The Source and The Story of the Earth


Since the hairy upstanding ape was encrystallised – or given the Christ-light within, humankind has tilled the fields, raised families and in times past, looked up at the stars knowing where their starpeople friends and guides had come from. Others looked at shells, cetaceans, the trees, birds and insects and wondered about the origin of life on Earth. Here, The Source (God) tells that everything on this Earth has been brought from some other place – another star, another planet – brought here, to flourish. Even the Earth once existed in another galaxy, another star system. It had no Moon, then two Moons, and then one Moon. The Source (God) is sharing something important, in order that we understand what is happening to ourselves and our planet, right now. Read on as the Ladies of the Mystery School ask their questions.

22nd August, 2016. Session with The ORACLE

(We reiterate the new methods of work with The Oracle. )

Group: We sang 3 Oms – joining hands together to completely harmonise together.

Group: We asked if GOD was present – YES

The Oracle: indicated he wished to speak.

Group: After meditating together we each received a question for the Oracle.

  1. Valerie: Re insight about working with the Delphi Oracle in Greece as 4 women.
  2. Jacqui: What are the bands or layers she sees in auras when working with people.
  3. Jill: Sees steps towards pyramid – sun – healthy – strong love and comfort?




Jacqui: “Was our World created or has it evolved?”

The Source: (God) “Indeed, Indeed, we would like to talk about the planet. This planet that you call Earth. It is made up of chemicals to create an atmosphere – this all took place under the guidance of the Angelic Realms. And so yes, it has been created.

It was in another place in your Cosmos – in the days of the dinosaurs – but it has been brought through to your solar system that it exists in now and its evolving moves around from the distance from your Sun – and so it is the correct atmosphere of life that has taken place on your Earth- and the HUMAN that have been created.

The Source: (God) I would like to say, here and now, that everything that has been created upon this planet has come from somewhere else. And I am talking about chemicals and gasses and minerals and life-forms that have graduated into life-forms that scientists study upon this planet. All that has existed in archaeology in past times – what happened on the planet before this planet was in the position that it is in now. The Moon that encircles your planet was not always there – in fact there were two moons at another time – but one has gone and now there is the one that helps to reflect the Sun so that it is always life-force coming onto your planet.

Because the Sun that you move around in your orbiting the solar system is directly connected to a Source or an alignment of other suns in other solar systems and that actually feeds directly to the Source of All Creation.



The Pleiades, a good example of what The Source (God) tells us about. So many stars – actually Suns like our Sol – are connected as a core of Suns that lead back to the Source of All Creation.

The Source: (God) Now, we have talked about a new energy coming upon this Earth and it is so.

It is the time that actually uplifts the consciousness so it returns to a time when this planet was operating in a different consciousness level. It was a time when many from other worlds visited regularly – there were some that stayed and created civilisations upon your planet but there were others that came – left – and came again. Sometimes in the early days there were wars about ownership (of this planet) but this has fortunately moved on now. There is (now) a merely a time of evolvement upon this planet. That the consciousness of life forms has moved to an evolvement of ready to move and uplift into the new dimension that this planet is coming into – which aligns it with all suns that go back to the Source of All Creation. This Source you call GOD. This is the Source from where you are speaking and listening to me, at this time.

So I hope I am giving some understanding about Creation.

The Source: (God) It is a big subject. There are many we are working with upon this planet that have the ability to tune into the very Source that you are working with at this time. And so we are able to send messages – and so they are messengers as you are too, also, My Dears. And so, we thank you for working with us so diligently and with so much Universal Love. I will withdraw now …”




Jacqui: Is this Planet earth just a game or does it have a purpose?

The Source: (God) “It is I God, and yes this planet does have a purpose – it is definitely a school and you may see it as a game – and in some ways it is because everyone – for every life force upon this planet is also connected to a larger aspect of who they really are, and so you could call it er, maybe something like a game. It is not a total hologram but who every Soul is. But the personality or that aspect of the Soul is existing on this Planet. Not to just help that Soul but to help others around them.

And there have been plans made before each Soul comes onto the Earth as you understand, and thus born into a little embryo of the mother and family who have been chosen to come through the doorway (if I can say it that way) into the Earth Race. And the same exists for every other life form that exists on this planet.

So there is a very large picture – and it is often said that we are all committed – and this is so. Because the Earth Race has a little bit of everything that exists on this planet and I mean minerals, I mean shells, I mean crystals and I mean energy that changes its form and exists in different ways. But it is known that everything that exists upon this planet is energy. As I have just said, it has different forms and of course that is the plethora of different shapes and sizes and feelings and frequencies – all those things, all vibrations, all colour! Does that make some sense? I hope it does.

Because this is what I am trying to explain – and so all that has also come from other worlds. But divided a little – so that when it comes to your planet it actually melds immediately within the human race and the other races that exist such as Reptilian, and Mammalian and other races. You could say there is a Race of Rock, you could say there is a Race of Shell, you could call it a Race of anything that has a similarity – each individual – each seed has a difference of DNA in it and it is a Race of its own. Do you understand?

The Indigenous People understood this very well. And they acknowledged and respected each different race. Even though they did not always look human.



Aboriginal pictographs known as Wandjina in the Wunnumurra Gorge, Barnett River, Kimberley, Western Australia; the Source tells that they acknowledged and respected each race, even though they did not always look human … (source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Source: (God) But the Human Race has also been blessed with a brain and from that brain it is able to record knowledge and lead an experience in a way that they can communicate to each other.

That being a Race – so do other races such as the Birds and the mammal and the reptilian and other races that live so that they can communicate with each other.

Now that might so sound strange, because it is not exactly (when I speak of communication) it is not a language that you readily understand as humans, and when I say humans I mean the Gods who have come into an Earth body to experience just as an aspect, to help the human race to raise in Consciousness.

That is why people such as Sri Sathya Sai Baba have come to help lift the consciousness upon this Earth. There are many at different levels of consciousness and so with inter-action that takes place upon this Planet it is possible that ALL will come to understand – ALL will communicate well so there is understanding with each different race – remember it is not just the Human Race, so that when they all interact – understand each other – just by observation a Human can be aware of communication taking place between, shall we say, birds or mammals or reptiles – that is the first three – or even insects, for that matter.

A very complicated world exists upon this planet and that is its manifold Blessing. This planet is a very special place – and so I would like you to see that with the complications that exist with the creation of this Planet. So is there something else you would like to ask about that?”




Interspecies communication:










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