The Sphinx, the Lion People (Leonines) and the Sacred Fire of the Source of All Creation

sphinx partially excavatedThe Mystery School turns to questions about the Sphinx and the underground tunnels thought to be there. Through questions to the Oracle, the ladies of the Mystery School make a surprising discovery about an eternal fire, a flame in an underground temple below the Sphinx. The fire is told to be the Soul of the Earth, a Creative Fire from the Creative Source of All.

Jacqui: asked about seeing a little green man with almond shaped eyes at the end of her bed back in the ‘nineties.’

Jalarm: replied that it was an elemental and that they work with the Angelic realms to assist them helping the humans. (Including putting thoughts around their heads in the hope they will pick up suggestions.)

Group Discussion: about the Sphinx!

Jacqui: asked if her hand could be guided to draw what is under the Sphinx. It looked like tunnels

Questions through The Oracle:

We asked The Oracle, Are there tunnels under the Sphinx?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Is there something inside the tunnels?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Is it something of a different vibration?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Is it the Ark of the Covenant?

The Oracle: No

We asked The Oracle, Is there a Grand Stairway to the Temple underground?

The Oracle: YES then the label YES almost ran off the table!

Group discussion and Question: Is there a signature of FIRE under there? (As Valerie saw when writing her first book The Book of Love by a Medium. She could see wide stairs leading down into the underground between the two great paws)

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Is the Fire still there?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Is it burning an everlasting fire?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, how is it a FIRE could stay alight without oxygen?

The Oracle: (We were not sure if the Oracle was playing with us when we were told) Oxygen came down through the top of the Sphinx’s head. (We should have asked more there;)

We asked The Oracle, Could it be air tunnels?

The Oracle: That hasn’t been discovered yet.

We asked The Oracle, Is it a small fire?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Is it a small flame like a candle?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Is this what we link to when we burn a candle for a sacred purpose?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Is this the Earth’s Soul?

The Oracle: Yes

We asked The Oracle, Who put it there?

The Oracle: signalled Jalarm wished to speak.

Jalarm: “It is I, and I am very pleased with what has been taking place this morning. We have been working with you diligently with the Oracle and it is spelling out correct information for you. So is there a question that you would like to ask now?

Jacqui: How did the flame get there? And was it intentional? What can you tell us about the Sphinx?

Jalarm: “If you can think of the Light as energy and the energy – or the heart flowing with any person – or each Being that comes with a Soul – this flame is the signature to hold that flame – flame of the soul on this Earth and it is within the base of the Sphinx.

The Sphinx energy actually represents the Lion people and the energy and DNA that comes from them in creating the human. Hanuman (Hunaman) is the Lion Being – if you understand what I am saying.

There were different names of course – used by the star people at that time – but you can recognise this because their DNA was used to create all cats upon this Earth at that time. And also what you call bears – but they are similar of what you call the Lion People or the Leonines.

So this Light is the Light of Love – the heart – that exists upon this Earth.

Jalarm: Would you like to ask any further questions about this?

Jacqui: Was the Sphinx built around the same time as the Pyramids?

Jalarm: The pyramids were actually a way of using power – an electrical power that existed and again that would not have been possible without the signature of Light – of Fire. You understand?

Jacqui: Not really.

Jalarm: There have been quite a few suggestions of why the Pyramids were built. Tesla is one of them and there have been drawings on temple walls in Egypt showing how electric light, or light was used inside the pyramids. Or darkness, where the Light could be used – it was like an electrical light – it was not a fire in that it gave off soot – this can be studied and verified if you like – I know Valerie knows about this – so she can help you with that. Does this help?

It is quite a long and difficult description – it is better given to you in images.

I know Valerie is asking me now what would happen, if this Light – this Fire – was to go out?

And I would say that it is a blessing from the Creative Source of All and it will NEVER go out. If anything it could become larger and would be behind – shall we say – eventually when this planet grows and explodes. But this is a very, very, very long way time off yet.

But this is how planets are made. They come and go. They grow and then they fold up. They grow and then they fold up – But this is the same in growth in everything.

Jalarm:Does that make sense

Group: We agreed

Valerie: asks if this fire, this signature, is it found anywhere else on Earth?

Jalarm: I would say NO, Although it is easily picked up from anywhere upon this Earth.

It is a sacred space – that will never change. It is always there. So if you ask for the dimension or if it operates in a dimension – I would have to say it does not – it comes from the Creative Source of All.

It is the reason, why you were playing with the idea of a candle (which we did previously) being lit in memory of somebody who may have returned to the Creative Source of All and this is true – this is part of um … I would like to say magnetised energy that brings forth and sends to – from the Creative Source of Fire. The Fire when looked at in a sanctified way – is of no harm at all. It is Light.

That you understand. But there is an aspect of it … that is FIRE that destroys. Because there is much that is created upon the planet that needs to fall back so that it can be renewed. Does that make sense?

Valerie: is asking if anybody was to walk between the Sphinx Paws and walk down the stairs that she can see very clearly …

Jalarm: I would say it would be possible – but not yet.

Only when people who can be trusted will that entrance open up and allow entrance to the Source of the Creation of Fire on this Planet. It is a signature, as I have said, and it will never go out.

Jalarm: Is there anything else?

Group: No, nothing. (Jalarm left)

The Sphinx, partially excavated, circa 1900

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