Working with the Highest Point

respectThe Ladies of the Mystery School come together once more and learn – to their surprise – that aeons past (time is not linear) in other forms – with the same soul – they volunteered to come to this planet and do this work. As did all the other souls who come here. Shakespeare told, “All the world is a play” and The Source confirms: everything that happens here is a play of consciousness which has a reason and a purpose. The Source explains that it is a responsibility which requires respect – within and without – to work with The Source itself. An invitation is given to many.

Group: We all joined hands and chanted the OM, the sound of creation.(a little scattered today)

Group: We asked with respect and love if God was present?

The Oracle: said YES

The Oracle: indicated there was a message for us.

With that God made his presence (the energy feels very different from the Previous sessions working with Yalarm) and spoke through Valerie.

The Source: (God) “I am God. And I speak this way to show that it is possible to communicate with God.

God is the Source of All Creation. And to say that it is a man or a woman – or an image of some sort, would be incorrect – However, it can manifest into that separation.

BUT it is needed for All the Peoples upon this Earth; for them to understand that there is no separation. Although there has been separation that takes place from the different ways of thinking of God. Do you understand?

Group: (We all said yes.)

The Source: (God) And so I want to present myself through Valerie as a Being that sounds Male – it has a voice – but the Source of All Creation is coming from that place. Do you understand? In other words it is that force, that Source of All Creation and it has many, many facets – if I tried to put it in numbers I would run out of zeros … … …

The Source: (God) Would you like to ask me a question about that?

Jacqui: The other question I have is what is the reason Valerie is doing the channelling with you – what is the reason behind that?

The Source: (God) It is something that you, the three of you have agreed to long before you came to this Earth into the human body that you walk in now. Can you accept that?

Group: (We all said yes.)

The Source: (God) “What exists upon this planet is not a reality, in the truest sense, it is a PLAY. As Shakespeare has written a play on a stage – then your stage is planet Earth.

It is a way of giving many, many people that have form from many different Galactic Races to incarnate with a Soul that have come to this planet to learn to understand each other and to help one another. That is the Agreement they have when they come.

However, another shadow is with them also and that needs to fall away before they can come from the purest point of Love. Because the Source of All Creation is the energy of LOVE.

The Source: (God) Now love, can be thought of in many ways. And again there are different aspects of what you would consider of LOVE. I am speaking from the point of Creation.
If you think about a child and how it is born, this is the Creation that I am speaking of!

The same as a flower, and the creation and how the flower is born.

Why is it that so many people look at a flower and smile and feel joy when they are around the flowers?

The Source: (God) So please, is there any other question that you would like to ask?

Group: (Not at the moment.)




Group Discussion: We discussed other questions and how we felt, and after a time it emerged that there might be some more to come from GOD. So we decided to ask the Oracle if there was another message from GOD?”

Working with the Source

The Source: (God) It is I God, and I am glad you have asked if I have a message, and indeed I do. Understand there are many influences that come from the Source of All Creation. So that there are many, many messages for you. But in particular today I know that you wonder why you have been chosen.

You have been called upon – and you have volunteered – and so this is why that offer of service has been taken up. Does that make some sense?

Group: (We agreed)

The Source: (God) And so, just so that you do not get carried away too much, there are others around this planet that are doing exactly the same. They are connected to God, The Source of All Creation – and I say this because it is an opportunity to ‘OPEN THE DOOR’ to connect, in a number of three (3) so that all contributions from various angles and aspects can be introduced into the TRIANGLE and you can receive the messages from the highest point of all which is The Source of All Creation.

So the message is going out not just for you girls, but for the many who would like to work from that Source.

The Source: (God) It is not an EASY road. You girls have already travelled the paths of Initiation and this is what would be expected from any who volunteer to work from the Highest Point. Because working from the Highest Point – is a RESPONSIBILITY – that does not mean to say that you need to be nervous, but rather to draw upon the wisdom that you have come to understand and know AND RESPECT.

Respect is a big asking. For it does not come easily, or naturally to many people on the earth, once they are here in an earth body.

Because many energies and the belief systems operate through the human brain and influence them into acting in a way that is not really suitable for the goal that we believe all that come – in fact we know that all have come to create Peace, Harmony and Goodwill upon the Planet.

The Source: (God) So is there something you would like to ask about that?

Jacqui: Should we be doing something different in working with you?’

The Source: (God) I would like you to take some small time to meditate – and we will float ideas and thoughts around you and from that you can select a ‘thought’ or a suggestion and voice it to each other and then ask questions. And from there, we can work very well in spreading the wisdom that we would like people to know and understand of who they really are … …

Does that make some sense?

Group: (We agreed)

The Source: (God) “So I will leave and, er, and I would request you that you three meditate quietly together and see if you get a question to ask The Oracle.

Thank you My dears, thank you.”


Many work with The Source; there are others around this planet that are doing exactly the same, they are like the mountain peaks above the clouds. The Source offers a method of working; it is not an easy road. There are many influences on the mind in an earth body (the clouds around the mountaintop obscure what is below), and such work side by side with The Source is a responsibility that demands the practice of respect. This is both an inner respect and an outer responsibility; the two are mutually binding

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