The Road to the Light

lightroadThe ladies of The Mystery School join together once again to bring forth messages in service of humanity. There are many systems of healing and working with auras. Jacqui takes the opportunity to ask The Source (God) about the layers of aura, and explains her confusion about what others teach and say about auras when doing clearing. The ladies then experience a disturbance – which elicits both a reminder of their process for working with an Oracle of the Highest Order, and receive a surprising gift.

22nd August, 2016. Session with The ORACLE

(We reiterate the new methods of work with The Oracle. )

Group: We sang 3 Oms – joining hands together to completely harmonise together.

Group: We asked if GOD was present – YES

The Oracle: indicated he wished to speak.

Group: After meditating together we each received a question for the Oracle.

  1. Valerie: Re insight about working with the Delphi Oracle in Greece as 4 women.
  2. Jacqui: What are the bands or layers she sees in auras when working with people.
  3. Jill: Sees steps towards pyramid – sun – healthy – strong love and comfort?




Jacqui: Well the question that I do have is when I see a human energy field I see levels of energy like a layer cake – so I am just wondering why is there so many levels? I am not understanding that because some are say, 21 levels and others maybe 14 levels – they can be very different with each person. I know where they need balancing but what I don’t understand is the importance of those levels.

The Source: (God) “Well that is a gift that has been given to you my dear, and it does exist. It has been mentioned before in your Christian Bible about a ladder and the ladder is seen with rungs. If you could see each rung as a dimension say 6th or 7th and so on – your understand?

Jacqui: Yes!

The Source: (God) But in between there are also different layers of consciousness – so as you grow each initiation is actually lifting into a layer, and then another layer and so when you are working you are being shown as to whether all those layers are being cleared or whether there is something to still be cleared.”

Jacqui: I hadn’t thought of it like that – but that is true.

The Source: (God) Well does this answer your question?”

Jacqui: Yes, it does. So if I just focus I will know if each of those layers has been cleared. Thank you.




The Lesson begins:

Group: We asked about an image of a face that had appeared to be between Valerie and Jacqui

The Oracle: It is not supposed to be here.

Group Discussion: We discussed this and realised that we had not cleared the room before we began our session. So we are being asked now by GOD to clear the room with INTENT of clearing the room with singing 9 Oms and then calling upon GOD all this time to also join all of us with chanting the OM nine times while holding hands and asking for a blessing of the Oracle with the energy of GOD before we begin our session.

This is an important ceremony for all our readers who may wish to operate an ORACLE with the HIGHEST ORDER.

The sound when we sing together is in perfect harmony giving us the sign that the energy in the room is clear and of GOD.

There is nothing to be afraid about.

Group: There had been a lost Soul brought to our circle for us to stop, and with our permission, help the angels to lift the lost Soul back to the World of Light. This we did gladly – talking to the lost Soul – reassuring him/her that we wanted to help. Advising that Soul to look up and the Soul would see loved ones calling to them and they could travel safely up to meet them. We were then reminded to clear our energy field of any heavy karmic energy we may have ‘taken’ on from the lost Soul. With less weight of karmic energy, she/he could move onto the world of light.




Jacqui: Walked out to the Kitchen and found vibhuti had been manifested on her husband Reg’s Ipad. He had picked it up and wondered why the sacred ash was on it. He had wiped the vibhuti off his Ipad. In the meantime there was still sacred ash left on the kitchen bench. He didn’t realise at the time that it was a gift from Sai Baba! He has been smiling ever since.






Group: We asked the ORACLE again – is God present?

The Oracle: YES. Didn’t the manifestation of sacred ash show it?






Sri Sathya Sai Baba makes his presence with vibhuti

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