Good living, Food and Common Sense


An important teaching is “you are what you eat”. In a previous transmission, Jalarm told that a well balanced diet and taking appropriate supplements can aid the re-activation of the 10 strands of inactive DNA within the human. In this session with The Oracle and Jalarm, we take up this earlier issue briefly. Jalarm tells that Blood Groups are very important where diet is concerned, and that we should all seek to find the diet we are comfortable. It is important, however, that we do not over-eat. Jalarm also says that common sense and balance is needed with supplements. The first of the Full Moon meetings for world peace and harmony is mentioned.

Jacqui: We were told that a good diet (eating & drinking well), taking of supplements which improve physical and immune systems would influence he reactivation of the inactive star-people strands of DNA within.

The Oracle wanted to talk through Valerie.

Jalarm: ‘It is I again, Valerie is right to point out that some beings have a physical body that has a blood group that is more ancient then shall we say the newer blood groups – and it really does depend upon the blood group as to the best food that one can eat. There has been a lot of study done about this, and written about this. So it is important that people know their blood group.

The indigenous races have the oldest blood group and that is written in the way they look – they are dark haired, brown eyed and dark skin. And so the blood group O is connected to the older blood group. I mention this because it is rather important that they eat some meat, not a lot, but a little. And for the others they can eat a very balanced diet of protein and recognise how they feel when they eat and if they feel uplifted and healthy – then continue to eat that way. It is a lot to do with individual choices of the individual DNA, because the consciousness of each cell in the body holds a consciousness also that links into other lives.

So the diet of what humans eat or drink, should be what they feel and how they re-act. If people ‘tune into’ their body and they feel when they have eaten they will know whether something feels good for them – or not so good. They could even experiment by eating just one food source alone, and see how that is and then try another source alone, and see how that reacts to their body – this type of thing. I am not suggesting that your only eat one source of food all the time but just to see how the body feels and re-acts because you are actually serving your body in taking care of it looking after it because it does have a consciousness of its own.

It is important to give thanks and a gratifying feeling to Mother Earth for growing the food, nurturing the food, and sharing the food that you eat. And the liquid that you drink.

So if all that is done in harmony with the Source and thanks is given – it really doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you feel healthy and good. And as long as you do not over-eat … … this is important.

Jalarm: So does this answer your question?

Jacqui: I think it does.

Jacqui: One other question he has here, Is Vitamin K an appropriate supplement to enhance the activation of strands of DNA?

Jalarm: This is something that you would find for yourself – you could try it – and if it feels good, then by all means take it. I would hesitate to suggest that you eat vitamin supplements ALL the time, or to eat something ALL the time, there is an old-fashioned saying about ‘a little bit of what you fancy, does you good,’ and there is truth in that. So please be easy with yourself, not too strict that the fun or enjoyment of what you eat goes out the door – it is important to be able to sit down and enjoy your meal and your drink and the sharing with others at a dinner table – and make the most of that – but do not overdo it.

Because you are in the world of eating food and it is important to nourish the physical body – you understand that.

Jalarm:So thank you my children, I think this is enough for today – I shall look forward to meeting with you again – of course you are never alone. And you can always call upon me whenever you care to. My Love is with you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Valerie:We called him (Jalarm) back to ask about our meetings we are planning to conduct at Satori Springs for the Full Moon – beginning 16th January next year.

Jalarm encouraged us to discuss ideas between us. It was decided that we should hold the meetings closest to the Full Moon time given in the Australian Government’s Geoscience Australia – 2014 Phases of the Moon. The first meeting will be at 11am in the morning. Guests are requested to bring a picnic lunch.

Phases of the Moon

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