The Dragon Race

The Mystery School – brought together by the Cosmic Hierarchy to explore the origins of man on this planet – (and uncover much of the history of Planet Earth) has been exploring right from the emergence of form from Grand Central Sun of all Universes. Information is given by way of reveire, group discussion (prompted by telepathy and suggestions in the ether), work with The Oracle, and contribution from an occasional member. Concentration brings success to all activity, this is true. Moreover, in the future of human life in the 5th Dimension, working with and trust in higher faculties – as revealed in the last session – will be very important to human self-learning, as well as learning about the role of this planet in this galaxy, in this universe. It has been revealed in times past that many, many life-forms yearn to be born on this planet and live the warm-blooded life and experience the love of family.

Working with the Oracle 4th January, 2016.

We joined hands and sang Om, after calling upon God to be with us. Our voices harmonized beautifully – signaling that the area was clear and ready to work with Jalarm.

There was discussion about the legendary race of beings called dragons and Val began to speak in a dream state:

Valerie’s Reverie

Valerie: Remembers that many years ago she had asked her spirit mentor about the beginning of Universal Form (emergence of life-forms) after Light had been created.

“I am seeing the centre of ALL CREATION and I am asking about the beginning of Form. There was ❝Let there be Light❞ and then there was play and they talked about the ‘Dance of Life’ and that Life took form. And that form I see as animate and inanimate – but it all had form with Consciousness.

So getting to the animate form – I see as almost like an egg and a sperm, in a way – and that took form. The sperm (or spawn) developed a head, legs and began to look like a reptilian form and the other was an egg, that also sprouted looking a bit like a moth or a butterfly – it had wings. The difference – as sacred myth and legends describe – was more like an angel – or what we see as an angel and the other was reptilian form.

The Angels, or that form of life coming from creation was God’s play had always connected to the Source. The other Form was like a break-away that started exploring – walking and taking the journey in a different way of its own accord.

Still always from a creative space but coming from was where just about every life form on the planet was coming from – in other words they started breaking away from the Source and making their own decisions. i.e., creating without permission from the Source.

Those from the Source – the Angelic ones (more like the moths and butterflies) – they stayed and flew with the Source and always linked from that place.


Sunrise over the human-like butterfly crop circle in The Nederlands, August 2009

Group Discussion:

That is why symbolically they are used in showing an ‘evolvement’ and a raising to and the chrysalis breaking the force from that cocoon or an egg to become a beautiful butterfly – that is the life form that has the full blessing from the Source.

I wonder if we can ask Jalarm about the form of the Dragon? Because I feel that it has something to do with ‘THE BREAKAWAY’ but it wasn’t in the beginning.

The Beginning was like the Dragon – it was like the butterfly but it had arms and legs, it had fire – whereas the Butterfly had Light. They both had form but the Light was the Creative Light – The Source of All Creation – which if we had stayed with the Source and been guided from that place all right from the beginning we would all be BEINGS OF LIGHT.

Well we are – but we have broken away as well and we have experienced Life!

As Dragons.

The Dragons in the beginning were also Light but they had Fire and they had the ability to destroy – Where as the LIGHT BEINGS, in the ANGELIC FORMS never destroyed – they just kept creating.

This is all tied into Legends and Stories to help people to understand who they really are from the Source.

The DRAGON is from the Source, but it broke away and explored – and who experimented and didn’t always call upon the Source to create. That is when we go further and further away into the Reptilian Forms that went on to be Dinosaurs and the like and went on to causing trouble because it was not in synchronicity with the environment and what had been created in the beginning of this planet. This is why the asteroid was brought here 65 million years ago, to eliminate the dinosaur race.

Valerie: Do we have a question about Dragons?

Jacqui: I have a question: So is that what is called matter and anti-matter?

The Oracle: signalled that Jalarm wished to speak.

Jalarm Speaks

Jalarm: “It is I Jalarm – and of course the history of the Light and the Dark (shadow) is in the beginning. When the WORD LIGHT came into being, then FORM came forth as has been said – and the Forms were very similar to Angelic Beings and Dragon Beings. Both were without Karma. Both were LIGHT.

But there was a breakaway with the Dragons eventually because they took their own path and did not always refer to the Source for direction. This is still a message that needs to be understood by the Humans – even now.

So there is no judgement here – it is just that you can make much life much easier for yourselves if you follow from the Source all the time. This is connected to your Soul Consciousness which is LIGHT FROM GOD.

Now I am talking in an Overview way about the Universe or Universes because they are many! Just the same as there are many galaxies and it is a bit hard for the human brain to get their mind around that.

We are talking about the Earth planet, which is a very tiny speck – not even a speck – when you compare it with everything that is taking place. But for an Overview of what has happened on the planet: YES, it was a point of LIGHT that was created to develop and hold the Life and Source of your creation in this corner of the Galaxy. This has been said many times and it is how it was – how it began. It happened with Venus and now the Planet Earth.

But still it is working, and evolving and changing in that the Light is growing stronger upon the planet. When the Reptoids came they did take over the planet against the hierarchy’s will as well as the Angelic Beings. But it was allowed to take place – they could see that in the long term it could be used as a kind of ‘level playing field’ and there could be many races brought to this planet to live in Light and Love and families and understand what it is like to be warm blooded rather than cold blooded which is the difference between Reptilians and Mammals.

This is of course, is a lot further down the evolution track of the Creation of All.

So when we talk about Reptiles and Reptilians – the Reptoids and the Dracos that actually have created these Reptilian Beings and have been behind the Reptoids that have created the Dinosaurs – these are all – or most of them – are connected to cold blood. And this helps them to evolve on this planet. And so this is what the Angelic Realms could see in their wisdom and could help many Races within the Universe that had broken away from the Love and Guidance of God.

So does this help you? As I said the story is a huge one and it is very difficult to put it into a tiny little cameo like I am trying to do. Is there any question you would like to ask?

Group: No.

(We continued with other work with the Oracle.)

The Oracle:

Valerie: was thinking later that it would be like those Dragons that pulled away into their own path – would have no longer been warm blooded.

The Oracle: Jacqui, Jill and Val were all dragon of the first cause after the land had developed in evolution.

Jacqui: said she was seeing Light pouring onto Earth – different planets and peoples – to bring pure love – They created river of Light. Thousands and Thousands of consciousness. The Love is palpable – Perfect Peace.

The Oracle: Jacqui was a dragon – who served with Sai Baba.

The Galaxy of the Nagas

At another time Chris had sent us this information about the Dragon Race:

Attached is an extract of the book I showed you, which I will post to you soon. This book is called “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master“, by Sri M. (a famous modern day mystic in India). This extract is of some interest to us, for it speaks of a galaxy or stellar system of snakes called naga loka, and it speaks of a race of highly evolved snake beings that came to help the human. There was conflict and the highly evolved snakes departed for their own planetary system and home.

I think this might be of interest for the Oracle sessions, if only to distinguish that not all reptiles and reptilians were negative nor belligerent in nature. Read what Babaji has to say about the snake in the headdress of the Pharaoh. This sort of thing has deeper links to truth in the past, which is why I think it may be useful to raise in a future oracle session or with Jalarm.

If I can help you with translations of some terms used in this text:

Baba Maheswarnath is from the Nath panth tradition of wandering devotees of the formless Lord Shiva whom they call Maheswara. They worship the form of fire – a sacred fire is called a dhuni. Sai Baba of Shirdi had a dhuni also. It was kept burning continuously.

Babaji is a term of affection and respect

The Fireball is a vessel called a Vimana. They can travel in multiple dimensions by willpower alone. In 3D reality, these can be driven by chanting of certain mantras

Naga Devatas are the snake gods. Nagaraja is the raja, the highest of the snakes.

You will see the word Anantha in the text. This is explained as a five hooded golden snake. It is interesting that at the Bombay revelation of divinity by Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he revealed he was Loka natha, Anatha natha, and Anantha Natha. (Baba was declaring himself as lord of even the sacred snake gods, and by extension, lord of all beings in all the worlds.)

Sarpa means serpent.

Vishnu is the God who sustains all creation; he rests on a seven hooded snake called Adisesha. (adi means first, primal; so the God who holds all creation together and sustains it rests on the first sarpa or snake, Adi-sesha. )

And of course, there is the link to Rainbow Serpent the creator of the Dreamtime. And the Indigenous people have Creator Stories of the ‘good’ snake and the ‘bad’ snakes.


Rainbow Serpent at Uluru – as captured by Michelle McGrath in 2011

(from “Apprenticed to a Himlayan Master” by Sri M.)

(Sri M, a young man, is with his Guru, Baba Maheshwarnath in the Arundhati cave in the Himalayas.)

“I was woken up by what I at first thought was the rumbling of thunder. I opened my eyes and saw Babaji in his usual sitting posture, back towards me, silhouetted by the light of the dhuni (fire). I looked beyond, and from between two parting clouds, emerged something that was roughly the size of a full moon but could not be the moon. This object was a glowing ball of fire and as it moved closer the rumbling became louder. Then it came towards the cave and landed right on the dhuni, with the sound of a thunderclap.

I was so scared that I could not even sit up but Babaji sat upright like a statue, unaffected and unmoved. A strange spectacle unfolded before my astounded eyes. The fireball which was about two feet in diameter split vertically and out of it emerged a large snake with a hood like a cobra, glowing electric blue as if made of a transparent glass-like material with electric filaments inside. The creature’s eyes glowed and it hissed softly. My fear vanished the moment I saw the creature bend down and touch Babaji’s feet with its hood. Babaji blessed it by touching its head with his hand and then did something which made me wonder if what I was seeing was a silly dream. He hissed in reply. The blue cobra straightened up and sat facing Babaji. A hissing conversation went on. Then Babaji said, Madhu come forward and see the deputy chief of the Sarpa loka. Bow down to Nagaraj.

I bowed low. The snake hissed and touched my head with his forked tongue. Then abruptly it slithered back into the globe, the two halves clicked shut and it took off and vanished into the clouds. I said “Babaji, if I said this to anybody they would think I am crazy. Please explain to me”.

Babaji said “In the Milky Way there exists a stellar system with seven planets and 18 moons. One of these is Sarpa Loka and is entirely inhabited by highly evolved hooded snakes called the Naga Devatas. The person you saw is the deputy chief of their realm, Nagaraja. The supreme head of the Nagas is the five hooded golden serpent known in ancient Hindu texts as Anantha. Thousands of years ago when humanity was still at an infant stage of evolution, there was regular contact with Sarpa Loka. The wise and evolved Nagas spent long periods here teaching human beings. The snake worship you come across in all ancient civilisations is a tribute to these Nagas and their deep wisdom. They also taught the secret of kundalini energy symbolized by a snake. Patanjali who gave the world the Ashtanga Yoga Sutras was himself a Naga. The snake on the Pharoah’s head and coiled round Shiva are all symbolic of the wisdom imparted to certain humans by Naga teachers. But as humans became more powerful they became self centred and cunning. Some felt threatened by the spiritually and intellectually superior Nagas and began to use their power against their own teachers. At one point there were massacres of the Nagas.

The Supreme Naga Chief decided to recall the Nagas from Earth and cut all connections except with some humans who were highly evolved spiritually. Overnight they were transported back to Sarpa Loka. A small number who were too sick, too old or rebels who defied the supreme chief thinking they could still do something with humans, got left behind. The snakes that exist today are the descendants of those who were left behind. Through years of in-breeding they no longer possess the great qualities of their ancestors. However the channels of contact were kept open with evolved humans.

When the great Sai Baba of Shirdi left his body for three days and returned on the fourth, to the great astonishment of the general public who thought he had died, he told his close circle that he had gone to settle a dispute in another world. That was Sarpa Loka. The dispute, which I cannot reveal to you, has not been settled and Nagaraj came to me to discuss the matter. Babaji laughed, ‘Truth is stranger than fiction.’ There is hope that humans might realise that there are greater realms of consciousness which cannot be comprehended by logic and current levels of intelligence. Vishnu rests on Anantha. Krishna’s brother Balarama was a Naga. The Ocean of Milk was churned by a snake. At every point in our ancient teachings, there are snakes. Every time you want to kill a snake, remember this narration.

Baba Maheswarnath spoke of a galaxy called Sarpa Loka
Baba Maheswarnath spoke of a galaxy called Sarpa Loka

Valerie: It has given thought to why the Cobra is always worn on the forehead of Pharaohs. And why the Chinese hold the Dragon in high esteem with 6 claws. It also gives us understanding why activating ‘kundalini’ in everyone will lead to wisdom.

Jalarm Speaks:

Jalarm:It is I Jalarm and the message I have is I am very pleased with what has taken place today and all the question and all answers and the way you have thought about them and asked about them and the way they have been received. It has not always been through the Oracle – although we do encourage you to use the Oracle as much as you can. But that is the message for today.

I know Valerie has a question she wants to ask and she is asking me right now – telepathically – she is asking about the cave just near Johannesburg and the cave that has given up a lot of information and knowledge and now there is moving into other chamber that is very difficult to enter – but they have found a mountain of bones and I would say it is correct in what Valerie is feeling in that it is to do with experimentation, in very ancient times. And it is.

So I will leave it at that. It was Reptoids attempting to create man to mine gold for them.”

Homo Naledi

That was not the human but it was his beginnings as man and went on to be blessed with a Soul. A Soul of Light making him a man of all colours – a Human.

The ALMOST HUMAN bones were found at Malapa, Rising Star Cave near Johannesburg – named Dinaledi (Chamber of Stars). In some ways the new hominin, Homo Naledi, from Rising Star was even closer to modern humans than Homo erectus is.


reconstruction of homo naledi from the Rising Star cave nearby Johannesberg. Jalarm tells that this was one step in the Reptoids experimentation on the hairy-upstanding-ape.

You can read about the Rising Star Cave on National Geographic.

I wrote an article about when I was initiated into the Rainbow Serpent Energy when I visited Uluru with a group of Light Workers. I wear a ring dedicated to Lord Siva and Shakti given to me by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Not long after receiving the ring I was advised by a clairvoyant that I had worked with Babaji.

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