World Peace and the coming of Respect for Planet Earth

erdeAfter some travel, excursions and byways, the ladies of the Mystery School come together once again. And again, the Source – God in any other word – reminds them that they chose to come to Earth at this time and do this service. As told previously, there is a high level of respect and trust between the light bodies of all present, and indeed, this occasion is one of light bodies being perceived. The Source confirms that world peace is some years away, and when it comes, Prema Sai Baba will be spreading the evangel gospel of worldwide peace and the divinity within.

Group: The three of us sang Om in absolute harmony today although we did feel slightly airy as if we could not quite ‘earth’ ourselves. We noted also it was the time of the Solstice and a Full moon. We also asked for guidance as to how we should operate our Oracle meetings because we understand it has changed and we are not quite sure how it is to be operated from now on. We asked The Oracle if God could please advise us?

Group: We asked with respect and love if God was present?

The Oracle: The Oracle confirmed that God was present and also confirmed that it was why we were all feeling “airy”, light-headed.

The Oracle: The wine glass went around in circles indicating God wished to speak through Valerie.

The Source: (God) “I am God. And I come with great love for the three of you. And I welcome the opportunity to speak and to be able to work through the Oracle with you.

Your role is a very important one because we have decided from the Hierarchy that you have been working so well with us – you trust us – and we trust you – and so we would like you now to work from a point of what we really want to say to the people on your planet.




The Source: (God) The Planet Earth. It is where you reside – it is not where your Soul comes from but where you reside in an Earth body. And so, I would like you to take a time to meditate together and ask about questions, for this is the way you communicate, and I will respond from that point. Either through Valerie, or another or through The Oracle. So are you understanding that step?

Group: We all said yes and said thank you.




After we meditated – we each received a suggested question:

Jacqui: could see 4 large white light orbs standing in the corner of the room and bright golden points of light just off the centre of orbs.

Group: We asked the Oracle about the white orbs and The Oracle indicated it would like to speak through Valerie.

The Source: (God) “I am God, and you are asking who is sitting in the chair in this room and I can say it is Sai Baba. Yes, of course, I am here. I am God’s representative upon this planet, in fact your Galaxy and the Universe. It may be a bit hard to accept that – but that is my role.

I have come in more recent times in a body that you knew as Sri Sathya Sai Baba – that is a small part/personality of who I really am. And I have come to help raise the consciousness of all the people and every living thing upon the planet, ready to move into the GOLDEN AGE … and this is what is happening.

When I was in my body as Sri Sathya Baba, I came without limit, I was omnipresent and you understand that. And I still am – and so it is a little hard, I know, for the Earthling to understand that – get their mind around it – but it is possible.

I can assure you, I am who I am – so I will leave you to think about that. I thank you my children.”






Group: We asked the Oracle when World Peace would be known on this Planet Earth. The Oracle indicated it would like to speak through Valerie.

The Source: (God) You are asking about information that Yalarm gave you last year, about how long it would before World Peace would be experienced upon the Planet Earth. At the time the figure eight (8) was given which is now seven (7 years). Because one (1) year has passed. Nothing has changed. That is how it will be. The road to that path of Peace and Harmony could be difficult – in fact if you keep going the way you are on the planet – it will be very difficult. But there again, you could make it easier for yourselves – and I speak of the population of the Earth beings upon the Earth – that they do everything they can to minimise the deterioration of the environment and the Earth herself.

For the way man has changed it all – is not helping for the transition from one dimension to another dimension and that is what is happening.

It is not happening in a blink of an eye, although it could, but it will cause too much destruction if it was done in a blink of an eye – and so it has been spread out during a period of your time that will happen in 7 years time when it is time for the body – the Light Body of Sri Sathya Sai Baba to move on.

That Body will be, as is prophesied, Prema Sai Baba and this is the ONE that will show everyone, and give everyone the ability to show Love and Compassion and use it everyday – all will respect one another – there maybe differences – but there will be times when they can sit and understand the differences from points of view and come to agreement. This will happen.

I can assure you, this will happen. Thank you.”



Sri Sathya Sai Baba (on the right) walks away from the casket during the obsequies in Prashanti Nilayam, 27 April 2011
When the time of Prema Sai Baba comes, so also, the Light Body of Sri Sathya Sai Baba will move on …

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