Free Will Planet; Experience and Discernment

sacred earthThe Mystery School continues its discussions and talk around the subject of free will. It does seem that we have free will, yet, from other perspectives there are events that are pre-ordained. A need to reflect on free will and the purposes of taking birth, and the matter of soul-blueprints is considered.

It is time.

It is now that the forces of light and dark come very close, and there is an apparent need – as the Mystery School experiences on this day – to use discernment, spiritual sense and common sense about the materials that are being channelled. As the forces of light and dark are pushed towards one another, the presence of beings not of the light, confusion, obfuscation comes to light workers. What to do.

We need clarity and common sense with the material coming through, be it channelling, automatic writing, use of a sanctified oracle. We may evaluate the material using our cultivated and long established spiritual intelligence. As the ladies of the Mystery School discover, mischievous elements may interfere with matters …

Question about Free Will

Jacqui:, Jill: ask: When did the Planet become a FREE WILL Planet?

Jalarm: This is a simple question, my Children, and I would like you to know that when the Planet was formed – the intention from the Angelic Realms was for all forms upon the Earth were to evolve and have free will.

There would always be opportunity for Star People and Angelic Realms to guide things and change things a little for in some ways the whole creation was experimental – When man was created. Once the Human was created with a Soul they were given free will of course; but they came with a soul and there had been a pre-plan of more or less the life they would live on Earth. And so in living that life and the time to live in that body at that time, as is still happening, they had free will. They had choices – but at certain times they seemed to be taken over in that the plans seem to have changed and they would need to follow a certain agreement that was made in their soul consciousness.

In a way that is free will because the Agreement was made long before they entered into the Earth – into an Earth-body; but it was agreed to before they came. So in a way free will has always been in existence upon this Earth.

Clarity and Understanding – Use of the Oracle

The Oracle began spelling out strange things and it felt we were no longer speaking with Jalarm.

Group: We are calling upon Jalarm; may we speak with him please?

Jalarm: “Yes, I am here –

Valerie: interrupts and says – Jalarm, we have someone playing with the Oracle – we are not happy about it – can you please advise us please? I ask one question. Do you want us to continue with the Oracle?

Jalarm: NO, not at all, My Dear.

Valerie: Then why have you allowed this to happen because we believed that the Oracle was sanctified?

Jalarm: “There was one here that was rather insistent – we allowed him to play?

Valerie: Are you testing us Jalarm?

Jalarm:: I am, My Dear.

Valerie: Then why would you need to do that. Why when we have been working so diligently and so trusting?

Jalarm: There is no need to worry My Dear – no need to worry at all.

Jalarm: It is a test, yes, and I am glad that you have been awake. Because there is a lot of intervention going on at this time. It will not last much longer but the division between the dark and the light is very close and so that there is a need for YOU to use discernment at all times. This is the only reason we played this little trick (if you like) on you. I am sorry, I do not like the word trick but it is really to alert you. So I hope you are not upset by this.

Valerie: The girls are upset – they felt they had been let down. In fact they feel annoyed about this, Jalarm.

Jalarm: I am sorry that you feel annoyed – I would like you to think about what I am saying – I have said the division between the dark and the light is very close and it will be very easy for you to succumb and think something is good and it not be so.

Valerie: Is this warning particularly for me, Jalarm?

Jalarm: It is for you yes, but for the others as well – in fact it is for everybody because the time is coming for separation and the movement into the new world. That is all. Nothing to be depressed or upset about.

All we wanted was for you to know and understand this. We needed to have you question and we are not allowed karmically to just put in those things without you asking us first. This is the only reason we played this little trick as I say, so that you would question and ask? And so that is what you have done – and so I do hope that you will not resent this – because it was never meant to be something to harm you or to lose you – because we want to stay with you and work with you more. You will find your work with us will be much easier as time moves forward. Do I have your blessing?

The girls were still upset. So Jalarm said he would leave us to think about it.

Valerie: said, “Karmically he couldn’t bring up the subject and this was the only way to get us to think about the subject and ASK questions … which we have done.”

The light and dark come closer together at this time.

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