The Minds of World Leaders; the Minds of Lightworkers

walkikngMany peoples and world leaders have come together recently to discuss the future of our planet and to place a limit on emissions, and halt global warming before too much damage is done. There will be damage and destruction, for respect is something the human brain finds it hard to express in the human body, and respect for the Earth has been lacking. There is a need for prayer to the Source to influence the minds of the leaders that we take care of the earth, for EVERY LIVING THING (including Mother Earth) is going to get into the 5th and higher dimensions. This is an Edict from God.

The soul knows things that the brain knows nothing of. The human brain is something like a super-computer, it receives downloads of information from parents, school, teachers, peers and the society we are born into. On the other hand, the SOUL knows much more and has access to material that comes from our Self, through feeling, through intuition (inner – tuition) and imagination (the nation of images). There is the physical body, the emotional body and the Light Body. The Source explains how emotions and the memory of these remain with us. The Source also explains how we can magnetically make things better for people with our raised consciousness. So we begin to learn of the effectiveness of the minds of Light Workers.

The Source: (God) I would like you to take a time to meditate together and ask about questions, for this is the way you communicate, and I will respond from that point. Either through Valerie, or another or through The Oracle. So are you understanding that step?

Group: We all said Yes, and Thank you.




After we meditated – we each received a suggested question:

Group: We felt we wanted to help Mother Earth and when meditating we received the message to Pray for the LEADERS of all countries on earth to make the changes needed to protect the Earth and its environment.

The Oracle: The wine glass went around in circles indicating God wished to speak through Valerie.

The Source: (God)I am God, and I hear your prayers and I hear you asking for our assistance to help LEADERS of all the countries on your planet who are in a position of power to make proper changes. There are already many countries that have gathered and made commitments to actually help the environment to reduce gasses that are affecting your planet but also the planet herself. We would be glad to make more suggestions so that the LEADERS can make the changes when they see the righteousness of it – and the goodness of it – and also the dangers of it … if it is not changed.


surface mining

 (The Source has told that we are at a deleterious balance at this time due digging holes in the Earth and other forms of damage caused to the Earth in pursuit of progress. The Source has other ways, other means to give us which will do the job better and not damage the Earth. The Source awaits our turning toward its Love, with Love, that we might receive what our planet needs.)

The dangers are not meant to frighten anyone – but there is a moving towards destruction of many parts of your planet – if changes are not made. As I have said, the planet is destined to raise in consciousness no matter what happens. It is an edict from God and so this will take place and as I have already said also – “That man can mend their ways or they can help the changes take place and be not so seriously affected by deleterious balance that has been done so far. This can be changed also. It is not too late.

And so we will do our best to make suggestions to ALL the LEADERS as you have requested – upon the Earth – and we will do everything we can to assist the process to take place that we will bring people to your planet very quickly – it is a blessing. I hear your prayer.

The Source: (God)Thank you my children. Thank you.”




Group: On this day had been feeling ‘airy’, ungrounded. And we were also somewhat flat, a feeling of ‘flatness’ prevailed, in the days before this meeting. While we are doing this work, we sometimes wonder, “where we were coming from?” Meaning, are we in our earth bodies, are we in our light bodies, are we coming from here, are we working from our Oversoul in other universes, are we working in other worlds? Where are we coming from?

The Source: (God) “It is I God, And you are asking if you have been working at a different level, different worlds and a different understanding … It is just at this Earth level. It is harder to get the brain around things sometimes. But as a SOUL you have a much larger encompassing understanding of things which is your SOUL and you understand much more. And you know a lot more than what you do as a personality that you are in your physical body.

But you know all these things, somehow you forget, because you ask if you have been working on our assignments in a different body perhaps or a different way of thinking and I can assure you that the time of the Solstice as is on your planet, and the full moon also has a strong affect on your emotional body – now this is what is touching you. Your emotional body exists in your whole Light Being – it is still with you when you actually leave your earth body – it stays with you for a while and the memory stays with you forever.

But when you come to an earth body everything is lowered and it is heavier and it is time for you to let go of any of the emotions that are too heavy … and so easily magnetically lift you to another situation – perhaps of other people of whom you have been helping – and is linked to a similar experience that you have had perhaps in another personality in other lives.

I hope I am explaining that why you are here is because the song from the Source of All Creation is actually sounding of the story of this time and as you do work, not just on this planet but in other worlds, even by just being consciousness – you can help change things and that is what you have been doing. But sometimes it will affect your emotions as well and this needs to be cleared and let go … it is an opportunity to raise the consciousness in your own earth body and your spirit and your soul.

Just, I ask you, to just sit quietly and ask God – The Source of All Creation – this feeling of ‘flatness’ you called, because you are not ‘on the ball’ as you would say … you are not failing in anything it is just a feeling of the time of a very strong energy coming upon the planet at this time – and ringing the changes and it is doing it with you and many others upon this Earth as well. So take heed my children, and allow that process to be discarded from you and your feelings from your emotional body and just be in your emotional body with the Love and Compassion that is only in the Source of All Creation.

Allow that to be and it is in you already and who you truly are. Thank you.



Our light bodies are androgynous, we are neither male nor female, and we may clear all negative emotion from our light bodies … all we have to do is ASK; ask God – The Source of All Creation – to remove heavy negative emotion and it will be done.

© Valerie Barrow. All material may be reproduced provided the source is cited, and the text and transmissions are not altered