The Human Life-Love, and Pyramids

share lightIn The Mystery School, we have important matters to continue with. Many know of rumours of Star Peoples, and fear the presence of the Star Peoples here on Earth. It is to be understood that many, many Star People do in fact take birth as humans in order to have the experience of family love, to know that warmth of being nurtured, loved, succour and balm, and being loved simply for who you are! The Star Peoples come, live human life and take those experiences and memories and impulses to love with them when they leave the human form.

The Pyramids are the next topic of discussion. We learn that they have an important role for human consciousness and raising of energy levels, as Jalarm shares.

Valerie: Does Yalarm know about the Zeta Greys?

Jalarm: Yes, indeed I do and as Valerie has been learning; and we are very pleased indeed that she has made a connection with these people. For in some ways, her connection with them is very real also. Because, many people who come onto this Earth are multi-dimensional – in fact they have travelled with many lives, many races, and in different planets around the Cosmos. And so they have many experiences … and these are the ones that we like to work with – they volunteer and they come and help people and humanity.

And so Valerie is one of these multidimensional beings, as you two are as well – I hope you can relate to this. In fact, I would suggest that you might like to read some of the books that Valerie has been reading because the energy goes with it and of course, it does help give understanding.

It is spelt out in the books that the Zeta Greys are here to help humanity. They work in many ways to help uplift the consciousness of the human. As it has already been explained, the consciousness is not a very high level of wisdom and that has been chosen on purpose so that the Star People who come from the ‘cold blooded’ races that do not understand about love at all – there needed to be a ‘playing field’ that knowledge and experience could be absorbed and make it not too difficult for those that are cold-blooded to come into a human body and experience, often for the first time, the warmth of love and family. And a caring and compassion of family, particularly mothers – for this is something new to them.

Then there are others who have come in who have experienced that but not quite to the level of the wiser ones – if you understand. You are all here to help one another – there is a balance in all of you. There is none better than another. They are all here to give love, to share love, to respect one another – to assist one another, when they can, and to accept the differences.

For this is the way it was meant to be on this planet. So I hope I am giving you some understanding here. And I can assure you that the world is heading towards WORLD PEACE. And this will come – in a time that has already been given within an 8 year period – which is not very long – even in your Earth terms.

Jalarm: So is there another question you would like to ask?

I would like to say also, that the Zeta Greys have a certain amount of Reptillian in them but this also helps them the same as you as a human have a certain amount of Reptillian in you – it helps to help those that are very Reptillian from the cold-blooded races to interact – interrelate – and to accept differences and to find consensus amongst all. Does this make sense?

Group All Agreed.

Jalarm: The Free Will exists also; so that even though you come with a Soul and an Agreement to play out a life-story (a play if you like), as I have said, there are certain times along the way a soul can make choices. And this is for the learning also. But there are certain times in their lives that certain things with some people will take place. And nothing will change that. And after the event, you will know yourself, in your heart, that it was all meant to happen and you will grow from that.

Your physical body will grow from that. Because there is really not enough Love given to the physical body which is allowing you to progress on Earth and share with others. Share your knowledge if you are a Light Worker and assist also to help others who are ‘open’ to learning. For all have come by choice. None are forced – although some – when they get here, feel they do not want to be here. They also feel they have never made a choice to come here, but I can assure you that nobody is forced to come here.

They are given counselling, yes, but that is different.

So are there any more questions?

Valerie: Asked about the said-to-exist 10 pyramids on the Earth and where are they?

Jalarm: This is something I would like you to ask the Oracle. And yes, there are pyramids on the Earth and they are not just the ones in Egypt on the sands where they can be easily seen. There are others.

And these, of course, have been there for a long time and were placed there by the Star People in the first place. So would you like to ask the Oracle about this?”

Jacqui: Er, What was the original purpose of the pyramids?

Jalarm: They are placed with inter-action with various planetary systems from the galaxy – and this galaxy that you are in – and they hold the energy. And from that energy that comes through onto your planet – the atmosphere – it also allows transaction of consciousness from other planets to take place. It also allows a kind of ‘doorway’ for visitors to come (and there are many already coming) but you cannot see them with your human physical eye. But you can see them clairvoyantly because the 3rd and the 4th Dimension is the same, in the Star People’s eyes.

It is only the human that does not readily see it – and sometimes do not believe it. But I can assure you – it is. And those two Dimensions are melding now and you are on your way to the 5th dimension – which is where the wisdom and the love of the Universe will permeate the whole of this planet. Then World Peace will exist. Because thoughts of war – do not operate at that level of knowledge and consciousness.”

Jacqui: Do those gateways or dimensional doorways change? I know you say there is – like – a gateway between the pyramid and the star system. I just think of wormholes and wonder if they can change or are they always constant?

Jalarm: I could say they change but they are also constant – it is to do with the consciousness of each Being upon this Earth – and remember the consciousness is in everything upon this earth. So does that make sense?

Jalarm: Nothing stands still – so that change is happening all the time.

You can see it as a ladder, if you like, and the gentle moving up a ladder into a frequency, which is what a dimension is, and that vibration in frequency operates at a certain speed, if measured. This is what changes. This is what changes the consciousness and raises into a point of light that holds conciousness of love and the Creative Source of All that you can relate to.

Does that make sense?

Group All Agreed. Thank you for that.

(continued … )

Bosnian Pyramid

An earth-covered pyramid in Bosnia

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