Codes of Life: Divine Fire and Editing DNA

aegyptThe Mystery School continues with the new CURRICULUM, open to the nation of images (and feeling), and seeking the questions which elicit learning and understanding of the new dimensions. Their learning also includes the prehistory of Earth and awareness of the journey to the higher dimensions, the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions and so forth. In this session, the third question is answered – which addresses the history and actual creation of this planet – with some surprising connections to what is happening on Earth in this day and age with the editing and placement of genes in cells.

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The Sphinx, the Pyramids and the World of Light

Giza PyramidsThe ladies of The Mystery School join together once again to bring forth messages in service of humanity. In this session, questions are asked about the origin and construction of the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Jalarm shares that the primary flame, the primary light on Earth is found beneath the Sphinx (albeit in another dimension) and that the origin of both the Sphinx and Pyramids was in the world of light. In the lesser, dense 3D world, these structures were over-built. We bring you a most intriguing session of The Mystery School.

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The Human Life-Love, and Pyramids

share lightIn The Mystery School, we have important matters to continue with. Many know of rumours of Star Peoples, and fear the presence of the Star Peoples here on Earth. It is to be understood that many, many Star People do in fact take birth as humans in order to have the experience of family love, to know that warmth of being nurtured, loved, succour and balm, and being loved simply for who you are! The Star Peoples come, live human life and take those experiences and memories and impulses to love with them when they leave the human form.

The Pyramids are the next topic of discussion. We learn that they have an important role for human consciousness and raising of energy levels, as Jalarm shares.

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