Scandinavia and Skanda, Son of Lord Shiva

karthikThe Ladies of the Mystery School – sisters of harmony – meet again and consider their many questions about the past, the history of different civilisations. In this session of the Mystery School we learn about Skanda and Scandinavia. Skanda (who has many other names – Murugan, Karthik, Subramaniam – and is honoured and worshipped extensively in the south of India) was in fact an historical person, who walked the Earth and gave the teachings of the Source of All Creation.

Oracle Monday 8th February 2016 … Werwai, N.S.W.

We joined hands and began with the OM, thus sanctifying The Oracle, praying that the information which comes through comes from the Source of All Creation.

I am Jalarm and I am very pleased to be here – very pleased indeed. I have been waiting a little while but that is not unusual (laughs softly). There is nothing more for me to add, because I know you have many questions to ask, many. And if we just allow the meeting to flow, much will come out, more than you expect. But that is good. Thank you my children, thank you. (Jalarm departs)


We began by discussing the dark skinned peoples of Northern Africa – Ethiopians and the Sudanese, and how they were so dark. The dark skinned peoples of North Europe – it is known, turned paler over millennia. There was discussion about the countries forming the area known as Scandinavia, for there are legends about Skanda, (who in Hinduism is known as the son of Lord Shiva) that say he was there at one time or another.

Jacqui: Was there an historical person named Skanda?

The Oracle: YES (very strong)

Jacqui: Was he the son of Lord Shiva?

The Oracle: YES (very strong)

Through the oracle, we discovered that Skanda was in fact a human, a Divine One sent to spread the teachings from the Source of All Creation to the Northern Regions (which were much warmer in those days before the Fall of Atlantis).

Statue of Skanda, Son of Lord Shiva in a hotel, Malaysia
Statue of Skanda, Son of Lord Shiva in a hotel, Malaysia

Jalarm Speaks

It is I, Jalarm, and it is true, there was talk about the son of the Lord Shiva. And his name was Skanda.

At the time of the early days of humans that lived in the northern countries – they settled in what became ice, snow, caves and they survived in hardship, which was after the Fall of Atlantis – the time of around 10,000 – 12,000 years ago as your scientists have put it.

And the teachings came from Lord Shiva’s son. This was inspired by us, for it was felt that people would relate more easily to one who was a Son, rather than someone who did not readily appear to present as a human, in a human body. In actual fact, Lord Shiva only ever showed himself as a Light Being.

And his son was a prophet – or a teacher (if you like) at that time – and Skanda was the name given. His (teachings) were no different from the way other teachings have been released on this planet – and as I have said before, the teachings have always come from us – the Hierarchy – and they are released through people that speak of us.

It is our way of helping people to understand existence – of life in a body in what appears to be the only life – on this planet. There is much, much more.

Skanda was a human in human form, just like your other great teachers or prophets, like Jesus, or Muhammad, and Lord Buddha. All these teachings came through people who were enlightened. They had made a commitment to raise the consciousness of the beings that existed on the planet. And they still do!

You asked about the countries called Scandinavia. There were many peoples and the countries were a little closer at that time. And what is known as Scandinavians, that teaching existed before the time of Christianity.

It was a very pure environment. People – they believed with great faith, great hope and understanding of the Source of All Creation. They were forever looking up to the heavens for help, particularly after the Fall of Atlantis.

It was very hard to survive after the Fall of Atlantis – they relied on the help of the Source of All Creation – which is where Lord Shiva has always been. Lord Shiva is of the Hierarchy and has always resided in the Angelic Realms. The people, they moved south, civilisation has expanded, ideas have been shared, and they have always resorted to Source of All Creation.

(Jalarm departs)


Sri Sathya Sai Baba installed an idol of Skanda in his ashram.


One hand is raised in blessing
One hand is face downwards in giving of grace
One hand is pointing upwards with two fingers extended: prana mudra, indicating the crystal energy within
The golden spear is the Vel, the symbol of victory over untruth
The golden flag is the flag of Shakti, energy from the Source of All Creation
The Peacock has single pointed attention on the teacher from the Source of All Creation

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