a very advanced Dimensional energy which still influences them in their body today.

I can confirm now that their Light Body became influenced by their Creators into a denser energy field.  This may sound rather odd – and like science fiction – but they were created by the knowledge and the ability of the God Beings in full form to start with. And then after a large core number were created they began interacting with each other. Is there something you might like to add there?

Jacqui: It just feels like an amazing Angelic Form coming to Earth – that it wasn’t connected with something already on Earth it felt it was totally coming from another place.

Jill: It does make perfect sense to me.

Val: I am seeing a physical body being formed in a cylinder – almost like a cloning – I see an image and then the science that came together that formed the being from the energies from Earth so that it became denser – its like the DNA of Earth being was copied – and then they were able to keep cloning them. But how they produced male and female I am not sure. There would have been a separation that took place …

DNA was formed from the earth in a light body
DNA was formed from the earth in a light body

Yalarm interrupted:

‘There was indeed a separation that took place  Again this was a l-o-n-g time ago.

The separation took place in a different dimension from what the Earth was operating.  Remember that in the time of what we are talking it was the 4th Dimension that the whole of the planet was operating in.  It only fell into the 3rd dimension after the terrible catastrophe that happened on Earth.  And so did all the beings on the planet fall into the denser energy of the 3rd dimension.

So I just have to give you an image of how the Asian or particularly the Chinese race were first created.

‘When Atlantis went down it was a time of great confusion … and as I have just said the planet fell into the 3rd dimension and all the people who were left on the planet fell in consciousness as well.  And so too – did the Chinese people and so they became a little confused about their warrior spirit and they did become angry and reacted. They fought wars – but this is not truly their nature.

We rested awhile.  Conversation agreed …

They were basically pacifists as were the Australian Aborigine and the Jewish people.

We  decided to ask Yalarm if the Dugong was connected to the beginning of the Ape Man because the image of  a human embryo at 32 days looks like a Dugong?

The human body at 32 days resembles a dugong ... taken from National Geographic, November 2006, artwork by John Burgoyne

The human body at 32 days resembles a dugong – taken from National Geographic, November 2006, artwork by John Burgoyne

See of interest:  ‘A Fin is a Limb is a Wing’ article by Carl Zimmer

Yalarm: The question that you ask is a little complicated???       

Yalarm: It is a fact that the Reptoid peoples did a lot of experimenting with genetic engineering and they were for a long time creating many different shapes and forms to try and get a being that would be suitable for them to use virtually as a slave to mine gold.  We have said this before.  And so … they needed somebody … they had a vision in their mind that looked like the Barbarian ape-like creature.  To achieve this they used DNA from themselves and also from other beings that had come to the earth and the inter-action of the material needed to have a birth mother and so they chose the Dugong.  

The Reptoids used Dugong DNA to create an up-standing ape-like slave

Mainly because it was mammalian and they themselves were reptilian–lizard like beings with cold blood and they wanted a warmer blood – really they felt they might be getting closer to an evolved person because they were using some material from a captured Leonine Being from the star worlds during the war that existed, and this upset the Leonine people.  They used some of the genetic material from the dead Leonines and put that together with other genetic material and implanted it in the egg of a Dugong – because that was also mammalian and they knew that would be a good mother – able to breast feed the baby and so the child was born into water.  It is the reason why the human is attracted now to having water birth.

However, the Being when born was very hairy because it had come from Leonine DNA and also (remember this all happened when the earth was in the 4th dimension – so yes the Dugong was actually ape-man’s mother.  This was the beginning … but the material is also related to the Dolphins which they also wanted to try and capture knowing that they were able to hold LIGHT and a raised consciousess upon this planet.

It all sound rather far fetched I know – but as I have said the Reptoids were very clever in what they could do – and although they were experimenting they didn’t quite understand about connecting to the Source of All Creation.

They understood it to a degree but there was of course an element of the energy of themselves that was not created with permission from the Source of All Creation so they did not have that blessing.  So this is what they were working at and aiming at when the first MAN was created and it goes back a l-o-n-g time.

However, these creatures were what they wanted – they were able to stand up – they had some increase in mental capacity and they were able to take orders and they had hands that could take orders and were able to physically mine gold … and this is what they wanted.  And so they were used as slaves.  And called upon when needed and at other times the man like creature was left to their own devices.  They were weapon wielding because they had the fighting spirit in them.  So does this give some insight? (They all agreed it did …)

Jacqui:  The only other question we would like to ask is where did the Asteroid Belt come from in our Solar System?

Yalarm:  Yes, your solar system planet that circumnavigates the sun and there are a few other circles that are not related to the immediate solar system – however they come and they go – these have been recorded by your astronomers.  At another time there was another planet that existed – and because of wars between the Reptillians and the Leonines which was on going for many, many hundreds of thousands of years – they attacked this planet, or one of them,  which no longer exists – they blew it up and it was caught up in the magnetic force of what exists in the pull of all the planets to your Sun and it is still there.  So it was once a planet – but now it looks like asteroids – does that make some sense?  It also had life form upon it.  Which eventually moved to your planet Earth.

This was where the Chinese Light Beings lived before they came to your planet Earth!  Before it was deleted.

Yin Yang, symbols of the Chinese light body?
Yin Yang, symbols of the Chinese light body?


One of our Oracle trio will be travelling extensively; we shall not be meeting now until 2nd August 2013.